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UKChat Review September 2020

UKChat is one of the first chat sites that exclusively caters to the different regions of the United Kingdom. It was founded in the year 1997 when only a few people had computers and Internet access. 

As time passed by, UKChat was able to ride the trend of the digital age. It updated its chat site to cater better to the new generation of Internet users. It amplified the site’s performance as well as security measures to avoid bad press and lawsuits.

UKChat is probably one of the most productive and secure websites that provides a platform for a random chat among strangers. Find out from the review below why this is so.

New members at UKChat in September 2020 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at UKChat are developing compared to others

Member activity at UKChat in September 2020 in comparison

This is how active UKChat members are compared to others

Registration Process

  • The sign-up process only takes a minute
  • You can sign up as a couple
  • VPN users are not allowed to register
  • You can log in as a guest
  • You need to provide a unique username
UKChat Registration

Using the chat features of UKChat does not require you to register an account. However, if you want to have a profile on UKChat and save your private messages, getting an account is the only way to do that. 

Registration only takes a minute, and the only information you need to provide is your gender and birthday. Of course, you also need to nominate a username and password, and when there are no problems with your login credentials, you can use the chat site immediately.

UKChat Features

UKChat merely is a chat site that has different chat rooms in which users can join in and converse with other active participants. It has the following chat functions that all users can use:

UKChatroom 1
UKChatroom 2

Official Chat Rooms

UKChat creates official chat rooms. The administrators moderate these chat rooms, and users who violate a particular chat room’s rules would be flagged and possibly suspended. These chat rooms are categorised by location and interests. Guest users can join them.

User Created Rooms

User created rooms are chat rooms that are created by registered members of UKChat. These chat rooms are public and can be found via searching for a keyword on the search bar or through link sharing. These rooms are not moderated by UKChat administrators, which makes it prone to abuse and spam.

Private Messages

Send private messages to others user by clicking their name on a public chat room. Sending messages is available for both guest users and registered members. The only difference is, you can save a private message in your inbox if you are a registered user.


Whisper is a flirt action. When you click a name of another member, you will see a menu of actions that you can do (private message, whisper, view profile, block). When you click Whisper, it will send a notification on the public chat room that you sent a Whisper to that particular member.

UKChat Security

UKChat is probably one of the most secure chat sites in the United Kingdom. There are hardly any fake profiles on the chat site, as UKChat has blocked all countries that are known for spamming from accessing their site.

UKChat security

UKChat also has VPN detectors that disable users who use a VPN to access the chat site. Even before a VPN user is redirected to a chatroom, he or she will already be banned. The VPN user would not be able to see what’s going on in the chat room.

Profile Quality

UKChat Profile
  • Profiles are visible to anyone
  • Profiles show the user’s activity on the website
  • There is no photo gallery
  • Profiles show the time and date of your last activity on the chat site

UKChat does not require its users to register an account. However, registered members can enjoy added benefits such as having a profile. 

Although UKChat profiles do not feature much detail about a member, they allow other members to see your posts as well as your recent activity on the chat site. Other UKChat users can follow your profile and comment on your posts and photo.

Member profiles on UKChat show the date that you joined the chat site, when you were last active, and the number of likes and private messages your profile have received in the totality of your membership with the chat site. It also displays your gender, age, and the users who follow you.

Design and Usability

The design of UKChat is clean and simple that any person belonging to any age range will have no difficulty in using the chat site. You can easily access the chat features on the home page. Once you’ve successfully created an account, whether it’s guest or registered, you will be redirected to a page where all the available chat rooms are listed. Clicking the join button would automatically allow you in.

The chatrooms present no difficulty in using. The type area can be found below, together with the buttons of sending photos and emojis. The users who are currently in the chat room are located on the right side of the page, organised in alphabetical order. At the very top of the chatroom are the tabs of different site functionalities such as ‘Settings’, ’Rooms’, ‘Messages’, and ‘Help’. Beside these are the other chatrooms that you are currently active in, as well as tabs of chat windows from other users who have sent you a private message.

Functionality speaking, the website provides a user-friendly experience. However, in terms of design appearance, UKChat could use some glamming up.

Real Life Review

“I was terribly bored one day and decided that the best way to pass the time was to find people to chat with. I was in a real mood to converse about random stuff, but I didn’t want to think. I searched Google for "UK chat sites", and there were many choices available. I chose UKChat because of its simplicity. I signed up as a guest and chose the #YOLO chat room. I had so much fun meeting new people that I didn’t even notice that I was already late for my last class at uni. Anyway, after that day, I still visit the site whenever I’m bored, and I’ve never had a dull day since.” - Markus, 23, Wales

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Costs and Prices

Using UKChat is free of charge.


With the tight security of UKChat, you can say that it is not an average chat site with spammy chat rooms. The administrators monitor the public rooms and immediately suspend those who violate the guidelines. You can have decent conversations with other users of the chat site.

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What is UKChat?

UKChat is a chat site for the nations belonging in the United Kingdom.

When was it launched?

UKChat was launched in the year 1997.

Can minors use UKChat?

Only users who are 18 years old and above can use UK Chat.


Can I use UKChat without creating a profile?

Yes, you can use UK Chat by logging in as a guest.

What are the perks of registering for an account?

Having an account with UK Chat allows you to save private messages and create a personal profile.

Does UKChat have a premium membership or paid add-ons?

No, all features of UK Chat are free to use.

How do I permanently delete my account?

You can permanently delete your account by clicking the ‘gear’ Settings icon found at the left-hand side of the chat page.


Does UKChat have a mobile app?

No, UK Chat is only available on the desktop.

Where do I find a chatroom?

You can see the full list of UK Chat chat rooms at the dashboard after you’ve successfully logged in.

Is joining UKChat chatrooms free?

Yes, everything is free at UK Chat.

How do I join a chatroom?

You can easily join a UK Chat chatroom by clicking the name of the desired chat room you wish to participate.

Is it possible to send a private message to another member?

Yes, you can send a private message to another member when you click his or her username.

Does UKChat support video chats?

Yes, UKChat supports video chats. You can turn on your video by clicking the camera button found on the right side of the text area.


Is UKChat safe?

UK Chat has safety precautions laid out on their website. They also make the Block and Report buttons accessible on every chat page.

What security measures does UKChat have?

UKChat abides by Privacy Policies required by the State and has a strictly enforced Terms of Usage. They also have VPN detectors that block VPN users from accessing the website. They have already prevented countries that are known for spamming from entering their site.

Are chat rooms moderated?

Only UKChat official chatrooms are moderated. User-created chat rooms are not monitored.

Can UKChat trace me?

UK Chat can trace your server IP address.

My information was stolen, what do I do?

You can report this concern to UK Chat’s customer support.

I am experiencing harassment, what do I do?

You can click the Block and Report button that appears when you click a UKChat user’s username.

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