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VeganDating Review September 2020

VeganDating UK is hitting two birds with one stone. Aside from being a dating platform for vegan people, it is also a co-operative of other online dating sites. As such, it promotes these partners, driving more people to join not only their community but also others. 

The platform uses state-of-the-art systems to allow new and already existing dating sites have access to their external database. This doesn't mean, however, that your account is visible even to others outside the site. What VeganDating does is create links within their pages that will lead you to their partners' websites.

The site believes that one of the most effective ways to be successful in online dating is to find members that have the same values and principles as yours. Thus, they partner with legit dating networks via niche marketing to provide you the best matches.

New members at VeganDating in September 2020 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at VeganDating are developing compared to others

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Member activity at VeganDating in September 2020 in comparison

This is how active VeganDating members are compared to others

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Sign Up Process

VeganDating Registration
  • Signing up for this online dating site is fast, easy, and free
  • You just need to fill in your personal information (gender, what you're looking for, age, email address, and username)
  • Immediately offers premium membership upon completion of registration
  • Your profile is hidden unless you enter a headline and a description
  • Has a verification process that also provides you a safe and already generated password

The site doesn't require you to complete your whole profile immediately. You can always add, modify, or delete information later. It only takes less than a minute to actually register. They just need your gender, age, email address, and username. You won't be asked to provide a password because they are the ones who generate safe passwords. However, you can always change such by going into your account settings after verifying your account.

When you're done signing up, they will immediately ask if you want to upgrade your account to premium membership. You can decline and browse the site first until you get the best out of its free features, or you can immediately avail of the plans they offer.

Profile Information

VeganDating Female Profile View
  • Members have the choice to display their pictures publicly or privately
  • There are only a few fake profiles because the site's safety measures are thorough and stern
  • Your photos need the approval of the admins before they can be uploaded
  • Profile information options are very comprehensive and substantive
  • Information about members are quite not detailed and incomplete

Once you start completing your profile, you'll notice that there are lots of questions to be answered. They are very detailed and comprehensive, and you just need to be patient enough to answer them completely. However, it's a little disappointing that not all members complete their profiles substantively. There are others who do, especially those who are really looking for a serious relationship. But most members actually just share only a little about themselves.

There are no decoy accounts in the dating site like scammers, and there are only quite a few fake ones. There is no certainty as to whether or not they are really fake, but they actually do not have display pictures and enough information. No worries, though. VeganDating UK has very strict and rigorous safety measures. Aside from the verification process, they also track web sources, servers, and other network-related issues. This isn't surprising for a co-operative dating network that has a clearly bulletproof security.

Contacting Members

VeganDating Search Options
  • Private communication via message function requires subscription
  • Chat is for free if the member you're chatting with belongs to the same chatroom you're in
  • Free basic search options and match suggestions
  • Offers video function where you can go live just like on Facebook
  • You can block members that post inappropriate content

You can contact other members without paying for subscription by joining a chatroom. However, you can only talk to those who are in the same chatroom as you (you can even send them personal chat messages). Other than that, all messaging functions require premium membership before you can use them. For instance, if you want to message one of your suggested matches, you cannot connect with her unless you avail of the plans (or she joins the chatroom where you belong).

Note as well that the chatroom does not consist of exclusive VeganDating UK members. Some of the singles you will find there are from other dating sites (which are partners of VeganDating). It also has a video/live streaming function just like Facebook. However, your chance to view these live streams is limited if you are not a premium member.

As per the search option, the basic search is for free but the advanced search requires premium subscription. On the one hand, the basic search filters only include age range, location, and whether with photos or none. On the other hand, the advanced filter gives you more filter sections like vegan preferences, physical appearance, etc.

Special Features

VeganDating Special Status

Update Status

This lets you shout out a feeling, an event, or anything random you'd like to say. The platform needs to review and approve it first, though, before it can be posted. But no worries, it takes only a minute or two for the site to review your post.

VeganDating Special Meet


This special feature allows you to click on singles that you'd like to meet. It is divided into four categories:

  • Meet Singles (you just need to click "yes"/"pass")
  • Wanna Meet You (a list of those who have clicked "yes" on your profile)
  • You Wanna Meet (a list of those who you have clicked "yes" to)
  • Mutual Meet (a list of the matches where you both clicked "yes" to each other's profiles)
VeganDating Special Browse


This feature lets you search randomly without having to fill in filters. It is also divided into four categories:

  • Near Me
  • All Members
  • By Recent Activity
  • Members Videos
VeganDating Special Search


This works the same way as Browse, except that you can already limit your search by filling in the filter boxes according to your preferences. It is as well divided into four:

  • Basic
  • Advanced 
  • By Interests 
  • By Screen Name

Note that the basic search is free whereas the other three requires premium membership.

VeganDating Chatroom


This feature is powered by a third party system. You can chat to other singles who are and are not members of the site. There are two options available: a chat room for singles and a chat room for those who are only within your area. It also offers a live streaming, but you may not be able to watch the video any time if you are not a premium member. 


Unfortunately, the dating site has no app available on iTunes and Google Play. But it does have a mobile version which you can access via any browser.

Real Life Review

Vegan since 2004, 38 -- Sure, dating a non-vegan folk is exciting. You get to know that person's interest and the food she likes to eat. I dated a non-vegan for two years. She's kinda really attractive, hot, and all. But as months went by, we kinda felt like we're not meant for each other. Imagine me having veggies all the way while she's having meat and protein-rich food. We never had a chance to share "food buddy" moments. We also didn't share the same values. Me being vegan maybe wasn't the sole issue but it somehow contributed a lot to our differences. It took so many years before I finally joined VeganDating. Guess what? Yes, I'm now with someone who shares the same interests with me. I now have a girl who I can also call my "food buddy."

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
1 Month27.99 GBP / Month27.99 GBP
3 Months13.33 GBP / Month39.99 GBP
12 Months6.99 GBP / Month83.88 GBP
VeganDating Price
Free Services
  • Profile completion
  • Photo upload
  • Searching and viewing of other members' basic profile information
    You will only be able to see their headline, basic info, and a small description of themselves.
  • Sharing a status/shoutout
    The status is not automatically posted. There has to be an admin approval.
  • Connecting your account to social media platforms
    These include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
  • 10 free flirts every day with short messages
    Short messages are generated texts. They are categorized into four: ice breakers, humorous, passionate, and expressive.
  • Use of the "Meet" feature
    This include meet singles, wanna meet you, you wanna meet, mutual meet.
  • Chat function
    There is a chatroom available where you have to enter a username. The members in the chatroom are not exclusively from VeganDating alone. Some of them come from other dating sites. You can personally chat them as long as they are a member of the same chatroom.
Fee based Services
  • Send unlimited messages and flirts
  • See all full size public photos
  • Browse and watch public videos of any user
  • See full profiles and social network handles of all users
  • See who likes you and wants to meet you
  • Search users by interests, screen name and much more
  • Sending friend requests
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • Direct Debit
  • PayPal

Upgrading to VIP membership in this dating platform is not mandatory. After all, it has many features available that require no payment. However, if you want to enjoy the maximum benefits it offers, you need to choose which of their plans would you like to try. If still unsure and would like to test their paid membership, there is another option which is the 5 Days Trial. It'll only cost you GBP4.99 (for the whole 5 days) for this one. 

If for some reason you want to unsubscribe, you may cancel your VIP membership anytime. Just go to your "My Account" page, click "Subscription" and then follow the link that will lead you to the customer support page. Your subscription automatically renews every after the end of each term. Hence, it is very important that if you want to unsubscribe, you must cancel your membership, days prior to the renewal of your term. 

Should you decide to stop your membership in the middle of an ongoing subscription, you may do so and the company shall give you a refund. This is available especially to those who are subscribed to the 3 months and 12 months plan. They offer a 60-day money back guarantee from the date of your purchase. Just call their customer service hotline or send them an email through their contact form and they'll assist you all throughout the process. 


VeganDating seems to be a good fit not just for vegan people looking for dates, but also for online dating sites wanting to advertise and expand their networks. It's a two-in-one dating platform that lets you have more chances of meeting the perfect match.

It appears that there are only a few fake profiles. Plus, the moderators are very keen in checking each member's account. This makes its members feel more secure and safe.

Most specially, the premium membership it offers is quite less expensive compared to other dating sites. They even have a five-day trial which gives you a better chance to determine if you'd want to enjoy their most important features or not.

In this regard, we believe that VeganDating UK is worth the try. You won't only have the chance to meet your perfect vegan date, but you might also be able to find a new dating site (one or some of their partners) that can specifically address your matching tastes and preferences.

VeganDating FAQ


What is VeganDating UK?

VeganDating UK is an online dating site for vegan people. It is also a co-operative that promotes other dating networks. They connect like-minded people, helping them have a better chance of finding their perfect mate.

What is the website address of VeganDating UK?

Their web address is www.vegandatinguk.co.uk.

Are there vegetarians in VeganDating UK?

It seems like the platform is only accepting those who are pure vegans.

Is VeganDating UK purely for raw vegans?

No. The website is for all types of vegans.

Does VeganDating UK hold events?

The platform doesn't organise events, but they do promote other networks that hold events and speed dating.

Costs and Payment

Is VeganDating UK for free?

The basic membership for this site is without cost. It has many available features that you can access for free. However, its most important features like sending and receiving of private messages require premium membership.

How much does VeganDating UK charge for premium membership?

They offer three kinds of subscription: 1 month (£27.99/mo.); 3 months (£13.33/mo.); and, 12 months (£6.99/mo.). They also have a 5 Days Trial which is worth £4.99 in total.

How will my charge appear on my credit card or bank statement?

VeganDating UK shall charge you with these words appearing on your bank statement: 24-7HELP.NET cs@ocdate.net


Does VeganDating UK have an app?

Unfortunately, the site has no mobile application. It only has a mobile website version.

How can I download, deactivate or permanently delete my personal data and account information in VeganDating UK?

To manage your personal data and account information, simply visit the Data Management Panel which is in My Account.

How do I reactivate my old VeganDating UK account?

Just log in to the site and enter your username and password like you used to.

How do I deactivate my free VeganDating UK account?

To deactivate your account, go to the "Deactivate Your Account" link under Data Management Panel. This will not eliminate all your data on the site, but other members will no longer see your profile and send you messages.

Why can't my username be used in the chatroom?

The chatroom is plugged into a system that is connected to a third party chatroom. Such third party may already have your username/screen name in use. As such, VeganDating UK would suggest to use another name that hasn't been used yet (only for specific chat areas). No need to worry, though, because it won't affect anything on your usage of the site or normal interaction with others.

How do I stop receiving pop ups from this site?

Since the site doesn't use or install an adware, you can just install an anti-spyware or anti-adware software and scan your computer for malware if you want to get rid of the pop ups.

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