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Founded in 2011 by a speed dating enthusiast, Dateinadash provides a speed dating service for singles residing in the UK. The platform has quickly risen to become the UK dating industry's market leader due to hosting many fun speed dating events. 

The founder of Dateinadash, Robert Ryall, is very hands-on with the happenings in the company. In fact, he personally hosts almost, if not all, speed dating events offered by Dateinadash. Always fun and organised – this is Dateinadash's guarantee to all its attendees.

Since its launch, Dateinadash has successfully organised and hosted over 3,000 speed dating events. No event had zero attendees – almost all of the events hosted by Dateindash are sold out. Even with the COVID pandemic, the speed dating service adapted to hosting virtual speed dates, and members quickly adapted to this new style of speed dating. 

Read our full review of the service Dateinadash offers and decide if speed dating is for you!

New members at Dateinadash in September 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Dateinadash are developing compared to others

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Member activity Dateinadash in September 2021 in comparison

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Dateinadash Member Structure

47,000 from United Kingdom
Members activity
500 new members per month
Gender Proportion
50 %
50 %
  • Over 47,000 active members
  • Event attendees mostly are from London, UK
  • Guaranteed 50:50 gender split
  • There are also LGBT specific dating events
  • Members are from different age brackets

According to Dateinadash’s website, the speed dating service has served more than 47,000 speed dating event attendees – and most of these people are still actively attending events for fun. 

According to the many reviews published online about Dateinadash, many people find the events to be safe, fun, and worthwhile. Most members initially join with friends, which is why people can buy a maximum of 6 tickets per gender, per event. After their first event, most tend to sign up and join another event simply because they had so much fun meeting new people.

Plus, the types of events are not dull. Attendees can join events that they are most interested in – if you want to drink and dance, you can join pub crawls and have fun with like-minded people. If you are into board games, Dateinadash also has game nights for singles.

With the 100% No Match Guarantee, the £5 to £25 ticket is, oh, so worth it.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at Dateinadash

Dateinadash Register
  • Booking events is quick and easy
  • You can buy a maximum of 6 tickets
  • You are able to save checkout information for next time use
  • There is no online dating portal

Dateinadash doesn’t have a member online dating portal. If you want to join an event, all you have to do is choose the event you want to attend and buy tickets from the page. You have to define the number of tickets you want to purchase – you can buy a maximum of 6 tickets. Afterwards, you can click the ‘Book Now’ button, which will redirect you to the checkout page to complete your ticket purchase. 

After checking out for the first time, Dateinadash allows you to save your details – name, address, email, phone number, and credit card information (this is secured) – so you can use the same information should you want to purchase tickets again. 

Making Contact on Dateinadash

Dateinadash Contact
  • Speed-dating service for singles of all legal ages
  • Events are categorised in themes and age range
  • Attendee slots are limited for each event
  • Virtual speed dating events available

Dateinadash offers a variety of categories for its speed dating events. Each event has a limited number of slots per group with a 50:50 gender split. The age range of people who can join is also defined per event. Most events of Dateinadash quickly get sold out – this is probably because of the company’s reputation to provide fun and fruitful experiences to its attendees.

Categories of Speed Dating events of Dateinadash are as followers:

  • Singles Parties
  • Lock and Key
  • Singles Pub Crawl
  • Play Date
  • Drunk Jenga Dating
  • Naked Dating
  • Gay Speed Dating
  • Virtual Speed Dating

Dateinadash guarantees its attendees 15-25 4-minute dates. It also offers an optional instant match after each date. This optional instant match works by putting on your phone the names of the dates you are interested to see again, and you can view your successful matches instantly at the end of the event. There is a 100% Match Guarantee that gets you a free ticket for the next event if you don’t meet anyone you would like to meet again.

Dateinadash Profile Quality

      In Dateinadash, there are no profiles for you to browse online. The website is strictly a booking site for speed dating events.

      However, when you attend an event and found yourself a match – meaning both you and the other person has put you on their “Interested” list, both of you will be given each other’s contact details so you could contact each other after the event.

      Dateinadash App

        Dateinadash does not have a mobile app nor a dedicated mobile site. However, when using a mobile browser, the website is highly responsive. Booking tickets for each event is still convenient as the events are listed down on the page similar to how you see them using a desktop browser. The only difference is, the checkout button is found below the event details opposed to the right side when viewing it via desktop.

        Dateinadash Real Life Review

        "I joined my friends in a Drunk Jenga night even if I wasn't really looking for someone to be a relationship with. But well, as they say, you'll find your match when you least expect it. I met my current girlfriend during that one Drunk Jenga night." Trevor, 29

        "I first heard Dateinadash from a mate in Uni. She bought a ticket for me and she practically dragged me to the pub where the event was held. But I had soooo much fun. Met a lot of men who had the same interests, had quite a few matches. I'm joining the other events again next month after my exams and I'm super excited!" - Lana, 23

        Dateinadash does not have a platform for online dating. The website is designed to be an event booking portal for the speed dating events they host.
        It's easy to find events on the dating site because all events are listed on the 'Events' tab. At the top-most of the page is a quick search for event types and available location. When you use the quick search, results are already filtered with your preferences.

        After the quick search, you'll see all events listed in order of the most upcoming date. Each event shows the event type, the age range of attendees, location, and ticket price. On the right side, you'll see if tickets are sold out or if there are limited slots left. The 'Book Now' button is also conveniently placed in this area, making it accessible for all users to purchase a ticket.

        Dateinadash Costs and Prices

        Free Services
        • Browsing events to join
        Fee-Based Services
        • Join physical and virtual speed dating events

        Is Dateinadash expensive or cheap?

        In comparison to other providers Dateinadash is average.

        For as low as 5 GBP, singles can join a speed dating event offered by Dateinadash. Each ticket is non-refundable and includes a guarantee of at least 15 dates in the event. Should you ever need to cancel your attendance, you are allowed to 48 hours before the event to receive a guarantee for rescheduling your ticket for another event. Ticket prices range from 5 GBP to 25 GBP depending on the type of event and inclusions.

        Payment Options
        • Credit Card
        • PayPal

        Special Features

        Even without an online dating portal, Dateinadash offers these special features to its speed dating event attendees:

        100% Match Guarantee

        Dateinadash offers a 100% Match Guarantee for all its attendees. If you don't meet someone you'd like to see again from the event you attended, you will get a ticket to the next speed dating event free of charge.

        Instant Match

        After each date, you can put if you're interested to see your date again on a mobile survey provided by Dateinadash. After the event, you will see if you received any matches. Matches mean the people you like also wants to meet you again.

        Our rating

        Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
        Making Contact: 5.0 / 5
        Profile Quality: 1.0 / 5
        Real Life Review: 5.0 / 5

        Editor's Conclusion

        Chris Pleines, Author at
        Overall, Dateinadash is a reliable speed dating service provider in the UK. With its many 5-star reviews, the convenience of booking for tickets, plus the variety of event types offered by Dateinadash, it’s impossible for attendees not to have a great time. Dateinadash truly provides a 5-star experience for its event attendees – its founder is hands-on, hosting the events himself. Also, the 100% No Match Guarantee offered by the company… well, what could be better than that?If you’re still thinking twice about whether speed dating is for you or not, browse our other Dating Sites and see if there’s anything that piques your interest.

        Dateinadash FAQ

        What is Dateinadash?

        Dateinadash is a speed dating service that caters to people in London, UK.

        Does Dateinadash have an online dating portal?

        Dateinadash does not have an online dating portal. Its website is used to announce and market their events, plus for booking tickets to their speed dating events.

        How do I buy a Dateinadash event ticket?

        You can buy a Dateinadash event ticket by visiting their website then choosing the event you want to join. Click the ‘Book Now’ button and it will take you to a checkout page where you can securely purchase your ticket.

        What should I bring in a Dateinadash event?

        You are not required to bring anything in an event – just bring your best self!

        How much is a ticket for a Dateinadash event?

        Tickets for Dateinadash event varies from £5 to £25 per ticket. The price depends on the type of event.

        Can I pay for a ticket at the venue?

        Unfortunately, Dateinadash only allows attendees to book online. This is to ensure that the 50:50 gender ratio is always met on each event.

        What is virtual speed dating?

        To adapt to the COVID pandemic, Dateinadash now offers virtual speed dating which is just like the real thing – only this time, events are hosted online through video conferencing.

        I suddenly can't attend the event, how do I cancel?

        You may cancel your attendance with a 48 hours notice before the event.

        Can I get a refund from my Dateinadash ticket?

        Dateinadash does not issue refunds If you failed or cancelled your attend to an event. If you notified Dateinadash of your cancellation 48 hours before the event, you will be moved to another event of your choice instead.

        How long do Dateinadash speed dating events last?

        Dateinadash events typically lasts for 2 and a half hours including breaks. You are welcome to hang out at the venue after the event.

        Where do Dateinadash host their speed dating events?

        Events take place in London’s top venues such as bars, restaurants and hotels. Venues are hired exclusively for Dateinadash use.

        Are the events safe to attend with COVID?

        Dateinadash follow strict observance to safety protocols. All events are ensured to adhere to social distancing guidelines, and ave sanitation such as sanitizer and alcohol always accessible. Dateinadash hosts also recommend that their attendees refrain from handshakes and other forms of physical touching.

        How do I know if I have any matches from Dateinadash events?

        If you have used your phone to input your preferences during the start of the event, then you will be able to view any matches immediately once the event finishes. If not, Dateinadash will email you within 24 hours of the event finishing.

        What happens if I don't get any matches on a Dateinadash event?

        If you don’t get any matches, you are guaranteed to have a free ticket for the next Dateinadash event of your choosing.

        Do Dateinadash allow people of any age to attend their events?

        Each event of Dateinadash has an age bracket for attendees. Dateinadash hosts events for each age range.

        How does Dateinadash ensure safety on their events?

        Dateinadash events are hosted by professionals to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Still, you are expected to be vigilant of members who have bad intentions.

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