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LatinFeels is an online dating site for people from different cultures looking for a long-lasting relationship and marriage. It claims to break the culture barrier and proves that love will survive between two people, no matter where they come from.

As implied by the site's name, it highlights members from Latin American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. But you will also meet members from all over the world.

The website is proud of its security certification by McAfee Secure, MasterCard, PciDSS, Norton by Symantec, SSL Secure Connection, and Visa.

Unlike typical dating sites with monthly membership fees, LatinFeels only has credits that you spend to use different features like messaging, profile enhancement, and sending gifts.

Find more about LatinFeels by reading our in-depth review. Who knows? This might be the site you've been waiting for. 

New members at Latin Feels in June 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Latin Feels are developing compared to others

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Latin Feels Members

15,000 from United Kingdom
Members activity
1,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
30 %
70 %
  • In order to register you need to fill out a personality test
  • Most members seek for long-term relationship or marriage
  • Has more than one million members worldwide
  • There are more male members than females
  • The majority of the members are adults who are 55 years old and up.

LatinFeels promotes cross-cultural relationships as mentioned on its homepage, and terms of use. 

The members of the site don't only come from Latin America but also from different parts of the world.

With more than a million registered members, the chances of meeting your matches are potentially higher. The special algorithm that the site uses will not disappoint with the comprehensive personality test that you've taken.

Most of the members are older adults, but younger users are not far behind in terms of numbers.


Latin Feels Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

How to Sign Up for Latin Feels

LatinFeels Signup
  • Take a 4-step signup process to become a member
  • The registration process takes 8-10 minutes to finish
  • You can only register with your active email address
  • Have the option to answer, skip, or go back to previous sign up questions
  • Verify your email address to proceed to your profile page

Signing up takes you quite long but is not complicated. All you have to do is provide your email address and answer the compatibility questions. You may upload your photo right away, but you can also finish this later on.

Some questions that you will encounter are:

For your partner:

  • about the gender
  • age range
  • has children or not
  • desire to have more children
  • height, weight, and body type
  • if he/she drinks or smokes

For you:

  • your location

  • birthday
  • height, weight, and body type
  • marital status
  • number of children
  • desire to have more children
  • educational level
  • religion
  • occupation
  • if you drink or smoke
  • short description of yourself

You may opt to skip to the next question or go back to the previous one. 

Verifying a valid email address is required to be able to access your profile. Just click on the "Confirm" button on the email that the site will send to you.

Making Contact on Latin Feels

LatinFeels Contacting
  • Read messages for free
  • Sending messages is only for premium members
  • Wink at other members to get their attention
  • Send flowers and gifts to your special friend on the site
  • There is a chatroom

Here are several ways on how you can reach the other members of the site:

Sending Messages

"Messages" refers to chat messages.

You can send this message through the profile page of the member that you want to chat with. Another way is to search for your previous conversations with a member on the "Messages" tab. Lastly, search results show a "chat" button under a members' photo.

Reading messages is free, but replying or sending a new one is charged two credits per minute of chatting. Stickers are also available to make your conversation more fun.

Sending Mails

"Mails" refer to email-like messages which have a subject and a body. Unlike chat messages, mails may include photos and videos.

Reading mails is free. However, sending mails costs ten credits for the initial letter (mail) and 30 credits for every succeeding letter. It's free to attach photos to your mails, but the viewer has to pay ten credits to view it. Viewing videos, on the other hand, costs 50 credits.

You may send mails through the profile page of the member you like. Access the mail directly on the "mail" tab and find the user on the conversation list.

Conversations are saved on the inbox for only a month after the last sent message/mail.

Extended Search

Set your search filter by the country, city, marital status, the number of children, religion, level of education, drinking, smoking, members ID, and age.


Wink, send gifts, and flowers can also help you connect with the other members.

Latin Feels Profile Quality

LatinFeels Profile
  • Comprehensive profile information
  • Minimalist profile page design
  • Quick icon links to other features are available on the profile page
  • View all public photos
  • The profiles are not very detailed
  • The profile information can be changed later

The profile page of LatinFeels members is simple yet comprehensive.

All the answers to the compatibility questions that you've answered during registration will show up on your profile page.

There's also a sidebar where you can see a list called "My Statistics." It is where you can see the number of unread messages and mails, profile visitors, members who added you to their favourites, those who liked your profiles, your favourites, flowers and presents that you have received, contact requests, and meeting requests.

When you visit another profile, additional fields are available that allows you to send messages, add them to favourites, and send likes and winks. You will also find here a “Verified Member” sign.

You can view all public photos, but private photos need the owner's permission to be accessed. Commenting or liking photos costs 2 credits per action.

Most of the members have complete profile information and profile photos. Some prefer to have other public and private photos.

Rules in Uploading Photos

To avoid your photo from being rejected, you have to follow some guidelines set by LatinFeels. For authenticity, publish photos of yourself only.

Never upload photos containing your contact details, nudity, violence, advertisements, drugs and alcohol, celebrities, and minors. 

The site's moderation team has the right to delete photos at its discretion.

Latin Feels Costs and Prices

Free Features
  • Read email and chat messages
  • View public photos
  • Visit the profile of other users
  • Basic and advanced searching
Premium Features
  • View private photos
  • Send and reply to messages
  • See who visited your profile
  • See who is interested in you

Is Latin Feels expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Latin Feels is average.

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Initial Credit
Can purchase basic features
20 Credits0.15 USD / Credit2.99 USD
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

The site does not offer monthly subscriptions. Before buying a bigger amount of credits, you have to buy the initial 20 credits first. After the first purchase, you can purchase credit packages for at least 20 to a maximum of 750 credits.

Pricelist of Services

  • Live chat: 2 credits per minute with only one member
  • Chat stickers: 5 credits; send stickers during a live chat session
  • Chat photos: 10 credits to send a photo
  • Mail photos: free
  • Chat videos: 50 credits; enable a video in the live chat; You will be charged automatical right after clicking the link 
  • Photo Comments: 2 credits per comment on the member’s profile photo 
  • Sending letters: 10 credits for the initial letter, 30 credits for each succeeding letter to one particular member 
  • Opening letters: read the first letter for free; 10 credits will be charged to you for opening the next letters from one particular member
  • Opening photos in the letters:10 credits per photo
  • Opening video attachments in letters: 50 credits per video; to be charged right away
  • Uploading of profile videos: 25 credits;  to be charged right away
  • Uploading your profile video: 100 credits; the maximum limit is 100 MB
  • Real gifts: check the gift catalogue for the price of each gift; the delivery fee is 100 credits
  • Make a request for a real meeting: 625 credits; (request only, you will shoulder meet-up expenses)
  • Make a request for a member’s contact details: free of charge when you spend 3000 credits in communicating with a member 

Refund Policy

You may email the support team if you want to refund your payment but with the following condition:

  • Refunds can only be filed up to 4 months from the date of payment.
  • For members from the EU, you may request for a refund for your used and unused credits. It should be within 14 days upon purchase regardless of the reason for a refund.
  • For unspent credits:
    • overcharged credits- credits that you didn't purchase but were charged to you can be refunded back to you
    • a closed account with remaining unused credits- if you close your account or even if you were banned from the site, as long as you have existing credits, you are still entitled to a refund.
  • You may refund your unspent credits if:
    • you are proven to be scammed by a member or a third party
    • there are unauthorised payments (fraud/identity theft)
    • you have sent the gift in not more than 24 hours or the delivery is not delivered or late
    • your contact request was declined even if you followed the rules in asking for the contact details
    • there's any service that has not been provided but you have paid for 

Special Features

Aside from the basic features, LatinFeels also offers special features. Check them out below:


This feature shows a photo of a member one at a time. To move on to the next photo, you have to choose if you like the user by clicking on the green "like" button. You may click on the gray "skip" button if you don't want to react to the photo.

Flowers and Presents

You may send gifts to another member, or perhaps receive one as well. The list and prices of the gifts are listed on the shop page. 

Items vary from as simple as a bouquet of flowers, to more expensive gadgets like smartphones. You have to use hundreds or thousands of credits to purchase a present since these are real gifts that will be delivered to you or your partner's address.


Get other members' attention with a wink. Just click the wink button on the profile page, or under the member's photo on the search results.

Our rating

Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
Making Contact: 3.5 / 5
Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5

Editor's Conclusion

Chris Pleines, Author at
Chris Pleines
Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
LatinFeels impresses potential and current users with its security certification from six trusted companies. This is one great feature for a dating site, knowing that there are a lot of hackers nowadays. It has tons of features available, but its cost is high since services are purchased in retail. They do not have packages for bulk services. The site claims on their "About Us" page that they do not have fake members, however, during the testing, there's a lot of "unverified members" who kept on sending suspicious (more of) scripted mails and messages. It's good that the site mentioned about safe dating and reminded the users to interact only with the "verified members." If you have the will, opportunity, and resources to join the site and meet members from different countries, sign up now! Who knows? You might find "the one" for you in LatinFeels.

Latin Feels FAQ


Can I join Latin feels even if I am not Latin?

Yes, you can. The site welcomes members from other countries and cultures as it promotes cross-cultural relationships.

Does LatinFeels have an office where I can purchase credits in cash?

No, it doesn't. The site caters all its services online.

What is the difference between mails and messages in LatinFeels?

Mail is for email-like messages, while messages refer to chat messages.


What are the payment methods available?

Latin feels accepts payments via credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Maestro), debit cards.

In some countries, PayPal, CCbill, SoFort, and iDeal are an additional option as long as they are internationally enabled.

Is video calling available in LatinFeels?

You cannot have a video call, however, you can send a video clip through the "mail" feature.


What are "credits" in LatinFeels?

LatinFeels lets you use your purchased credits to pay for the features of the site. They do not have a monthly membership fee, but you cannot use the site fully if you don't have credits on your account.

Does LatinFeels have an app?

Currently, LatinFeels doesn't have an app. However, it can be used on mobile browsers.


Is my personal information safe with LatinFeels?

LatinFeels is certified by six security and safety companies. It operates under a 128bit SSL encryption. This makes sure that your personal information and payment transactions cannot be hacked by anyone.

Do I really meet real people in LatinFeels?

The site claims that they do not have fake profiles or bots. They check the identification of the members thoroughly before they give them a "verified member" certification. To be safe, only interact with verified members.

What should I do if my LatinFeels account is hacked?

If your account has been hacked, you may contact the customer service to give you assistance. You may also try to use your email address to recover your account and change the password right away.

I want to report another LatinFeels member. What information do I need to give?

Contact the support team and provide the following information, and the reason why you are reporting the member: 

  • the member ID of the user
  • the time and date when the issue occurred
  • screenshots, receipts and all the proof that you have to support your complaint


I've uploaded a photo on my profile, but it didn't show up on my LatinFeels account. Why?

The photos that you upload undergo a screening process. The screening lasts for a few minutes to a day. If after a day has passed and your photos are still not there, it means that you may have violated some rules about photos.

I can't send a request for a meeting. Why?

Make sure that you have enough LatinFeels credits so you can request for a meeting. Also, check if the phone number that you entered has a country code. Don't forget to choose a date that is not less than two weeks from the day that you send the request to the day of the meeting.

Why can't I send a gift to a specific LatinFeels member?

Here are some reasons why you can't send gifts:

  • The user doesn't like to receive gifts from anyone.
  • There are no partners who can deliver your gift in the area where the user lives.
  • The user is out-of-town. (You can send gifts once the member comes back to the registered hometown.)

I want to pay for LatinFeels credits via Paypal, but I can't see the option.

PayPal only works from some countries. If it doesn't show up on your options, it means that you have to choose another mode of payment.

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