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Very Bad
  • Char*** 50 years

    Nothing.Total fake profiles.

  • Rebe*** 41 years

    The different interactions and everyone’s stories about why they are there. A whole new world of fun.Clunky search engine, and having to wade through... loads of people you wouldn’t get on with «»

  • Ro***** 65 years

    Not very muchIt's full of fake profiles. As a male, as soon as you register, you get bombarded with messages from women who can't possibly know anyth... ing about you as you've not even completed your profile. Whether this is the site itself or not, I don't know, but it's all about getting you to upgrade—and at £140 for four weeks, that's a big revenue stream. «»

  • Jo***** 46 years

    NothingAuto-generated profiles, auto generated messages to try and tempt to a very expensive upgrade to read them. Worst of all, no monitoring of acc... ounts to counter attempts at fraud or outright prostitution. «»

  • T****** 35 years

    Poor paid twice you will find it's more about fantasy then meet men and women on there have the fantasy of an affair but can't go through with it also... you will find bots galore more bots then people Bots Scam «»

  • T****** 52 years

    Absolutely nothingThey craftily take payments from your account without asking. It says it's in their T&Cs. It's an underhand way of conning people o... ut of moneyI used them in 2010 and it was ok. Met someone, had a laugh. This time, lots of very suspicious females. Chat for a bit, then ghost. No doubt all fictitious. DO NOT USE. Trust me, I've tried them all; they're a con «»

  • Ma***** 55 years

    It’s a site that can, with patience, work well. But there is a real downside.As others have noticed, the payment terms contain a significant scam: th... e automatic renewal provisions are not highlighted and are deeply buried in the terms and conditions. I am usually very careful about these things but was still caught. I think it’s a significant revenue stream for them and they bank on those who are caught not being in a position to complain too much for reasons of privacy. If it was not being done deliberately then requests for refunds in clearly genuine cases would be treated fairly and sympathetically. Instead the T&Cs are strictly relied upon as a sort of ‘gotcha’. Avoid. «»

  • john*** 56 years

    There is a very nasty scam on this site. When you pay to join, you also "agree" to continue paying £99 monthly after your registration expires unless ... you opt out of this agreement from the outset. But to see this small print you have to scroll down the page a very long way and - judging from the many complaints on the web - most men get suckered for hundreds or thousands of pounds. It's easy to miss this on your card statement because the charge source is well disguised. However, when I contacted the fraud department at my bank, they were able to get a refund. «»

  • Dav**** 60 years

    You can not send your contact details if you do the site delete them. What is the point of paying to communicate but you never can meet or send your d... etails? The site act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage of money. «»

  • Andr*** 62 years

    Good but expensive site. In the main the women are genuine, friendly and understanding.My main gripe with the site is that the search system is far t... oo wide - counties! Why it doesn't use postcode units I'll never know ie 5 miles-10 miles etc radius from mine etc. Surely that would make better sense?? Joined a few years ago and had a wonderful time here - just lovely. «»

  • Jo***** 45 years

    A lot of fake profiles. Beware. You need time to connect with a woman as a lot are unsure and are not online all the time making the experience very c... ostly for men. I would not recommend at all. «»

  • Vija*** 45 years

    A discriminatory site that charges male members £169.99 for SIX weeks membership but females membership is FREE. That works out to just under £1500 fo... r ANNUAL membership. The site is very basic and simple to navigate but watch out for those FREE members who could be located anywhere in the world with no intention to meet you and with the sole intention of SCAMMING you! I came across this issue on a regular basis which I reported, where ‘women ‘ would exchange emails and WhatsApp messages/ photos then try and blackmail you with public exposure. Illicit Encounters have NO control over this other than to block those members by which time it’s too late for you once you’ve already been scammed. This is what happens when you engage in a site that offers free membership to females as its a honey pot for scammers around the world. Paying Male members have to pay the price both financially and in terms of potential blackmailing.Secondly, the site gives you the IMPRESSION that the membership is NOT renewed automatically BUT you get a massive shock when you check your visa bill to find that you have been charged renewed membership (albeit at a slight discounted rate of £79.99 PER MONTH). When you ask them to cancel this, they will oblige but will NOT give you a refund and refer you their terms and conditions. This to me is extremely under-hand and an obvious way of making lots of money from unsuspecting members who will feel very hard done by and NEVER return to them again. The support team will offer you no sympathy in this situation! They DON’T even warn that you will be charged after your membership runs out or even tell WHAT they will charge you. They simply take the money WITHOUT your authorisation. How can this company justify charging for unwanted membership and for an UNKNOWN amount WITHOUT your permission? Would you give anyone your credit card details without knowing what you’re going to be be charged??? I didn’t, yet still got charged anyway. The only way you find out is if you check your visa bill. It’s a good thing they don’t charge you a years membership without you knowing or you would really be screwed!! And remember, NO REFUND hence why I am posting this review to warn all unsuspecting customers to stay well clear of this site unless you want to be exposed to scammers and unless you want to deal with a company that uses very dodgy tactics to charge exorbitant auto renewal membership fees that you never intended to pay. You have been warned, the choice is your. «»

  • N Th*** 60 years

    I have used this site twice and found it good, but expensive. Initially, about 5 years ago I signed up for one month and met a younger married woman a... nd we had an eventful and exciting relationship that lasted for two years. On the second occasion I linked up with one of my own age and am still seeing the lady regularly. Both relationships gave me and the ladies concerned a great amount of please that we were unable to get at home. «»

  • Raj *** 41 years

    Hi everyone, I am on IE for more than 2 months now.i must say this is not for Indian/Asia, every lady i sent message to either not replied me back or... replied with says not interested in Indian, some even clearly says in their profile that "please don't message me if you are an Indian, Asia, etc." I noticed even Indian women are not interested in Indian men, LOL.I am bit frustrated but its true and it is what it is, so accept it and move on.I just want to say if you are an Indian please stay away, stop wasting money and time. «»

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