• Dating site exclusive to Christian singles
  • 7 to 10-day free trial available
  • Highly-rated Christian dating site
  • Many active members
  • Advanced search filters available
  • Flexible membership plans available
In-depth review
  • Secure website
  • 1-on-1 STD advisor
  • 60,000+ success stories
  • Messaging only for premium members
  • Quickly suspends accounts that aren't verified yet
In-depth review
  • Available both for Android and iOS users
  • Strict profile verification process
  • User-friendly and functional
  • Restricts other religions
  • Has no website version
In-depth review
  • No online interaction
  • Speed dating events available in over 35 cities of the UK
  • Proven to match couples that lead to successful marriages
  • Safe and well-organised speed dating events
  • Event booking status are seen online
In-depth review
  • A lot of daily active online members
  • Simple and functional design
  • Profiles are checked and secured
  • Only has few features available for standard users
  • Limited ways to communicate
In-depth review
  • It is easy to find a match.
  • Most functionalities are available for free.
  • You can see all the members who are online.
  • Most profiles have photos and are well-detailed.
  • You can see if someone has a free or a premium account.
  • There is no video call function.
In-depth review
  • For a fitness enthusiast like you, a dating site for physically active people means an easier search for an ideal match.
  • The site has a Quality Assurance team who ensures the legibility of the profiles through their review and screening process before joining the community. This lowers the chance of members encountering poser and dummy accounts.
  • Members can register their mobile number to receive alerts or notifications .
  • A member will only be able to send a message to another member if he or she pays a subscription.
  • Unfortunately, this dating site is only available to people in selected regions, which are US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia. It is not available to people in Asia.
In-depth review
  • Identity verification through ID validation
  • Thousands of online members daily
  • Comprehensive FAQs section
  • Developed and operated by Cupid Media
  • Multiple language options
  • Messaging restrictions for Standard members
In-depth review
  • Most functionalities are available for free.
  • You can see all the members who are online.
  • It is easy to find a match.
  • Most profiles have photos and are well-detailed.
  • You can see if someone has a free or a premium account.
  • There is no video call function.
In-depth review
  • Has a lot of interesting features
  • Members are young and want serious commitments
  • Distance coverage is adjustable and has a "worldwide" swiping option
  • Match has an expiry date
  • May not be the best option for those living in smaller cities/towns
In-depth review
  • One of the niche dating sites that has the most real users
  • Also works as an online community for passionate gamers
  • Two premium subscriptions are available: Gold and Silver
  • You can get two days of messaging for free upon registration
  • Active since 2009; Run by gamers for gamers
  • Has over 5,000 members worldwide
In-depth review
  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • Profile Information is very detailed
  • Suspicious accounts are suspended right away
  • It takes a while to save information updates on your profile
  • Most of the useful features are only available for premium members
In-depth review
  • Dating site for religious singles
  • Strict verification system ensures all users are legitimate
  • Available on mobile
  • Important features like chat messaging are not free
  • Features are pretty basic and lacklustre
In-depth review
  • Lots of Russian women registered
  • Detailed profile information
  • No ads
  • Unlimited messaging is only for premium members
  • No app for Apple users
In-depth review
  • Tight security to provide a safe and secure service for users
  • Run by Muslims to specifically tailor for Muslim Singles
  • Complimentary membership for female members
  • Not much activity for free accounts
  • Expensive subscription
In-depth review
  • One of the most popular Filipino niche dating website
  • Many active Filipino women users
  • No account verification needed
  • Sending messages is not free
  • App not available on iOS
In-depth review
  • Free registration
  • More profile search options
  • Has a mobile application
  • Made especially for Caribbean singles
  • Operated by Cupid Media
  • No email verification
  • Low rate of daily users
  • App is only for Android users
In-depth review
  • Premium dating site for Aussies and singles all over the world
  • 3-month free trial available
  • More male users than female
  • Only a few registered members
  • Low member activity
In-depth review
  • Free to register
  • Christ-centred members
  • User-friendly
  • App for Android users
  • Owned by Cupid Media Pty.
  • With interesting and helpful blogs
  • Membership is somewhat pricey
  • No app for iOS users
In-depth review
  • Half of its members are Mexicans
  • Free to register
  • Hundreds of daily active members
  • Extensive search criteria
  • Sending messages to all users is only for paid members
  • Dominated by male users
In-depth review
  • Quick & Easy Sign-Up Process
  • Matching is based on personal matching criteria
  • Strict verification system ensures all users are legitimate
  • Important features like chat messaging are not free
  • Free membership does not let you see messages from fellow free members
In-depth review
  • Over 4.5 million registered users
  • A platform for married people who want to engage in extramarital affairs
  • Website operates through a credit system; no membership subscriptions are needed
  • Only a few users are available for real-time chat
  • Majority of members are from European countries
In-depth review
  • Must be 18 years old and above to register
  • Operated by Cupid Media
  • Tight security is enforced on the site
  • Premium and Gold memberships are moderately priced
  • Low number of registered members
In-depth review
  • Many daily active members
  • Profile verification
  • Has members worldwide
  • Informative profiling
  • Extensive search criteria
  • Dating platform for military personnel
  • Sending messages is not free
In-depth review
  • Allows social media connection (Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Easy and simple cancellation of paid subscription.
  • Most features are for premium accounts only.
  • The survey includes questions about ethnicity, enhancing searches.
  • It will enable only ten likes per day for free accounts.
  • Not much functionality for free profiles.
In-depth review
  • Premium and Gold memberships are moderately priced
  • Available on mobile app
  • Must be 18 and above to register
  • Operated by Cupid Media
  • Standard membership has limited usability
In-depth review
  • Has several features you can enjoy
  • Offers fast account creation
  • Photo albums are visible for everyone
  • Lots of fake profiles and suspicious members
  • A lot of suspicious members
  • Many members show inappropriate behaviour
In-depth review
  • Free member search
  • Only men seeking women are able to signup
  • No monthly membership fee, instead prepaid credits are used
  • Most members who message are obviously bots
  • App not available on Android
In-depth review
  • Biggest Catholic dating website
  • Free additional 6 months if you don't find a match in the first 6 months
  • Very active member forum (2,000 posts daily)
  • Messaging only available for paid members
  • Registration takes quite a while
  • Small dating pool for users from non-major cities
In-depth review
  • It makes "liking" other people's profile fun by giving it a card game twist.
  • It has zero tolerance for fat shaming and permanently bans people who are proven, violators.
  • People are really polite and tell nice things about others. The community is not toxic.
  • A lot of members are not afraid to show off their curvy figures in the photos.
  • The number of "cards" are limited, but you can buy some more.
  • The "moments" tab where you can see other people's photos is so simple and without decoration.
In-depth review
  • Largest Latin dating site
  • Thousands of daily active members
  • Join via Facebook
  • Identity verification through certified documents
  • Automatic session timeout
  • No pre-registration email verification
In-depth review
  • Registration is easy and free
  • Free for members who want to "get paid for dates"
  • Escort services are expressly prohibited
  • No mobile app
  • No additional features
In-depth review
  • Profile is instantly activated upon registration
  • User-friendly site and app
  • Singles events are offered both online and offline
  • Contacting other members is only allowed for paid members
  • Not all members who sign up are Jewish
In-depth review
  • No fuss registration
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Members are active
  • Site security is not that strict
  • Limited messages for free members
  • No compatibility tests
In-depth review
  • Launched in 2001
  • Lives by the idea that practising Naturism can increase harmony and nudity represents simplicity
  • Connects like-minded people who practice nudism
  • Despite tons of nude photos, the site does not tolerate any pornographic material
  • Has a solid membership base of over 800,000 worldwide
In-depth review
  • Instantly translate messages
  • Hundreds of success stories
  • No distracting pop-ups
  • Informative FAQs section
  • Few special features
  • No app for iOS
In-depth review
  • Matrimonial dating site for South Asian marriage
  • Over 4 million registered users worldwide
  • The website observes a halal atmosphere
  • You cannot use the dating site until your profile is approved
  • Has very few fake profiles
In-depth review
  • Many women profiles available from different Asian countries
  • Verification badge for profile available
  • Important features like messaging is not free
  • High membership cost
  • App not available on iOS
In-depth review
  • Popular Christian dating service in the United Kingdom
  • Few fake profiles
  • No ads
  • Free 3-day trial for new users
  • Subscriptions are quite expensive
  • Limited features for free users
In-depth review
  • Great security features
  • Reliable customer service
  • Flexible membership options
  • Massive membership population
  • Membership options are expensive
  • Most of the services are paid
  • Some of the services are complicated
In-depth review
  • Most popular Dominican niche dating website
  • Safe and easy to use
  • No fake profiles
  • Verified badge available for every profile
  • Important features like chat messaging are not free
  • App not available on iOS
In-depth review
  • One of the largest and most popular Korean niche dating sites
  • Strict verification ensures that profiles are authentic
  • Important features such as messaging are not free
  • Low user activity
  • High membership cost
In-depth review
  • Different search features available
  • AfroRomance bans users when they detect suspicious activity
  • Majority of user activity comes from registered members from the UK and US
  • Messaging is not free, but replying to messages is free of charge
  • No mobile app available
In-depth review
  • Individuals need to apply to become a member on the site
  • Applicants have 48 hours to convince current members that they are worthy to become a member
  • Over 1 million registered users
  • Only members are allowed to use the website’s features
  • High member activity
  • Sending messages is free, even for applicants
In-depth review
  • Site is available in multiple languages
  • Must be 18 and above to register
  • Operated by Cupid Media
  • Admin deactivates profiles sometimes without warning
  • Limited usability on Standard Members
In-depth review
  • No email verification needed
  • Must be 18 or above to register
  • Site can be viewed in multiple languages
  • Powered by Cupid Media Pty Ltd
  • Limited usability on Standard membership
In-depth review
  • Strict security system
  • Non-members can browse through the site's list of members
  • Has an app version
  • Does not have match suggestion
  • Premium and VIP memberships are quite expensive
In-depth review
  • The site enforces strict security measures
  • Gold and Premium memberships are moderately priced
  • Operated by Cupid Media along with other 34 niche dating websites
  • Niche dating site for Ukrainian and Eastern European singles
  • Low number of registered members
In-depth review
  • Smart search feature with 24+ filters based on personality, astrology, and faith
  • Strict registration and verification process
  • Allows only heterosexual matrimonies
  • Website has a lot of ads, even if you're on premium
  • Extensive matchmaking algorithm
In-depth review
  • Due to the highly selective process of this app, you are guaranteed that every member is real
  • Members are properly vetted; linking personal social media accounts are needed to apply for membership
  • Users can organise events and create groups
  • Expensive membership fees
  • Only get 5 or less potential matches per day
In-depth review
  • Live chat with live video
  • Three-way telephone conference
  • Log-in fast with Facebook
  • Send flowers and presents
  • Expensive
  • It appears like other profiles are fake
In-depth review