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Very Bad
  • Tim**** 59 years

    NothingFull of what I suspect are fake profiles. I don’t get replies to my messages, which is weird. The least you expect is thanks for your lovely m... essage, but you’re not my type - or the like. I have posted an authentic profile, including my age and current photos. This is not a safe or reliable dating site. It seems like a way to make money from dumb people like me. Be warned! «»

  • Aman*** 41 years

    NothingMatch blocked me for no reason whatsoever. They also sent a message to everyone i was speaking to (3 people) telling them they had deleted my ... profile to 'keep them safe'. Match have not responded to my query as to why i have been blocked and i have not broken any of their rules. «»

  • D.***** 53 years

    Dishonesty, this is the word that perfectly describes this rubbish company. I never signed for a monthly payment and they started to get my money from... my credit card. But don't stop there, you only can cancel the subscription and delete your account on a desktop, what if the user doesn't have a computer? Will pay forever for this dishonest company? «»

  • me***** 55 years

    I really would not waste your time or money joining Match. I have been a member for around 2 months and it seems full of older men, most of which I th... ink are shaving a few years off their ages in profiles. The shuffle feature is the same people over and over again from miles away, so would be useless to contact for a date. It is difficult to tell who is actually online.You can not filter what age group can contact you. For a subscription site it is very basic I was certainly expecting a lot more features. «»

  • S****** 40 years

    Appalling. The men are really ugly and unappealing. Some do not reply. The worst things though are the automatic renewal which, when cancelled, still ... seems to apply despite a confirmation email it won't. I signed up for a 6 month period at half price. I took a break - voluntarily suspending my account - because I was fed up with the stupidity of the men. When I went to reinstate myself, I was told my subscription would reinstate for a further six months and I would be charged the full price. That is dishonest, charging me again for the period already signed up to and a further 6 months I don't want. An honest service would simply be to allow me to continue until the end of the term paid for. Contacting the company was futile: the phones are not answered, the chat facility was unmanned the numerous times I tried, and the responses by email show no intelligence whatsoever from the staff: the first reply simply stated that I had suspended my account and wanted to reinstate it; the second reply contradicted itself and said both that I would and would not have to pay, and, more clearly, that the automatic renewal would occur. I was left fuming with the dishonesty of the company. I asked a third time for clarification but actually I don't have the patience for such continual incompetence, and since the company are thieves, I want nothing more to do with them. I have now deleted my account and shall be contacting my bank anyway to stop any further debits the company may try to steal from me. «»

  • Step*** 29 years

    I was recently a member of and I didn't really have a good experience. I bought a 3month subscription which was reduced by 20% on a offer pr... ovided by match. I found in my area there was not many women under the age of 40 and almost no women under the age of 30, and those who were in there late 20s and 30s were not very talkative at all. it really gets you down when you receive a message saying "XYZ" dosent want to continue the conversation. On the few days I was a member I didn't receive a single message, I am not that bad looking a person and I had a full profile, pictures ect and had gained the match badge. I sent a message to match about my experience and they gave me two free boosts, unfortunately I didn't see any improvement. I then Formally asked match for a refund, I am pleased to say I received a full refund. I would advise anyone who has the same experiences to do the same. I am giving match 2 stars for very good customer service. «»