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Very Bad
  • Al***** 67 years

    No positive reviews.Fake profiles appear from nowhere.

  • P****** 63 years

    It gets your hopes up.It lets you down. There are lots of fake profiles; you could report them every day if you could be bothered. I'm sure the syste... m and feed of likes, etc., are controlled by the owners. You get likes from people who haven't liked you; you'll find out if you send them a message. «»

  • Jo***** 62 years

    Nothing.False profiles.

  • Cind*** 61 years

    Nothing! Fake profiles, fake photos, old images, not many ‘genuine’ profiles. And despite the reviews plenty of men are only looking for a hook up,... age doesn’t reduce men’s intentions especially the ‘separated, still living with partners’ brigade. The ‘likes’ are rarely from local people and generally men don’t reply if you ‘like match’ and send a message, so I’m guessing the likes are computer generated and the profiles are inactive past subscribers. One cannot send or receive messages unless subscribed. So, many men can like you, but you’ll never hear from them, as they’re members but not subscribers, so probably just like swiping right, when bored in the evening! Not the sort of app to meet a real life partner. A lot of money for a lot of disappointment. Been on there two months with no success. Probably okay if you want a friend not a life partner. Most members seem to have more baggage than Heathrow airport!! Not a great many empowered candidates on here. «»

  • Isab*** 65 years

    Easy to set up account My set filters totally disregarded ie age, education, distance. Very disappointed.

  • G****** 66 years

    Not a lot.Once you sign up (and I am still not sure what I have signed up for in terms of connections etc.) you are then asked to pay More to activat... e your account. No easy-to-understand settings, for example, how to search a specific post code. «»

  • Silv*** 67 years

    Simple to use but expensive for results.Large number of profiles were still on from 4 years ago when I rejoined. Also majority of women do not reply ... to msgs so I suspect these false/dormant left on to imply the site is larger than the few real people.Avoid is the only recommendation. «»

  • Jo***** 69 years

    It is quite easy to navigate, lots of attractive ladies to messageWhy is it that lots of these attractive ladies who I have sent messages suddenly di... sappear with "profile unavailable"? I am beginning to think they never existed in the first place, i.e. just put up there to attract interest. When you show interest, they are "unavailable" or "suspended by the moderator!" Were they all fake all along? «»

  • Ca***** 65 years

    Nothing, although very good at fleecing you of 40 quid every monthToo many fake profiles

  • An***** 53 years

    Nothing.I was told that it was free, but when I joined, it wasn't. I then paid a monthly subscription and could not message people, and their pictu... res were all blurry! I clicked on a picture and was then asked to pay more money!Absolute disgrace. Preying on slightly older people for cash! «»

  • Shei*** 63 years

    Plenty of photos to look at.Many automatic likes are sent when people have never even looked at your profile. Liken it to going window shopping; peop... le are browsing but not buying. «»

  • Caro*** 63 years

    You can chat if someone does the mutual like thing. Easy site to use. I did the offer for one month. Chatted to a few men. Had lots of interest but I’... m fussy who I want. It’s very well set up with an assistant to help online. Can block people too. Messages don’t always get through. It’s slow when busy. Men don’t check where you live annoying I guy I liked for ages did mutual like then said oh I’m too far. Not the site men slow to make a move I’ve liked guys who checked my profile know they like as keep looking and nothing. Full of scammers watch out! I will be leaving next week and won’t re-join. «»

  • Sand*** 59 years

    Very littleLots of men only interested in a hook up or sexting

  • J****** 57 years

    It was easy to sign up toI was looking for a site for serious over 50s. I deliberately avoided joining However, it is clear that I may as ... well have joined Match as everyone I contacted was in Match. When I told Ourtime, they explained that it couldn’t happen and would not refund me! «»

  • Sabi*** 59 years

    NothingNo compatible suggested matches at all, no filter settings applied; no customer service, loads of the suggested male members have their profil... es suspended by the moderators! «»

  • Jenn*** 70 years

    It seems slick - perhaps too slickI signed up and paid, and it will not let me view any other page other than the subscription/account page. I have ... tried for 2 days - it feels like I am being conned. There is no 'chat' service or telephone number for customer services, so I am going to get my bank for a refund. It feels like I have been slickly conned. «»

  • Sar**** 50 years

    Nothing! Lots of men without profile pictures...and that's the tip of the iceberg. They make it extremely difficult to cancel your subscription. All... phone numbers are not working. Do not use this site!I had to threaten them with Trading Standards if they did not cancel my membership and subscription. They told me that they would cancel my membership, but I had to continue paying for what I had supposedly signed up for. This is against the law. «»

  • Lond*** 53 years

    NothingFake profiles, far too costly for what you get (hence why I refuse to pay) cannot even read messages for free, mixed with which is o... f no help whatsoever, 50+? May as well be a site for Senior Citizens! «»

  • R****** 59 years

    Average. It share profiles with Match so the same people appear! Very frustrating.

  • Jame*** 60 years

    I have paid my subscription but I still can't access any profiles still telling me I need to subscribe is this a scam ???

  • Ro***** 51 years

    If you are looking for ugly guys with poor social skills and unreasonable expectations, this is the place to go!

  • B****** 60 years

    I just deleted my account on ourtime! I found that there appears to be many people who create a non subscription account, you can send a message but a... s they are not subscribed they cant view it or reply. You can see this in the sent messages, they go to state received but never to read! Armed with my new knowledge of how this site works I may rejoin later. Also it indiscriminately sends likes to people automatically, and once again they may be hundreds of non-subscribed member so these likes are pointless. Also any one cosying up to you straight away and giving you a whats app number will be totally dodgy. I hope this helps you weed out the dross from the very few genuine profile(s) next time you try. «»

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