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GayParship is an online dating site that claims to find serious matches for people who are into homosexual relationships. It was launched and developed in 2001 by the same company behind Parship.

Specifically designed to follow the Parship Principle, this gay dating site matches its members based on the results of the personality tests upon registration. 

These tests were developed by Professor Hugo Schmale, a psychologist. They are composed of a series of questionnaires in the form of personal preferences, abstract reasoning, and situational questions.

GayParship is completely based on science. It compares 30 essential personality characteristics and matches potential partners who are not the same but complement each other.

The site claims that its gay and lesbian members will feel safe not only from hackers but also from rude members who would try to insult them. 

Using its advanced monitoring technology, double-checked by manual profile review of its support team, unwelcoming members are easily filtered out from the members' list.

Is GayParship the dating site that will colour your dating game? We took a closer look at it for you! Read on below to see what we found out.

The Parship Principle

Love doesn't always rely on luck. Sometimes, Science also helps!

Since the 1960s, Psychology Professor Hugo Schmale has been studying relationships and the individual personalities of couples. This led him to the development of the Parship principle, which is now being used to find the perfect match in online dating.

The Parship principle is a scientific methodology with the motto "as many similarities as possible, as many differences as necessary." It is the basis for the personality test which aims to gauge the compatibility of 30 essential personality traits of a person to another person.

This principle is not matching people who have exactly the same personalities. Instead, it aims to pair two singles based on how they perfectly complement each other. These kinds of serious relationships are believed to have higher chances of success because they balance each other in every possible way.

New members at GayParship in January 2022 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at GayParship are developing compared to others

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GayParship Member Structure

350,000 from United Kingdom
Members activity
1,000 new members per month
Gender Proportion
49 %
51 %
  • GayParship has around 350,000 members in the United Kingdom alone
  • More than half of all the members are graduates and professionals, attractive, and multifaceted
  • Data shows that 38% of the premium members found their right partner in GayParship
  • 80% of the members are 30 years old and above

If you are into a more serious gay dating site, GayParship is a recommended. In here, expect more educated and professional members who may match with your personality.

Majority of the members are adults with ages not lower than 30 years old. You will rarely meet college students and young adults. This is probably because older people have higher chances of establishing what gender they really prefer. 

The maturity of the members is a contributing factor when it comes to how long a relationship will last. Since the GayParship members are already at a mature age, they are perhaps already looking for a long-term partner in life, not anymore flings and short-term relationships.

There are success stories from the site as well, which you can check to get inspired. GayParship claims that almost 38% of its members have found the love of their lives through the site.

Signing Up at GayParship

GayParship SignUp Form
  • Signup with your Facebook account or email address
  • Be ready to take a multi-level, tedious registration process
  • Personality tests developed especially for finding the perfect match
  • Finish the registration and the personality test in 15-20 minutes
  • A verification email is sent to you upon registration

After successfully submitting your email address or connecting with your Facebook account, you will be redirected to the start of the personality test based on the Parship Principle. 

On the first level, you have to answer questions like where you would prefer to live or what are you looking for in a partner. You need to pick your answer from the choices. Sometimes you can choose more than one if permitted by the question.

The second level is more about your personal preference. You may choose your top three most favourite sports or choose as many as you want from the kind of music genre listed that you listen to.

You will find abstract pictures on the third level and you have to choose which among the choices appeal to you most. This goes the same with the fourth level. But this time, you will choose between two real photographs at a time. 

The last part consists of more situational questions for you to answer.
By answering the test questions, you'll be able to describe your future partner, so don't get tired and finish all the five steps. 

If you take the test seriously, it will take you less than half an hour to finish it. You cannot change your answers once you've finished and submitted the whole test.

When you are done, you will receive a verification email for completing the registration process. 

Making Contact on GayParship

GayParship Message Box
  • Sending messages to your matches is free, but with some restrictions
  • Premium members can send contact details to other members
  • Send smiles, contact request, welcome notes, and ice breakers to get the attention of others
  • You can only connect with members who match with your ideal compatibility score
  • You can meet and match with members from other countries

One of the good features of GayParship is free messaging. Regardless of your membership status, you are allowed to contact other members. 

However, only premium members can send contact details such as their email address, social media accounts, and phone numbers. You need to make sure, though, that you trust the other person enough to send such details.

Most of the site's special features fall under the contacting category. There are a lot of ways on how you can get the attention of another member. You can choose one, or use all. 

Invite a member to a fun match or perhaps start a conversation with a creative icebreaker, the GayParship style. You may also try to be cute by sending a smile with a personalised message.

You will only see and connect with members who match your personality as shown on the compatibility score: 60 being the lowest and 140 as the highest. 

A compatibility score of 100 is considered average. Higher than that means you need to reach out to that member because you are compatible! 

Don't worry, there's a lot of them out there. Even members from other countries can reach out to you or the other way around, as long as the Parship Principle works fine for both of you.

GayParship Profile Quality

GayParship Profile
  • You can edit your profile information by clicking the right icon
  • No usernames or real names; only member codes are visible
  • Compatibility scores are visible when you visit other members' profiles
  • You can choose from several cover photos which one you prefer
  • GayParship checks the profiles manually to get rid of fake accounts

    Profiles of members in GayParship are quite detailed. Members seem to answer their profiles seriously and comprehensively.

    The only downside is that the site keeps your photos private. They may only be shown to other members if you decide to release them, which means that you permit the other members to see them.

    If you are the one who wants to request for access to a member's photos, you may do so by clicking the request icon on that member's profile. There is no guarantee that you will be permitted to see the photos, but at least you tried.

    You can use the "Send Fun Match" feature as well if you want to know more information about a member. However, this feature works on a request basis, too, which means that if the member opts to not share his or her information with you, then you're out of luck.

    View your test results over and over again because they are easily accessible on your profile. If you visit another member's account, you will see the compatibility results for both of you. The percentage and detailed pie chart representation are there for you to evaluate.

    If you want to edit your information, you can click on the little pencil icon beside each field item. For other information without the icon, go to the "Edit Profile" page and change the information there.

    GayParship App

    GayParship Mobile Version
    • No mobile application available; just a mobile version of the site
    • There's an app link on the full website but it leads to a site error
    • Mobile version functions the same way as the desktop version

    Currently, there is no available GayParship app, contrary to what is stated on the website. There's a link to the iTunes store, but it leads us to nowhere every time we check it. 

    However, there's a Parship app that you can use both available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Parship is a site developed by the same company. It uses the same principle and approach. The only difference is that members here can be straight male, female, or LGBT.

    You may also use your phone's browser to use the site. It is optimised for mobile phones and is equally convenient to use as the desktop version. 

    It may vary when it comes to the layout, but that's all. They have the same icons and features. Even not-so-tech-savvy members, young or older ones, can use it with ease.

    GayParship Real Life Review

    "At first, I was irritated with the very long registration and personality test. But it was all worth it because I am currently dating one of the members I met on this site. Nothing too serious yet but we’ll see how it goes. I encountered a few members too who are decent and nice. I'm happy not to meet traumatic members, everyone was respectful and surprisingly, interesting." - Computer Programmer, 31

    Design and Usability

    The design of the website is minimalist: mostly clean white background with red and black text and minimal photos and icons. The emptiness or fullness of your profile depends on how much information you are willing to share.

    GayParship is easy to use and straightforward. You can click on the icons to go directly to the features that you wish to use. You don't have to be tech-savvy to navigate the site.

    The site loads fast as well and no time is wasted as you explore other members' profile or even your account.

    GayParship Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Registration
    • Sending of messages except contact details
    • Sending Smiles
    • Inviting for a Fun Match
    • Sending Ice Breakers
    • Personality Test with results that you can view
    Fee-Based Services
    • Exchange and read messages
    • View photos released to you and use scan service
    • Contact guarantee (as of 6 months)
    • Search your local area
    • View visitor list
    • Regularly updated partner suggestions

    Is GayParship expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers GayParship is average.

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    Premium Lite
    View released photos, unlimited communication
    3 Months29.90 GBP / Month89.70 GBP
    Premium Classic
    View released photos, unlimited communication, contact guarantee
    6 Months19.90 GBP / Month119.40 GBP
    Premium Comfort
    View released photos, unlimited communication, contact guarantee
    12 Months14.90 GBP / Month178.80 GBP
    GayParship UK Prices
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    • Direct Debit

    You can choose from three premium plans: Premium Lite, Premium Classic, and Premium Comfort. They all come in 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans.

    Premium Lite doesn't offer "contact guarantee" unlike Premium Classic and Premium Comfort. The rest of the benefits like viewing of released photos and unlimited communication are benefits of all the three premium plans. 

    Getting a premium plan naturally has the advantage. Who wouldn't want extra features, right? If you have the money to spend, this might speed up your dating timeline. Meeting your match will be faster and easier. 

    But if you are not very much in a hurry or you are trying to save some money, you can stay as a regular member as the site will still be functional.

    Pay for your premium membership by using your credit card or debit card. Their FAQ states that they also accept payments through Paypal but the options on the actual payment don't show it.

    Take note that premium memberships are automatically renewed. They cannot be set to manual but you can cancel them by sending a formal letter of request through fax or email. 

    Make sure to cancel your subscription at least one day before the first day of the renewal period. You may want to give it a lead time of at least three days to make sure that your request may be processed.

    Special Features

    GayParship has come up with some creative ways to make finding the one more fun and exciting. Check them out here:

    Send a Smile

    You can send a smile emoji, literally, but with a touch of a personal message.

    Send a Fun Match

    Invite another member to a fun match wherein you both have to answer four questions. You can choose what information would you like to forfeit or opt-out.

    If your answers to the four questions match, that information will be available to the member who you took up the fun match with.

    Send an Ice Breaker

    Pairs of photos are shown to you at a time. You need to choose which one you like better. The other member will do the same; your matching answers will be shown later on. 

    Whether you got most of the items the same, or not, this could help you start the conversation and break the ice.

    Release Photos

    As previously mentioned, not all information is shown on your profile. But if you are comfortable enough with another member already, you have the power to release your photo to him/her.

    Personality Test

    A special test developed by a Psychology professor, which helps you find a match. Not all personality tests are free, so take advantage of this.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 4.5 / 5
    Making Contact: 4.5 / 5
    Profile Quality: 4.5 / 5
    Real Life Review: 4.5 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion

    Chris Pleines, Author at
    GayParship levels up to the online dating experience of LGBT members; the initially tedious registration process is worth it as you go along. Success stories tell that the Parship Principle works, and it's not every day you get to answer legitimate personality tests. Why not grab the opportunity and make the most out of it? Signup now and see for yourself if this science would work on your favour.

    GayParship FAQ


    I cannot go past the login page of GayParship even if my connection is okay, what should I do?

    Do not forget to activate the cookies for gayParship to avoid inconveniences.

    What does it mean when I receive a message that my profile on Gayparship has been locked?

    This could happen because of at least one of the following reasons: unsettled account premium payment,  you breached the contract or disobeyed some rules, and just a temporary technical error. 

    Contact customer services to fix the problem.

    Is there a GayParship app?

    On the website, they claim that there's an app on iTunes. However, the link and iTunes itself only display Parship and not GayParship.

    Why are some actions not loading when I click on them at the website?

    Gayparship works best with activated JavaScript especially for photo-related actions, profile maintenance, deletion of recommended partners, and ice breakers.

    I want to receive notifications from GayParship to my email, how can I activate it?

    You can go to "My GayParship" and click on "Data and settings." Change your email and newsletter settings as you wish.


    How to detect not genuine GayParship accounts?

    The site claims to do their part starting from the screening process. However, they still strongly advise everyone to follow their instincts about the connections that they make.

    Report individuals with bad intentions to help filter the members of the site.

    Why are the profile photos of other members blurred?

    GayParship makes sure to keep the privacy and safety of its members as the top priority. Members' photos will remain blurred until they choose to release it for specific members.

    Is it safe to use GayParship?

    The site follows a very strict data security measure. Personal information is not disclosed to third parties without your consent. 

    The site also promotes anonymity by not displaying your real name and blurring your profile photo until you release it to other members.

    Can I report a rude and disrespectful GayParship member?

    Yes, by clicking on the "Report Profile" and your complaint will be processed by their Safety Specialist team.

    How does GayParship protect its members from ungenuine accounts?

    First, only registered members can use the site. In case of fake accounts trying to check out your profile, they wouldn't get much about you because your data is protected. There's also a team which functions specifically as the checker of all the profiles. 


    What is the compatibility score in GayParship?

    Your GayParship Compatibility score ranges from 60-140. It depends on how compatible you are with the other person. 

    What is the smile feature?

    In GayParship, sending a smile is like sending a wink or a flirt to another member. It's like a conversation starter, a way of getting the attention of the other person.

    How does Icebreaker work in GayParship?

    Ice breaker checks how compatible you are with the other member regarding your point of views when it comes to daily life. 

    Start the icebreaker by answering the questions. After that, you have to choose which answers to forfeit or eliminate.

    The other member then answers the same set of questions. Honour your forfeit once all the answers match. If it's not a match, you can continue to contact each other.

    What is the Parship Method?

    The Parship Method is used by the GayParship website to see the compatibility of two people using personality tests developed in a scientific way.

    Can I get a GayParship match from other countries?

    Yes, you can meet a match based from other countries as long as you clear your search filter on locations.

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