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Very Bad
  • Andr*** 58 years

    It promises a lot, which certainly makes it look better than it is actually.You can't see if there are suitable matches in your area before signing u... p and committing to paying every month. Once signed up, there is no getting out of their contract with you, even when there are no suitable singles on their site for you. They recommend changing your search criteria to match what they have on their books. It's definitely not the best dating site available currently. «»

  • Hele*** 53 years

    Absolutely nothing !!Not enough membersExpensiveRubbish customer serviceCompared with other sites it’s the worst I’ve been on. Even with a wide, ... wider search, there are so few members to match withIt’s rumoured that they put fake profiles up with no photos, and I think the rumours are trueJust AVOID «»

  • Sal**** 46 years

    DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY, or your sanity!. Worst dating site. Fake profiles inactive members who profile remains there for years and they can't write b... ack site of ghosts.DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY, or your sanity!. Worst dating site. Fake profiles inactive members/ bots with profiles remaining there for years and they can't write back site of ghosts. Algorithm that does not recommend you to anyone in their matches!!!!!! After you paid!!Listen.. No cooling off. EU UK of 14 days. They charge for your ridiculous profile. £65 to even if you try to cancel. profile is not a good assement according to our Psychology friends nothing like me. 3 weeks of pain, hardly a message, daily matches who are all ghost profiles! BIG CON!ALGORITHM CON! messages only first week. Yes your profile is shown only for first week to others ... After you pay. Other members will not be shown your profile again!!! Or very rarely. YOUR PROFILE IS NOT SHOWN TO.OTHER MEMBERS MATCHES after you pay or very rare!!!!As you can't search. You depend on your profile being shown to other members as a match!!. If your profile is not shown to other members... then no one will contact you.. it dies so do you... its depressing... hurts people. They don't understand why no one is messaging them. It's because only very few people see your profile!! Everyone learn about this scam. Algorithm that works to get people to contact you in FIRST FEW DAYS only as an incentive for you to join PAY . When you pay. No one contacts messages you or reply..... yes the Algorithm acts to send you a few days of fake messages, some genuine people, from its bots.. then it goes quiet..Your daily matches, 98 pc not active members. Old profiles, bot profiles, what real profiles are people tired and depressed of no response and will doubt you also!! Or dont check or open site anymore like years!. Or worst company fake bot accounts.Dangerous For Lady who is a new member especially dangerous, some active members that are real are married men posting fake profiles!! Yes serial adulterous scammers, married men who use site for hook up and prey on new members, catfish even, it is not the site!!! of single divorced single men looking for marriage that it claims unverified scammers or adulterers who claim single. We did survey and found many women had been scammed lied too, in-between bot and not active accounts were married scammers ( We spoke to some who said how they do it).We were contacted early week by dangerous men who were posting fake accounts. Site does not see these to block.So NEVER USE THIS SITE. After few surveys from female and male customers, and talk to many forums and help groups this is the result.1. Site padded by bot accounts inactive accounts members can't contact or cancelled years back, sent to you as. 2. Fake worded new member!!!!! Which are bots and dormant accounts, Matches each week, with a few married scammers. 0.5 percent real active, who are also disillusioned and very wary and fed up. You get no reply to likes no reply to messages 1000s of contacts from you go nowhere.. even our beautiful 35 years old friends and 40s 46 same issue and our survey staffDONT HURT YOUR PURSE DONT HURT YOUR HEART AND YOUR MIND.ALSO site is very hard to cancel. They deduct 65 if first days and keep to renew from your bank. «»

  • Gord*** 44 years

    NothingA complete rip off!Subscription fees are expensive and they want to tie you into a long term deal, but if they're so successful, what servic... e are they still providing if you do meet someone? Its not like a mobile phone or utility where you need continuous use of a service so 2 year contracts have got to be legally questionable.There may be lots of matches nearby, but the last online dates show most are inactive, probably stuck in contracts and disinterested.If you specify less than 50km radius in your profile, how can 'matches' be found in the U.S.A.? Thats not a 'match'.If you cancel within 14 days you get charged £65 for a worthless profile that they needed you to do to make use of their 'service'.dont believe the adverts, its just a scam. «»

  • Sand*** 47 years

    NothingHardly any profiles, lots of fake ones and they charge you £400 to cancel. A shocking scam

  • C****** 40 years

    NothingTotal RIP off. Only 8 people in my area. (Impossible to tell on the basic profile as you cant filter the distance). All my 'matches' didn't wa... nt what I want. So, I close it down 2 days after I set it up, thinking about the 14 day cooling off period. But no, I have to pay for that ridiculous compatibility quiz that is meant to be worth £130. £65 has now been taken. Can't say I'm happy about any of it tbh. My advice, STAY AWAY!!!! I'm sure there are better sites out there, even ones you pay for «»

  • Joy**** 47 years

    Easy to use siteSo I toom out the membership subscription thinking I'd try for a week and if I didn't like it could cancel with no problems. Little d... id I know they would take out £65 for cancelling, half the matches I had were Mike's away and then men that just looking for hook ups and not serious relationships. I'm disgusted that a company as well known and big as theirs can get away with the charges in a 14 day trial . Never again stay well away people . Stick to tinder «»

  • B****** 44 years

    PLEASE READ BEFORE CONSIDERING EHARMONY!!!! I welcome any response from eharmony if they dispute anything written below.I have signed up with eharmo... ny on few occasions over the years with mixed results. Having recently come out of a relationship I thought I might sign up again as a way to move on. So I signed up having read through the Terms & Conditions (T&C's) carefully. I made note of this clause as part of the 14 day cooling off period;"However, please note that if you have started to use the Premium Membership within the 14-day cancellation period, we will be entitled to retain from the refunded payment a reasonableamount (value compensation) to account for that portion of the Premium Membership that youhave already received."I believed, wrongly that after having used the website for only 8 days, out of 6 months, for which I paid just under £120 that this "reasonable amount" might be just that.It turns out that hidden within their subscription there is a Personality Report that they arbitrarily value at £130. Note that this is actually more than the cost of my (admittedly discounted) 6 month subscription and not openly acknowledged in their T&Cs. They deem a reasonable amount to be %50 of the cost of this report and NOT the cost of your subscription.So, on cancelling my subscription within the cooling off period (8 days out of 14 in my case), simply because I wasn't ready to get back in to dating quite yet I was charged £65! More than half the cost of the subscription itself. THAT'S RIGHT £65!Did they give me 3 months grace on the site, maybe 2 months, a month? No. My account was suspended with immediate effect. I contacted customer services to question this and they ignored my pleas. I suggested that instead they reinstate my account so that I might mitigate my loss but even this was turned down. They have basically taken £65 for 8 days access to the website. I don't even have access to a Personality Profile that I have been charged for.This is a complete con. BE CAREFUL!Also, there are better, more reasonably priced dating websites that will not charge you this ridiculous hidden cost. I recommend that you avoid this website like the plague and sign up to «»

  • Marc*** 46 years

    Just don't expect a refund on aistralia it will not happen according to e harmony

  • Ha***** 35 years

    Please do not buy it. It is a unfair dating website. You have to pay for everything. Once you want to cancel the subscription within 14 days, you will... not get a full refund because they claim they give you a personality report which costs £130. What the fuck is this! I would give 0 star «»

  • Fio**** 50 years

    Please do not waste your time, effort and money!I think that loneliness has impacted most people, in some way or another, especially this year. But ... I decided to join a dating site, and someone suggested eHarmony. I joined, and I had a flurry of messages. Some weird (had to block), some (I think) from genuine fellas, but not the type of fella that I felt I would have a connection with (even though the eHarmony personality match was high), or indeed found attractive. Also, the majority of matches were over 100km away!The whole experience was completely deflating and I decided to cancel my subscription, as I was within the 14 day cancellation period. They charged me £65, for less than 10 days usage of the site. Not only was their personality match a complete joke, they said that the personality report was worth £130... But they would only charge me £50 for it, plus one month's subscription fee. Which is absolutely disgusting.I wish I had read the reviews prior to joining, and I suspect that many others will fall foul. eHarmony's business model, must be based around how much money they can charge, rather than providing a quality service. «»

  • Mi***** 31 years

    I have been with eHarmony since August 2019, I was taken in by thier adverts on TV of “on average people find love every 15 seconds on eHarmony”To do... anything here you must subscribe so ‘in for a penny’ I signed up for 1 year (got a new members discount to entice me further)I soon found it to be a pretty useless site (an opinion shared by my friends who have also tried them)eHarmony matches you with people (rather than let you search for people on thier site) and they say you ‘could’ be matched with several people a week.I found that to get ANY matches at all you have to REALLY relax your criteria - smoking, drinking, children, distance and so on.I’ve had maybe a dozen matches since I joined and only a tiny percentage of those were local (one was up in Manchester ffs! I live on the south cost and don’t drive, how am I supposed to meet someone up there!? Even London is a good 2 hours’ train ride from here and that was the majority of my matches x that is the shortest distance you can select!?)In the hopeful early days I sent a few messages to girls but never got any replies - most were of course well out of my area but it would have been experience in chatting to girls (there has been little to none of that in the past, besides talking to girls as friends or colleagues at work)Disgruntled with eHarmony I spoke to someone in admin there and was basically told that if I cancel my account they won’t give me any refund (I was not asking for the full amount back, just the cost of however many months I had left - despite paying for the year in 1 lump sum it gave me the monthly breakdown so this was easily calculable)They did at least turn off the auto-renew feature (which I never agreed to in the first place, it was forced on me) so after 26 August 2020 I will be gratefully out.So I either stay with them for the remainder of my year or I cut and run lose a lot of money.I fully set up my account when I first joined so as least there’s something for people to see, but I don’t ever log in now unless I get an email from them (which I don’t - sometimes for several months at a time), it just sits there wasting my money.Meanwhile those friends who disliked eHarmony pointed me to a different website - I can search the huge selection of profiles based on my own criteria, I can “like’ profiles, send messages, hold conversations all WITHOUT A SUBSCRIPTION!! - it has a subscription part to let you see more on peoples’ profiles but its not necessary. I have learnt my lesson and refuse to pay subscription on any dating sites now.So I’m not a accused of plugging another site I won’t give it’s name or web address.I have talked to twice the number of people than I have on eHarmony, and have even been on a few dates.I would seriously not recommend eHarmony to anyone, definitely shop around because there’s plenty of sites that let you do everything you need for free! «»

  • Kat**** 35 years

    Eharmony is the worst dating site I have ever come across.I have been ripped off my money. Please don't fall for this scam. They have refused to refun... d my money after the trial period. I only tried it out for 2days and the results were horrible. I asked for a refund and till today,I am battling with them to return my money. I reside in the EU and therefore entitled to 14days cool off period. They refused to honor this. «»

  • Kier*** 46 years

    It is a blatantly faked site from a guy's point of view....I had been chatting to a girl for a while and she suggested we should meet up...I agreed.... ..Next day she has closed her account and left a message saying she had fallen in love ???....Similar thing happened 3 times with 3 separate profiles...It was as if the same person was operating numerous profiles at the same time. I then changed my tact as I'm convinced the site is scamming people all over the place...I asked people whom I'd been chatting with if they could put another pic of themselves up giving the thumbs up sign or a wave sign to confirm they are actually the person in the profile pics & I would do the same...All of them disappeared without trace.. I even had one send her email address to me and we conversed via that way...I sent her a selfie & asked her to do the same..She then disappeared and deleted her account ?You contact people who are online and they then go off line immediately ??..It's an insult to the intelligence & it's blatantly obvious that it's admin people pretending to be people they are not....I put this to Eh help&support...Lo & behold " from having 6 to 7 hits a day " this went to zero ...I've been on & off all sites for the past 6 years so I do know what I'm talking about & I have met various partners from various sites...Every dating site uses the same contact procedures and if you don't know what they are then I suggest you take your head out of the clouds & smell the coffee...Oh & I got a full refund from Eh not once but twice after I told them that I had screenshots of all my corresponding profiles " even the deleted one's " and that all correspondence was timed and dated by Eh itself...I also told them that I was taking all my evidence to a daily tabloid....They asked me to send them all of my screenshots and they will investigate ??Now as they monitor all profiles and correspondence and know every word which we put down to each other " this was a complete load of bullshit to even suggest such a thing ??Make your own mind up " but avoid this site like the plague and try my simple requests and you will find out one way or the other if the person whom you are chatting to is actually the person in the profile ....Simple really & not rocket science.. Merry Xmas.. «»

  • kite*** 70 years

    new update awful lost old matches and pictures

  • fran*** 70 years

    i feel all the matches are not members and i am the worm for e harmony to get people to singe up

  • Dia**** 53 years

    Eharmony has provided no viable matches, thank you for taking my money! Complete waste of time for a serious minded, Christian professional!

  • Jo***** 62 years

    Terrible experience. Most matches received are inactive, as confirmed by the eharmony app. . Sent over 100 messages, always polite. No responses recei... ved. Rude and, frankly, offensive customer services, placed blame on me several times for an incomplete profile when the exact opposite is true (received an apology several times from customer service for their error - they don't look and give standard answers). Very disappointing experience to the extent of being distressing. They advertise daily matches - nothing is further from the truth. Don't waste your money or time with these people. «»

  • Blue*** 56 years

    I was very impressed with the quality of the membership when I first joined up. The matches I received were all around my specified age group, educate... d, financially stable and middle class. I would have felt comfortable introducing any of them to my friends. The problem was the lack of activity on the site. I only met two men in my three month membership despite sending lots of smiles and messages. I'm not ugly honestly! I'm just as dateable as any of my matches. I believe that members have such high expectations of meeting their fantasy partner that they don't get out there and meet real people. In the end I met someone special on another dating site, in fact one that didn't promise the earth, just a fun time meeting interesting people. Would I recommend this site to my girl friends? Hell no! «»

  • Jona*** 66 years

    Very few viable contacts. After 3 months, possibly getting only one addition per week, maybe not even that and even those do not fall into any catego... ry that I would find attractive and are often located at the other end of the UK. Almost as though the site is no longer active. «»

  • Fr **** 63 years

    It claims hundreds of thousands of members. They must be very well hidden! And many of the messages received from other uses are the same, indication ... that they are bots.I wasted my money with this side and for sure I DO NOT recommend it «»

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