How much does OurTime cost?

Today, finding love later in life is made easy with online dating platforms. Curious about these kinds of online dating websites? Discover how much OurTime costs in the UK in this article.

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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Premium Subscription
1 Month39.99 GBP / Month39.99 GBP
3 Months24.99 GBP / Month74.97 GBP
6 Months19.99 GBP / Month119.94 GBP
Incognito Mode
1 Day1.99 GBP / Day1.99 GBP
1 Month9.99 GBP / Month9.99 GBP
1 Credit1.99 GBP / Credit1.99 GBP
5 Credits1.59 GBP / Credit7.95 GBP
10 Credits1.19 GBP / Credit11.89 GBP
Love Notes
5 Credits1.60 GBP / Credit7.99 GBP
15 Credits1.33 GBP / Credit19.99 GBP
30 Credits1.00 GBP / Credit29.99 GBP

When compared to dating sites catering to the same age range, the price of OurTime’s monthly plans is average.

Unlike other dating sites that offer only one type of monthly membership, OurTime offers two: the standard and value subscription. You can choose to avail the former in either 1 or 6 months; as for the value subscription, it’s only offered as a 6-month deal.

OurTime Payment 1 month
OurTime Payment 3 months
OurTime Payment Methods

The standard subscription enables its subscribers to use the contacting functions of OurTime. Value subscription, meanwhile, gives you all that and more:

  • Notification when another user read your message
  • Your profile gets more attention because it has a different background-colour
  • Your messages will be attention-grabbing as it has the same different background-colour

Apart from these monthly fees, OurTime also lets users purchase tokens. These tokens, in turn, is for buying Virtual Gifts or the Visibility Boost. Both are add-on features which may help you score more brownie points.

OurTime Tokens

Even if pricing is flexible, why should you choose to spend your money at OurTime? What awaits a member of OurTime?

Does it make sense to spend at OurTime?

Come to think of it, OurTime is not the only online platform servicing the matured audience. So, if you’re going to spend money to hasten the search for the love of your life, does it make sense to go premium at OurTime?

Free Deals

You may have been wary because OurTime does not offer trial periods—just monthly subscriptions—and like any wise buyer, you wanted to test the service first. Well, a test period isn’t essential because you can sign up for free.

The free registration is for you to test out how well the website, and its registered members, suit your needs and preferences. Aside from signing up, you can also create a profile and customize it. Since it’s possible to view profiles even with a free account, completing yours will help viewers decide if you’re someone who’s a potential match.

Free Features
  • Profile creation
  • Use of the search function
  • Use of 'Shuffle' special feature
  • View profile pictures and full profile information of other members
  • Like profiles
  • Test now for free

Premium Features
  • Send unlimited messages
  • View who is interested in you
  • Ad-free browsing
  • Discounted prices for Activities
  • Send Love Notes

Speaking of a potential match, you can utilise OurTime’s Matches without any hidden charges. The profiles that this function will yield is randomized. Since you’re viewing one-by-one, you can take your time in assessing if the member is someone you should get in touch with later on.

Sure, being a non-paying member may have its limits, but it is an excellent way to ascertain if OurTime is the right dating site for you. Also, unlike trial periods, you can free of charges for as long as you wish. OurTime will only credit your account when you purchase any of its subscriptions or tokens.

Diverse but Harmonious

Out of all the senior dating sites in the market, OurTime probably enjoys the most significant user base, which is over 20 million as of writing. This commendable population is because it merged with sister sites SeniorPeopleMeet and SeniorMeet. 

Senior Couple

Since it is a senior dating site, most of the members at OurTime are in their 50s and up. However, that doesn’t mean the site is closed to members who may be younger, but feel connected to an older lover. A considerable number of the population are in their mid20s up to the late 40s.

In terms of nationality, most of OurTime’s users come from English-speaking countries, namely, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Aside from these nations, OurTime also caters to users from Sweden, Spain, and the Netherlands. 

True, there’s a variety of age and nationality, but OurTime remains true to its promise. The majority are empty-nesters who were either divorced or widowed. They turn to OurTime because they’re looking for companionship, may that be through new friends, pen-pals, or possible husband or wife. At OurTime, members mutually want the same thing: long-term relationships.

Active Members

Who says senior dating sites can’t have a little fun in terms of features? Not OurTime. The site has several exciting features that its members will find enjoyable.

OurTime Ad

For starters, there are two paid ways to get in touch at OurTime: through Live Chat and Messaging. With the help of these features, members can get to know each other by conversing about any topic they find interesting.

Aside from chatting, OurTime also has an Events tab. This tab curates nearby events that may be worth attending. With it, you can keep an eye out not just on mixers and blind dates, but also for activities wherein you can learn new skills or make a friend or two.

Members are highly active at OurTime, and apart from these functions, it may be because of the free-to-download app that’s available for both Android and iOS users.

The app is functional and easy-to-use, making it a reliable alternative for singles who are on-the-go.


You have to admit that finding love in this modern age is more comfortable and more convenient in modern ways. For senior singles, maybe giving online dating sites like OurTime a shot, can help you bring up your dating A-game in no time. Are you ready to find love? Sign up at OurTime now—it’s free.

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