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  • An***** 64 years

    Large number of membersThe recent redesign. Searching for special interests, eg classical music, is no longer possible. Also I'd rather browse than... be presented with profiles where I have to decide Yes/No «»

  • Hele*** 53 years

    Not much at this timeI hoped Match had improved since being very criticised in the last few years. This would be my third attempt. From my previous ... experiences I would say overall that is full of fake profiles that send you the odd message to keep you hanging. When the subscription is about to expire, you experience suddenly a lot of interest from different people that keep send you messages, likely with the only aim of keeping you interested and renewing the subscription. This time the disappointment has arrived much earlier than expected. I registered, I pay subscription for 6 months and uploaded some pictures taken by a professional photographer few weeks ago. None of them were approved by moderators??? After seeing all the pictures on multiple profiles where some are 25 years old, this seems pathetic. No feedback as why don't meet their criteria. Please note that these pics are totally professional are could be used even for work purposes. I feel that my end with Match this time is much earlier than expected «»

  • Matc*** 30 years

    Buyer Beware: UK Match both via the site and also on their IG sites which have customer service SELDOM RESPONDS to authentic and importan... t emails from members off MATCH UK. Their London 020 number DOES NOT WORK and you will NEVER get a person to deal with your Match membership problems.Notice to all: I was a paid member of Match when they decided to start the new LIVE CHAT/STREAMING platform within Match UK. Most members of UK Match who have involved themselves with the UK MATCH LIVE CHAT rooms have had multiple issues being taken off of Match UK through no fault of their own. There is a core group of people who have been with the Live Chat arena since the beginning in Feb 2022. Match UK has continuously DELETED OR BANNED MEMBERS with paid memberships who have been on the various rooms within Live Chat. They have subsequently lost their paid accounts with NO REFUND. Also, many previous members who were unfairly taken off of Match UK have attempted to start new accounts but have failed. UK MATCH does a hardware banned IP ban whenever they feel like doing so. The workaround has been people buying new SIM cards on new mobile phones and starting new accounts. Unfortunately, there have been those persons who have gone that route who have only done so in order to continue to ABUSE and HARASS female members, mainly women who are minorities. This is evident also within the data collected amongst the many Match members who are become friends and contacts outwith Match UK who have then compared those notes to discover the atrocity of Match UK being selective as to who to ban and who to delete at any given time. The connection seems to be associated with race, religion, and gender which is a VIOLATION against a person's rights.Another issue is the quality of members who are allowed to create this negative environment on Match UK which feeds into the Automated system and the poorly hired UK MATCH moderators, who mainly work from home. There is a consistency with a certain team of UK MATCH Moderators who work on Weekends who ban women of colour and men with a disability in order to create havoc and play with their "power" of control. MATCH UK rarely responds back to any emails sent via the platform or emails. When MATCH UK HAS responded, the team has admitted to MAKING A MISTAKE in DELETING A PROFILE stating that they have reopened the said profile. Normally this occurs ONLY with threat of legal action and multiple emails. Customer Svc states that Mods from Match can be INATTENTIVE to the information that has come through and bans accounts mistakenly. NONE OF THIS IS LAWFUL OR ACCEPTIBLE & a breach of contract.Furthermore, the multitude of false reporting has come from specific immature and selfish members who are predominantly women with very limited life experience, very low income, mainly benefits recipients, and who have psychiatric issues & social skills issues with poor development of working relationships with others, romantic&non-romantic. This is evident by their poor actions and catty behaviour on the UK MATH Live Chat site. Paid members often complain about this core group of destructive Match female members as women who "are jealous of other women being in competition with their men" that they are interested in on LIVE CHAT. The other reasons for false reports against members are sheer disagreement about ANYTHING and destructive, immature fights amongst the introvertve, irrational women in rooms such as Over 45 and Everyone groups. This puerile behaviour is seen on a DAILY basis and attacks against members are common by this crowd of jobless persons with very low maturity who have no support system for themselves, and who have very low self-esteem. The men who engage in this behaviour tend to enable this negative behaviour in said women and thusly, we have a problem with Match UK getting false reports, not fixing the issues with authentic reports (i.e. reports of minors being online LIVE CHAT or men showing their private parts/masturbating on live video for everyone to see). Those who report authentic reports then to be FLAGGED as false reporters and they, too, are banned off of UK MATCH! These issues and the low mentality within these 12 chat rooms on LIVE CHAT bleed into the Match UK platform. The majority of their interactions are on not only LIVE CHAT but also on the extension of legal slander/libel against MATCH members in the Discord chat system & WhatsApp chat groups created by an original core set of men to extend the LIVE CHATS on UK MATCH to continue past 1 am [when UK MATCH LIVE CHAT rooms close down for the night]. MATCH UK needs to have a visible moderator in each room that is Match-hired. MATCH UK needs to respond in a timely manner to ALL emails by members who have been "banned." Not worth the money due to headache!* Bad Customer Service (No response after multiple emails to members to discuss why they have been ILLEGALLY BANNED AND DELETED OFF OF MATCH UK after chatting in the Live Chat Rooms! And charged for further months of service!) * BAD Moderation Teams, esp on Weekends by MATCH UK - There is a specific set of match Team Moderators who have been purposefully banning and deleting members multiple times and not explaining why, giving them no right to appeal which is unlawful and a breach of the business contract that every paying member of Match UK has with Match!* Immature, emotionally unstable people on LIVe CHAT that are allowed to falsely report members and get away with triggering the Automated System of Moderation on Match UK * No Customer Service PHONE NUMBER that is in working order, for UK members (The 020 London number is OUT OF ORDER ON PURPOSE)* Hidden fees taken out and subscriptions that are not honoured. People pay for 6 months etc and get BLOCKED AND DELETED around 5 months, for example! No way to get money back! * Felons and abusive men on Match UK. There are currently several men WITH PRISON RECORDS north of London who are in the LIVE CHAT rooms who abuse the women on LIVE CHAT and then phone their mobiles and WhatsApp at various times during the night or day to harass them. One member of MATCH UK has been successful in obtaining WHATSAPP numbers of women and has ON VIDEO SENT PICS of MALE GENITALS -- this occurred during the video portion of a LIVE CHAT ROOM where he attacked another female and described a sexually abusive scenario that he wanted to harm her with -- all done before 27 MATCH MEMBERS listening and watching on a LIVE CHAT FORUM in March 2022. It was DISGUSTING . That man was subsequently BANNED off Match UK only to return with a FAKE profile from the same town and same age, different photo, and from a different SIM CARD and PHONE. This man has continuously abused women who are Hispanic, Black, and Asian AND men and women with disabilities (mental and physical, medical) on MATCH UK. MATCH UK still has one of his profiles up and that honestly is DISGUSTING and WRONG! «»

  • Tim**** 59 years

    NothingFull of what I suspect are fake profiles. I don’t get replies to my messages, which is weird. The least you expect is thanks for your lovely m... essage, but you’re not my type - or the like. I have posted an authentic profile, including my age and current photos. This is not a safe or reliable dating site. It seems like a way to make money from dumb people like me. Be warned! «»

  • Aman*** 41 years

    NothingMatch blocked me for no reason whatsoever. They also sent a message to everyone i was speaking to (3 people) telling them they had deleted my ... profile to 'keep them safe'. Match have not responded to my query as to why i have been blocked and i have not broken any of their rules. «»

  • D.***** 53 years

    Dishonesty, this is the word that perfectly describes this rubbish company. I never signed for a monthly payment and they started to get my money from... my credit card. But don't stop there, you only can cancel the subscription and delete your account on a desktop, what if the user doesn't have a computer? Will pay forever for this dishonest company? «»

  • me***** 55 years

    I really would not waste your time or money joining Match. I have been a member for around 2 months and it seems full of older men, most of which I th... ink are shaving a few years off their ages in profiles. The shuffle feature is the same people over and over again from miles away, so would be useless to contact for a date. It is difficult to tell who is actually online.You can not filter what age group can contact you. For a subscription site it is very basic I was certainly expecting a lot more features. «»

  • S****** 40 years

    Appalling. The men are really ugly and unappealing. Some do not reply. The worst things though are the automatic renewal which, when cancelled, still ... seems to apply despite a confirmation email it won't. I signed up for a 6 month period at half price. I took a break - voluntarily suspending my account - because I was fed up with the stupidity of the men. When I went to reinstate myself, I was told my subscription would reinstate for a further six months and I would be charged the full price. That is dishonest, charging me again for the period already signed up to and a further 6 months I don't want. An honest service would simply be to allow me to continue until the end of the term paid for. Contacting the company was futile: the phones are not answered, the chat facility was unmanned the numerous times I tried, and the responses by email show no intelligence whatsoever from the staff: the first reply simply stated that I had suspended my account and wanted to reinstate it; the second reply contradicted itself and said both that I would and would not have to pay, and, more clearly, that the automatic renewal would occur. I was left fuming with the dishonesty of the company. I asked a third time for clarification but actually I don't have the patience for such continual incompetence, and since the company are thieves, I want nothing more to do with them. I have now deleted my account and shall be contacting my bank anyway to stop any further debits the company may try to steal from me. «»

  • Step*** 29 years

    I was recently a member of and I didn't really have a good experience. I bought a 3month subscription which was reduced by 20% on a offer pr... ovided by match. I found in my area there was not many women under the age of 40 and almost no women under the age of 30, and those who were in there late 20s and 30s were not very talkative at all. it really gets you down when you receive a message saying "XYZ" dosent want to continue the conversation. On the few days I was a member I didn't receive a single message, I am not that bad looking a person and I had a full profile, pictures ect and had gained the match badge. I sent a message to match about my experience and they gave me two free boosts, unfortunately I didn't see any improvement. I then Formally asked match for a refund, I am pleased to say I received a full refund. I would advise anyone who has the same experiences to do the same. I am giving match 2 stars for very good customer service. «»

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