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It’s been over 20 years since FriendFinder-X was made available to every individual and couple worldwide. Since then, it has gained over 90 million active members according to their registration home page. It has one of the largest member bases among the different websites of FriendFinder Networks, and has the highest number of active members on a daily basis.

FriendFinder-X was made not just for straight and LGBT individuals, but also for straight and LGBT couples as well. It serves as a platform for anyone to connect to other people who will fulfill their sexual fantasies and desires. The website also caters to individuals who do not wish to have actual interactions but would still like to participate in hot online chats or watch hot videos of live models.

FriendFinder-X has a lot of features to offer its members, but is its pricey membership fees worth the money? Read our full review and see for yourself.

New members at FriendFinder-X in December 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at FriendFinder-X are developing compared to others

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FriendFinder-X Member Structure

5,000,000 from United Kingdom
Members activity
100,000 daily logins
Gender Proportion
60 %
40 %
  • There are more female members than male
  • Majority of active users come from the United States
  • There are couples registered on the website
  • A good number of members have Gold Membership
  • There are professional models for adult entertainment

It is said that FriendFinder-X has one of the largest member base among all casual personals website worldwide. The dating site claims that it has over 90 million registered users, with over 100,000 users active on a daily basis. Majority of the member base comes from the United States, but it also has a good number of users coming from the United Kingdom, Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Most of these members are looking for a casual encounter and are straightforward about their fetishes and kinks. To make the most out of their memberships, there are a lot of members, both male and female, who have availed of the Gold Membership.

FriendFinder-X also has professional Live Model members who host live adult video chats and post X-rated photos and videos on their profile. They have ‘Fan Clubs’ which you have to join to have full access to their profiles.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at FriendFinder-X

friendfinder-x registration
  • Registration takes only one to three minutes
  • You can register as a couple
  • You have to disclose the gender of the person(s) you are looking for
  • Writing an ‘About Me’ paragraph is optional
  • Account activation link will be emailed to you

Registration in FriendFinder-X is a quick and easy process. You just need to fill out a personal information form that asks for your gender—you can sign up as straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, as a couple (gay/lesbian/straight), or even as a group. After filling out the form, an activation link will be sent to the email you've provided. You need to click this link to successfully activate your account. When you click this, you will be redirected to pricing page.

Making Contact on FriendFinder-X

friendfinder-x contacting
  • Sending messages is a paid feature
  • You can add members to your ‘Hotlist’
  • Sending winks and flirts are not free
  • You can give tips to Live Models as well as to other members
  • You can refer a profile to a friend

The contacting features of FriendFinder-X are pretty basic. As a free member, you can put interesting members to your ‘Hotlist’, use the ‘Hot or Not’ feature, and comment on other members’ posts and public photos. You can also message Gold Members who bought the ‘Standard Contacts’ add-on, but there are no indicators if ever a Gold Member purchased it.

As a premium member, you have access to all FriendFinder-X’s contacting features, You can send unlimited flirts and messages. You can add friends to your 'Friends list', view the full profiles of other members, and send requests to view private albums. As a Gold Member, you can also access Sex Academy courses and the Adult Movies feature.

Sending tips to Live Models and to other members, as well as bidding to become a “Top Fan” of a profile, are features wherein you need to purchase additional credits called “Points” and “Tokens”.

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FriendFinder-X Profile Quality

friendfinder-x profile
  • There are indicators if a member has a Gold Membership
  • You can upload photos to a private photo album
  • You can earn a ‘Verified’ status if you complete the verification process
  • Profiles display a timeline of the user’s activity on his or her profile
  • Not all profiles are visible to everyone

    The profiles of FriendFinder-X members are very informative, especially if the member filled out all optional fields and wrote a descriptive autobiography. A standard member profile features an introduction paragraph, a member’s personal information about lifestyle and appearance, a friends and fans list, and an activity stream of what that member uploaded on his or her profile.

    If you are viewing another member’s profile, you will be able to see a ‘Compatibility Chart’ which says if you and that member are a match in terms of what both of you are looking for in a match. You can also add a testimonial to that user’s profile, as well as give ‘Blings’ as gifts.

    FriendFinder-X App

    friendfinderx mobile site
    • No mobile app available
    • Dedicated mobile site can be accessed in all mobile browsers
    • Mobile site is optimised for mobile browsing
    • Mobile site has the same features as its desktop version
    • Convenient alternative for on the go users

    FriendFinder-X does not have its own mobile app, but it does have a dedicated mobile site. The mobile site was made so users on-the-go can access the website via mobile browser and still have a pleasant experience when using the features of FriendFinder-X. The mobile site has the same features as the desktop version, but instead of the menu being spread out in the main header, the mobile site has a collapsible menu.

    FriendFinder-X Real Life Review

    “I’ve been a member of FriendFinder-X for over three years now, and I can definitely say that all the money I’ve spent on this site is worth it. As a bisexual man in my early 50s, it is a bit difficult to find a sexual partner who is willing to experience my fetishes. And sometimes when you do, you’d still have to gauge if the other person is completely game with what you want. Thank heavens for FriendFinder-X, as it eradicates the trouble I could’ve experienced just to fulfil my sexual appetite. In FriendFinder-X, I could find anyone who shares the same desires as I do, at any time of the day, wherever I am! No need to talk, no need to make a sparkling connection, just pure sex. Isn’t that great?” - Freddie, 52

    Design and Usability

    The web design of FriendFinder-X is sufficient enough with regard to organizing its many features and keeping everything in place. It is fairly easy to find what you’re looking for, as the features are placed and categorised under five text menu tabs and four menu icons.

    The four icons on FriendFinder-X’s main menu are a ‘house’, which represents the homepage, an ‘envelope’, which is your message inbox, a ‘chat bubble’ for your instant messages, and a ‘bell’ for your notifications.

    The five text tabs are as follows:

    1. My Stuff – this tab groups all shortcuts to everything that is connected to your profile and to your interactions with other members
    2. Search – in the Search tab, you can find members who are currently online and are near you. You can also see your new matches, use the advanced and kink search functions, as well as access the ‘Hot or Not’ feature of FriendFinder-X
    3. Live Action – this tab is a shortcut to all Live Model’s broadcasts and adult chat rooms
    4. Community – if you want to get involved with the FriendFinder-X community (such as participating Groups and Blogs), this is the tab to go to
    5. What’s Hot – if you want to view the hottest photos and videos that were recently uploaded into the website, this is the tab to explore

    On the upper right-hand side of the website are the ‘Help/Contact’ button, a drop-down menu for your account settings, a video broadcast button, and another shortcut for instant chat messaging. Overall, considering the number of different features of FriendFinder-X, how its website is designed makes for satisfactory user experience for its members.

    FriendFinder-X Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Registration
    • Profile creation
    • Join blogs & groups
    • Join chatrooms
    • View, like, and comment on contest photos
    • Send likes to photos and videos
    • Watch live member webcams
    • Test now for free
    Fee-Based Services
    • Send flirts
    • Send friend requests
    • Read and send messages
    • Comment on photos & videos
    • Watch full-length videos
    • View full-size photos
    • View courses in Sex Academy
    • Priority customer support

    Is FriendFinder-X expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers FriendFinder-X is above average.
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    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    Gold Membership
    1 Month20.00 GBP / Month20.00 GBP
    3 Months13.33 GBP / Month40.00 GBP
    12 Months10.08 GBP / Month121.00 GBP
    Standard Contacts
    1 Month13.00 GBP / Month13.00 GBP
    3 Months8.00 GBP / Month24.00 GBP
    100 Credits0.09 GBP / Credit9.49 GBP
    185 Credits0.09 GBP / Credit15.82 GBP
    500 Credits0.08 GBP / Credit39.56 GBP
    1,000 Credits0.08 GBP / Credit78.33 GBP
    200 Credits0.01 GBP / Credit2.36 GBP
    500 Credits0.01 GBP / Credit4.73 GBP
    1,000 Credits0.01 GBP / Credit7.88 GBP
    friendfinder-x cost gb
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    • Direct Debit
    • Cash
    • Cheque
    Payment discretion
    • Charges on your credit card statement will appear as “FFNHELP.COM*FRIENDF”

    FriendFinder-X offers Gold Membership to their members, which can enhance their experience on the dating site. As a free member, the features you can use are limited. Therefore, if you truly want to get something from FriendFinder-X, it is recommended that you upgrade your membership.

    FriendFinder-X also offers a monthly package add-on if ever you sign-up for a Gold Membership. This add-on is called ‘Standard Contacts’ and allows free members to contact you and view your full profile.

    You can also purchase Tokens and Points that you can use on the dating site. Tokens are used to give tips to Live Models and interact with them during their live video shows. While Points, on the other hand, is used to give tips and virtual gifts to other members of the site.

    Lastly, you can also join Live Models’ fan clubs at a minimum of GBP10.95 per month. Joining a Live Model’s fan club can give you unlimited access to her photos, video gallery, and join private webcam time at a discounted price.

    Special Features

    As with its popular sister sites, Friend, Adultfriendfinder, and Get It On, FriendFinder-X also has a lot of special features to offer their members.

    Hot or Not

    Hot or Not is a roulette-type matching in which a photo is displayed and you have to choose whether to click the ‘thumbs up’ button or the ‘X’. Clicking the ’thumbs up’ button automatically sends a like to that member, while choosing to click the ‘X’ button takes you to the next profile.

    Live Action

    Live Action is where you can find live video streams of professional Live Models, as well as broadcasts of verified members. These live videos have erotic and x-rated content.

    Blog & Groups

    Blog & Groups in FriendFinder-X are features where you get to interact with the community. In Blogs, you can post your own article or comment on other members’ blog posts. In Groups, you can participate in forum discussions.


    FriendFinder-X’s Magazine is where you can find dating advice, as well as articles about sex and relationships. All members are welcome to submit an article.


    Blings are animated icons that you can upload and sell on FriendFinder-X. You can also choose to give the ‘Blings’ that you make to other members.

    Sex Academy

    In this feature, there are courses about different sex topics and how to have better sex. These courses can only be accessed by members who have Gold Memberships.


    FriendFinder-X holds contests every so often, in which the whole FriendFinder-X community can get involved in. The winners of these contests are decided by the members’ voting. Any member can submit their entries, and prizes are usually free subscriptions of Gold Membership.

    Erotic Stories

    This feature allows you to publish erotic stories that you have experienced. You can read other members’ submissions and comment on them as well.

    Adult Movies

    This feature is tied up with AdultFriendFinder. This is where you can find and watch unlimited adult movies.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 3.5 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 4.0 / 5
    App: 3.5 / 5
    Real Life Review: 4.5 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion

    Chris Pleines, Author at
    The many features of FriendFinder-X make it possible for anyone to find what it is exactly they are looking for to fulfill their sexual desires. If you are looking for a hook-up, a sexual partner, or maybe someone that will arouse you when you’re all alone in bed, for sure you will find it through FriendFinder-X. Signing-up is quick, easy, and best of all, it’s free. So, why not try it today? You never know, maybe you'll find just what you're looking for here!
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    FriendFinder-X FAQ


    Who owns FriendFinder-X?

    FriendFinder-X is part of the FriendFinder Networks and powered by AdultFriendFinder.

    Is FriendFinder-X the same as AdultFriendFinder?

    FriendFinder-X and AdultFriendFinder are two different websites. However, Friendfinderx is patterned after AdultFriendFinder in terms of providing a platform for finding casual hookups.

    How is FriendFinder-X different from aims to connect members who are looking to find more serious relationships, while Friendfinderx is more for individuals looking for a casual hookup.


    How do I join FriendFinder-X?

    You can joinFriendfinderx by clicking the ‘Join Now’ button found on the site’s homepage.

    Does FriendFinder-X offer premium membership?

    Yes, FriendFinder-X offers premium membership in three different package durations, specifically 1 month, 3 months, and 12 months.

    Is FriendFinder-X membership auto-renewed?

    Yes, your Friendfinderx membership is auto-renewed for the same price and duration of your current plan. You can turn this off by going through your ‘Account Settings’.

    I am not happy with FriendFinder-X, how do I cancel my membership?

    You can cancel your membership anytime through the ‘Account Settings’ page.

    Can I get a refund for my unused time?

    Unfortunately, FriendFinder-X does not give out refunds for unused membership time.

    How do I permanently delete my FriendFinder-X account?

    You can permanently delete your account by clicking the ‘Close Account’ button on your ‘Account Settings’

    Is it possible to temporarily deactivate my FriendFinder-X profile?

    You can temporarily hide your profile from other members by clicking the ‘Hide my profile’ option under the ‘Close Account’ button on your ‘Account Settings’.


    How does FriendFinder-X work?

    FriendFinder-X is a platform for finding any type of casual encounter that you are looking for. You can use the search function and message other users, or participate in Live Model chats.

    How do I send a message in FriendFinder-X?

    You can send a message to other users by clicking the ‘Send Message’ button found on his or her profile. You can also click the chat icon under the user’s profile photo in the member search results display.

    Where can I see the messages sent to me?

    You can see messages sent to you by other members on your message inbox, represented by the envelope icon on the main menu.

    How do I upload a photo?

    You can upload a photo on your Friendfinderx photo gallery by clicking the ‘Add/Manage Photos’ option found under the ‘My Stuff’ drop-down menu.

    Does FriendFinder-X have an instant chat messaging function?

    Yes, Friendfinderx has a chat function, which can only be used by premium members.

    Does FriendFinder-X have video chats?

    Friendfinderx does not support video chats, however, they do host live videos of models and other verified members.


    What security features does FriendFinder-X offer?

    FriendFinder-X adheres to Privacy Policies required by the law, and they also have a published ‘Terms of Usage’ that is monitored by their administrators.

    Someone is being offensive, how do I block the user?

    You can block an abusive FriendFinder-X member by clicking the ‘Block’ button found on his or her profile.

    I suspect a scammer, how do I report the user?

    You can report a suspicious FriendFinder-X user by clicking the ‘Report Abuse’ button found on his or her profile.

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