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Very Bad
  • Son**** 43 years

    NothingAll the reviews are terrible! I only joined today, but I'm not giving my money to these fraudsters!

  • Marg*** 71 years

    There is very little to like about EliteSinglesConsidering it's a premium dating site and membership fees are quite steep, EliteSingles is one of the... worst dating sites I have encountered in many years.The software is way below standard. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the EliteSingles app on a smartphone, a tablet or on a PC: it doesn’t work properly on ANY of them. It feels as though it’s a BETA version of a soon-to-be-launched app and they’re still ironing out all the software glitches.Functionality and ease of use are unacceptably poor in relation to the high membership fee. It is very amateurish, incomplete in functionality and no fun to use.Here are some examples:-1. You receive an eMail Notification that someone has commented on your profilea. It says "To read the comment from . . . click here".b. You click "Read Comment >>" but the link doesn't workc. An error message appears on screen: "Error. File not found" d. The same thing happens when using the Android Appe. Profile “Comments” are not captured anywhere. There is no “Comments” tab2. In Android, in "Notifications" when it says "X visited your profile" the visitors' mugshots are typically not available; only an icon/emoji can be seen3. In the "Messages" tab, messages sent to other members are not visible or available. Only "Smiles" are visible.4. In the "Messages" tab, clicking on either photos or names does not open up an individual's profile. If you want to see who has sent you a message, you have to go to the "Visitors" tab insteadThere is a whole litany of “fails” I could go through, but I wouldn’t want to bore people to death!All in all, this has to be the worst dating site I’ve ever encountered, considering all the improvements and technological steps forward that have been made in 20 years of internet dating. «»

  • Elea*** 71 years

    It is the worst dating site I have ever been on. It is more expensive, but one cannot search for people. They give you Matches, who are not in my ar... ea of northern Scotland. In 5 months they have suggested 2 matched only who were nowhere near my area. they say you can contact them via a Contact Form on their Help page , but this is nowhere to be found. A complete waste of time and money «»

  • Bobb*** 31 years

    I joined Elite singles in early 2020 & although costly, decided to pay the subscription of almost £100 & so ensured i not only filled out my profile i... n full but included 6 photos which showed me in my best light. I then waited for my matches. . .The 1st couple of days 'Matches' weren't so bad although many were 40-50 miles away which for someone who isn't able to drive, is a long distance. Therefore i contacted Elite to ask if they'd send me 'Matches' up to & including 20 miles due to my inability to travel. However they responded saying 50 miles is the minimum distance you're able to select, which is/was disappointing.Days later, i encountered another issue in that my daily 'Matches' either had not one profile photo or hadn't filled in their details - Some had neither!! Yet, these people were apparently chosen by Elite as compatible with myself which is pretty much impossible. . . After a few days of receiving sometimes up to 6 'Matches' with no photos or information, I again felt the need to contact Elite to ask why this was deemed acceptable - especially for someone who has paid a subscription fee in order to take advantage of the full service they offer?? Their response was hardly acceptable as they claimed: 'Some people when they join the site don't feel comfortable straight away uploading a picture or sharing details about themselves. Therefore, it is best to wait a while & hope that they will update their profiles in time or you could take the initiative to message them & ask them to upload a picture or complete their profile information' Now, if i'm stupid & totally missing the point of a paid dating site? Please someone let me know but in my world, as crazy as it may seem, the 1st thing i would expect from joining a dating site looking for a potential partner is thus:• To at VERY least upload 1 decent picture for anyone looking at my profile to see• To fill in some basic information about myself, my hobbies, likes/dislikes etc• Give some idea of the kind of thing i'm looking forHowever, Elite seem to think that this isn't necessary in order to use their site, be selected as a 'Match' with other members (especially those paying for the service) & even think the best way forward is for an at the time total stranger to message a member asking them to complete their profile & add photos. . . Obviously this is how long-lasting relationships start in Elites eyes!!!If the site you're using & paying to find you compatible people can't be bothered to enforce the basic rules of any dating site IE 'Complete your profile & add a photo' nor understand that for at least some people, 50 miles is a VERY long distance - especially when you're unable to travel - Then what hope has anyone on this site?????I have since asked, due to the circumstances i've listed above to be refunded or at very least compensated for the poor, inadequate service they've so far supplied but frustratingly they've refused & suggested i give my remaining subscription to a friend or family member. . . I kid you not!!!!I'll leave you with the meaning of Elite: 'A select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society' 🤨 «»

  • just*** 34 years

    Very exciting site

  • P****** 63 years

    My experience was poor. This is a very expensive site. It does not remind you when your 3 months is coming up. Consequently, you could blow £135.00. T... he company took my money by one day. I did notice scammers also «»

  • Debo*** 47 years

    I joined a few weeks ago and was completely disappointed from the onset, the so called monthly subscription was taken in one go and when emailing to r... equest a refund, no one took the time to respond.I tried it for a few days and it is really confusing and disappointing, I have subsequently deleted by membership and lost 6 months of payment. «»

  • S****** 43 years

    It was the worst dating app I have used. Verging into con. There isn't enough subscribers and the website makes it near impossible to cancel your subs... cription. Money trap... «»

  • lyn**** 60 years

    lots of emails for people living a long way away. i keep saying that distance is reason i am deleting them but the next so called match will be even f... arther away. most peoples profiles do not give any detail. i must be so ulgy and unappealing as no one i have mailed or 'smiled at' in the first month of my membership has contacted me back «»

  • Heat*** 58 years

    New to dating having not been single for 42 years. Paid Elite £17.95 - not sure what for? Filled in all the questionnaires etc and it was a total wa... ste of time. They sent me specifically chosen men and took little notice of my requirements. There wasn't much I felt very strongly about but I was never asked what age range I was after? I said height was extremely important to me as I am tall, a total non smoker with strict views and they sent me occasional smokers. I am Caucasian and specifically asked for Caucasian men and was sent afro American/Caribbean. I am not a racist but prefer to date within my own race, I was sent daily matches which seemed to be just plucked from thin air. I tried sending a smiley face and even messages to the men I had interest in, NOTHING. I actually believe these men do not actually exist at all. I'm not saying I'm anything special, but I do look much younger than my age, am slim and try to take care of myself and they sent me 75 year old!!! I wanted someone between 55-62 (being 58 myself), I was never asked what attributes I looked for, these would be within the age range as I have just mentioned, Caucasian, tall around 6 feet+, nice smile and teeth which would have ruled out 98% of the ones they matched me with. I have tried to get my money back but they have failed to respond. I was terrified at the thought of dating again and now I know the reason why, I will resign myself to spending what is left of my life alone. I was lucky to find the love of my life once and hoped to find that someone special to share what is left of my life, but dating sites are DEFINATELY NOT THE WAY TO GO. «»

  • May**** 38 years

    Not very easy to navigate or user friendly. Auto renewal policy rips customers off and takes your money (£149) with no prior warning.Do not use this... website. See trustpilot for reviews. «»

  • Di***** 35 years

    The service of the company is horrible and not advisable to use. The application does not work properly. the number of choices is very limited and mat... ches do not match the criteria requested. This was a very disappointing experience at the expensive price which I am not suggesting anyone to use «»

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