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Very Bad
  • Lion*** 79 years

    to be honest I dont like anything about ZooskIn my experience its a complete scan.. loads of fake profiles. i visited the site and highlighted a few ... women i found attractive. Almost immediately I started receiving messages from many of them effectively saying join and lets chat and get to know each other. So I joined and sent them very friendly intro messages. Not one responded, nor even visited my profile. so realising i'd been scammed i sent an email to their customer service team telling them I had been persuaded to join under false pretences and requesting a refund of my subscription. And in spite of sending two more follow up requests in the following days, I've had no response of any kind. So that's nearly £40 I've been scammed out off. So please think very carefully before you join this site.. On my experience , I recommend you stay well clear of Zoosk. «»

  • Ni***** 59 years

    NothingThis site is rubbish and just like the rest off the sites out there, full off scammers and perverts hiding and waiting to pounceZoosk is far ... the worst off all they don't delete you profile so only say to stop crap from them is to pause your account. Not worth the money either as plenty off cheaper and free sites available. «»

  • Dan**** 55 years

    Very littleYou are sent numerous alerts which are supposed to be from current members viewing you. It turns out many of these are old, out of date pr... ofiles which are no longer active.. There iare also numerous fake profiles on this site. It borders on being fraudulent. I would not recommend. «»

  • Rich*** 51 years

    Absolutely nothing when I joined the site I was accused of being a fraud by the moderators The site is very expensive

  • Gl***** 44 years

    NothingZoosk is a total dating "scam". It is advertised as Free and it most definitely is not. These scammers even advertise themselves as 100% Free.... When challenged they say, "We are are Free, since you don't have to pay to sign up". They are shameless, deceitful, dishonest liars. «»

  • Chr**** 56 years

    I lost faith in the website soon after joining because they gave false information just to make me pay. Apparently there were so many messages for me ... but I could only read them after paying. But when I paid I realised I had no messages but a barrage of useless user images with site generated messages that didn't even make sense! I will only hang on until my subscription expires, what a rip off! «»

  • Jani*** 36 years


  • Alis*** 46 years

    Excellent experience of Zoosk. The site was easy to use and there was plenty of choice of potential dates. I subscribed for 6 months but wish I'd onl... y subscribed for 1 or 3 months as I met my match within the first few months. I have finally met my soulmate and the man of my dreams. I had 2 other dates before meeting my man. They both were okay but not an ideal match, but then I met my man and it was instant fireworks. The only problem I had with the site was that I thought it would resubscribe my membership when I no longer needed it. I needed to speak to ITunes to make sure this didn't happen. This is my only issue. «»

  • Ja***** 64 years

    I’m really not sure how accurate this site is. So I receive likes from users, view profile like or send message and hear nothing back or message to sa... y they are seeing someone.My question is how within a few minutes of contacting me do they go to seeing someone?How authentic are the messages? «»

  • Paul*** 53 years

    Excellent site

  • Alek*** 45 years

    Bottom line, "Robbing Con Merchants" Don't bother.This site is full of outdated profiles, you look at the age and it says 43 and when you read the p... rofile it says 36 etc... I also sent over 100 "Hearts" (show interest in other users) to prove a point, I had one reciprocal view of my profile in reply and not one chat request. Continuity of search results is horrendous, I had 2 people in my village, 5 days later I had 20 and it changed every day. The carousel is a waste of time, no ability to view profile and every single match is 100's km away. The amount of "Hearts" I got to start chatting was daft and also ended up being 100's km away. Any chats I did attempt at starting was replied to once which doesn't happen if someone has chosen to start the chat in the first place. I was briefly chatting to someone to prove a point, they "Walked" to keep in shape, the profile pictures showed someone who definitely did not walk 8-10 miles a day as claimed and said it was an old photo, I asked which one as there were 5.I also raised all these concerns with Zoosk and the suggestion was to "Boost" my profile by purchasing coins to use on top of my membership.I paid £45 for a 3 month membership and have actually cancelled it, funny old thing Zoosk have a no refund policy so I have taken it up with PayPal. «»

  • ANNO*** 52 years

    Misleading site. The carousel throws people at you from miles away - useless and pointless that is... And even tho you only click 'maybe' (blindly bco... s you have no idea where they live..) - the next thing you know Zoosk is telling them you want to meet them!! Even if they live 200 frickin miles away! You haven't even bloody chatted to them!! Zoosk at least have the decency to be honest and state that they were a 'maybe' and that 'maybe' the viewer would be up for a chat...! Another thing, when you are scrolling thru who viewed you, just the act of scrolling past the views counts as you viewing them! Even tho you have not opened their profile - absolutely misleading and quite disappointing for some I'm sure - who believe that someone is more interested than they are, shocking system Zoosk, sort it out. «»

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