Won't one browse reveal my affair?

Just because you are married doesn’t automatically translate to you having an eventful sex life. At Illicit Encounters, the over a million registered users will attest that there’s a demand to browse for new matches to reactivate jilted sexual desires. 

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Now, Illicit Encounters may be one of the leading affair dating sites in the UK and Ireland, but how sure are you that it’s not just all talk? 

There are other affair dating and casual sites out there, so why take a chance at Illicit Encounters? Won't one browse reveal your secrets?

How do you browse members at Illicit Encounters?

It’s only natural and expected to have apprehensions before you sign up at an affair dating site. After all, you’re juggling a lot of factors here: discreteness, the quality of potential matches, and the price you have to pay to continue using the platform.

So, let’s take down your worries one notch at a time. For starters, joining Illicit Encounters is possible even if you’re not going to purchase a premium deal, yet. Registration, profile creation, and even browsing the potential matches you are going to make—100% free functions. 

Test Illicit Encounters for free

Now, some websites allow you to get a glimpse of your potential matches even without registering. However, even if the buttons that enable you to search are accessible to outsiders, the result will be a prompt—a registration prompt. For members, this inability to freely search members is a good thing; the website does keep your thing under wraps.

If you're someone who just wanted to take a look first, there are easy ways to do a quick browse of the members at Illicit Encounters. Sign up now and browse through the following means:


The Matchfinder feature is a rundown of members who fit your match criteria to a T. The said criteria were set when you joined Illicit Encounters.

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Of course, people change, so any edits you did on your match criteria will reflect on your succeeding Matchfinder results.

To get access to your results, you may opt to get a daily summary emailed directly to your inbox. But if you feel like all Illicit Encounters’ transactions are better done on-site, you may check your Matchfinder results live.

For non-paying members, matches from the last 30 days will reflect if you click the Matchfinder button. For the Gold members, you can sift through your potential affairs since the previous 90 days.


If you prefer the thrill of random selection, the Search page is your friend. Illicit Encounters understand it has quite a lot of members already so that you may filter out results via member, area, or easy searches.

The member search works well if you know (or even vaguely remember) a potential lover’s name. Just type in the member’s user name, then hit the search button, and browse the list of all the results based on your search.

If you’re into finding matches who live nearby, you may use the area search function. All you have to input is your desired sex (men or women only) and then read and select a county from the dropdown menu. 

Meanwhile, with easy search, you may select the sex, age, and county of your desired match. You may even opt to see profiles with photos through this search function.

Illicit Encounters Browse Page

Who’s Online

Sometimes, the connection’s lost when it takes your potential match too long to respond. This is why searching for members who are currently online is helpful—especially if you don’t have much time.

The “Who’s Online” page will also gender, age, and location filters at your disposal.

Why register and go premium at Illicit Encounters?

Now that we’ve established you have multiple ways to explore your chances at Illicit Encounters, a question remains. Why register and go premium?


Illicit Encounters perfectly understands that it is playing with fire; thus, its privacy policy includes several means to ensure a member’s movements remain discreet.

For free accounts, you have full reign over your profiles. You may use screen names (this is highly encouraged) plus choose to use any of the available icons recommended by Illicit Encounters as your profile photo. You may also opt to upload photos in a private gallery. From there, you can select who among the members will you give the gallery’s password.

For paying members, your credit card bill will reflect “MC ONLINE TECH INTSERVICES” as the merchant in your transactions. You also have access to the Invisible and Holiday modes: the former hides your profile from searches while the latter lets you suspend your profile for up to three weeks. Lastly, you may even protect your online activity so that you can screen your matches further.

Like-minded matches

It is not that Illicit Encounters forbid you to form committed relationships. Still, it is most likely that the matches you’re going to have will support the same goal—casual arrangements.

Illicit Encounters only caters to attached or once-attached members—currently married, divorced, separated, widowed—so, they understand where your needs are coming from.

Members won’t contact you to ask you to divulge personal details nor long-term plans. 


Pricey, but quality

Illicit Encounters indeed offer premium deals that are a bit on the pricey range. But this added expense acts as a buffer. Since it’s free to join, limiting access to contacting functions by making it premium discourages scammers and catfishers.

Also, the added safety functions that come with a premium account is a steal. These features, once used, allow you to browse the website while incognito. And we all know how vital anonymity is when in an affair—it may make or break your casual arrangement.


Extramarital relationships are not for everyone. But for the people who are into such casual arrangements, Illicit Encounters may offer a way in. At Illicit Encounters, it’s easy to create a profile, stay under the radar, and even start the flirting game—but of course, you’ll have to sign up first.

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