Profile Pictures Study the 2024: Selfies, Pints and Dating Sites

  • First study worldwide to analyse online dating profiles using artificial intelligence
  • More than 22M pictures from 16 countries were used
  • More than 6.000 motives ranging from hair colours over sports to food, drinks and animals were examined
  • Unique insights into the self-portrayal of British and Irish men and women of all ages and sexual orientation
  • Secret messages in profile pictures: Who wants sex? Who wants to marry?

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Infographic United Kingdom

Infographic Ireland

Top 10 Motives British Online Daters

Top 10 Motives Irish Online Daters

Age Distribution

Most popular scenery UK

Most popular scenery Ireland

Who's posting the most pictures with nudity?

Who loves horses?

Who dresses up as superhero?

Who's posting the most wedding themed pics?

Who shows the most alcohol on pictures?

Who's posting pictures with friends?

Where do the happiest online daters come from?

Who shows the most skin?

Who's posting the most luxury?

Who has the most athletic online daters?

What Do Profile Pictures Reveal About Singles On Dating Platforms?

Although they say to never judge a book by its cover, in the world of online dating, your front page is your story. And regardless of gender, it should produce an equally contagious “wow” factor. We all know, if you don't make the best first impression, your impression will be lost, but what exactly is the best way to steal the digital spotlight? How do British and Irish men and women present themselves on dating apps and platforms?

  • Do men present themselves differently than women?
  • Are there any differences between younger and older online daters?
  • Which animals, objects or backgrounds can be discovered in dating profile pictures?
  • Do British and Irish online daters vary from, for example, Australian, German or French online daters?

Did you know that when it comes to showing the sporty side, men prefer team sports while women love showing the aesthetics of yoga, Pilates, fitness etc.? Men altogether can be found showing hobbies, like playing instruments, driving cars or fumbling with tech stuff, more often. Women, on the other hand, can be seen showing their social side by posing with friends more frequently. Also, most selfies are coming from them. And were you aware of how rare men smile in pictures? 74% of all smiling pictures are coming from the lovely ladies in Great Britain.

Anything you ever wanted to know about the self-portrayal of singles online can be found in this unique study. We're also providing you with numbers of the overall dating market, like gender ratios or age distributions of British, Irish, and international online daters. Download it for free on this page and take a look. 

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