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Spotted Review June 2024

We all had that experience.

We have been that person, sipping coffee and minding our own business, when a cute girl walks in the shop and grabs her latte. The girl catches our interest and we sort of like how the light catches on her glasses, making her brown eyes seem browner. We sit up a little bit straighter, trying to muster up the courage to say hello. But the butterflies on our stomach do not feel like butterflies anymore, they are more like bees all of a sudden. No matter how much we try, we just can't seem to stand up, walk a few steps, and say hi. So, we just shrug, go about our separate lives, and remember once in a while the cute girl in the cafe. 

We have also been that girl on the train, itching to go home and take off our heels after a grueling 8-hour shift. We are just there, shifting our weight from one foot to another to ease a cramp when we notice a guy reading a Paolo Coelho book we never got to finish. We notice that he is not classically handsome but his face looks interesting, making it even more compelling to look at. It would only take three seconds of courage to reach out and strike a conversation. But we don't. We sigh and step off the train without ever looking back.

We have all had this experience. It kind of makes you wish that you can turn back time and do things a bit more differently. Maybe if we'd said hello, things might have turned out great. 

And that, friends, is what Spotted aims to do. The dating app made by millennials for millennials provides a second shot at serendipity. Its features and functionalities are designed to help you connect with everyone around you who shares similar interests, hangs out at places you like, or has crossed your path.

Sound interesting, so far? Well, we took a closer look at Spotted to see if it can truly help you land dates and get to know more people near you. Are the prices justified? Is the app just all glitz and glamour with its cool aesthetic or does it actually walk the talk and can provide decent to good matches? All that and more in our review below!

Spotted Members

10,000 from United Kingdom
Members activity
3,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
20 %
80 %
  • Records over 23,000 monthly download globally
  • Top visitors are mostly from the United States, and the United Kingdom
  • Males outnumber the females
  • Most users are 18-24 years old

Spotted is extremely popular in English-speaking countries, namely the United States and the United Kingdom.

Since it’s an app made by millennials, it’s quite expected that the population is also quite young. The bulk of the population belongs to the 18-24 age range. They are closely followed by those in the 25-34 group, while older users are the minority at Spotted.

Gender-wise, there’s quite an imbalance. Males dominate the app, with over 80% of the population. This uneven ratio makes dating fun and active; there’s quite a lot of competition going on to find the right match for one girl.


Spotted Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

How to Sign Up for Spotted

Spotted Registration
  • Only Facebook registration and login are available
  • Registration takes only a minute
  • Signing up is completely free
  • Name, profile photo, and other basic information are synced from your FB account
  • Location set by your phone's GPS is a must

Signing up on Spotted is quite easy. It only takes less than a minute since it doesn't have an email registration option. You'd only need to connect your Facebook account which automatically syncs your name, profile photo, gender, and birthday. 

After that, you have a fully functioning account ready to use. You would immediately notice a wide display of members on your homepage. If you'd look further, you'd see that most of these people are near your location. The idea behind this is for you to connect with people you are more or less likely to come across, may it be in a mall, the town's public library, or the local watering hole. 

Indeed, Spotted aims to be the medium not just to interact with people in the virtual world but also in real life. 

Making Contact on Spotted

Spotted Activity
  • Send unlimited winks for free
  • You can view one profile a day for free
  • Limited usability for Standard Members
  • Instant Messaging is strictly exclusive for Premium Members

Spotted, in its very core, is a dating app designed to spot locals for you to connect, meet and mingle with. Its features allow you to have a take two of your encounter with that cute girl or that quirky boy who has caught your eye but you haven't had the guts to say hello at that time. 

The "Notes" feature most definitely embodies the spirit of Spotted. When you "spot" a cute girl, wearing a red sweater, at the local coffee shop, you can write an anonymous note describing her and tagging the location where you've seen her. The note may or may not reach her. Similarly, she may or may not also respond to the note. 

The other features are common with other dating apps. Spotted has a chat function where you can instantly message other members. Unfortunately, this function is only available for paid members.

For standard members, you get to "reveal" one profile per day. This means you can go to a member's profile and see their location. Of course, you can only do this once per day. If you have availed Spotted's premium offers, you can browse through profiles to your heart's content. 

Spotted Profile Quality

Spotted Profile
  • Upload up to six photos
  • You can write a brief description of yourself in the "About You" section in 500 characters
  • Personalise your profile by adding information about your height, eye colour, hair colour, and body art (if there are any)
  • Profile pictures can be viewed for free
  • Profile information can be changed later on

    While profile photos are shown, profiles, on the other hand, are not free to view. A Standard member can only view up to one profile fully per day. Nevertheless, it is still very much important to have a fully fleshed out profile. This will help increase your authenticity as a person while attracting other members to interact with you. 

    You can start by uploading images. You can upload images from your phone's gallery or sync them from Facebook. You can have six photos at maximum displayed. You can also write a brief description of yourself and who you are looking for in the "About You" section.

    Another tip: provide information about your eye colour, hair colour, and body art, if applicable. The main highlight of this app is the "Notes" where people can look for other people they have spotted based on their eye and hair description. So if a person is looking for a red-haired-green-eyed-girl-with-a-heart-tattoo, if the description fits you, you will more or less likely pop up in the search--creating a perfect, serendipity moment. 

    Spotted App

    Spotted User Interface
    • Available in iOS and Android versions
    • Free to download on App Store and Google Play
    • Over 25,000 downloads worldwide
    • Trendy and hip design
    • Only takes up small memory space

    Spotted is available on both iOS and Android versions. It is also very much free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. With over 25,000 downloads worldwide, Spotted has a decent number of users all around the world. It has a trendy look that is up to par with the competition in the market today. Targeting mostly teens and young adult, the app has a youthful look with minimal buttons for easy navigation. Every button and feature is arranged neatly. 

    Lastly, the app does not take up that much phone memory space. With only 6.5 MB as its size, this is a lightweight app that won't strain your phone too much.

    Spotted Costs and Prices

    Free Features
    • Registration
    • Profile Completion
    • Sending winks
    • Browse through profiles
    Premium Features
    • Unlimited messaging
    • Unlimited post replies
    • Uncover profile visitors
    • Ad-free experience
    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    Spotted Boost
    1 Month12.49 GBP / Month12.49 GBP
    3 Months8.83 GBP / Month26.49 GBP
    6 Months8.50 GBP / Month50.99 GBP
    Spotted UK Price
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    • Via Mobile Phone

    Your membership is automatically billed. You can opt out of this at any time via App Store or Google Play Account Settings. If you have not opted out, then the subscription is auto-renewed for the periods stated. Your account is charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period.

    Spotted also offers a promo called "For Free Forever" where you can enjoy unlimited perks in a one-time payment for only GBP54.81.

    Special Features

    Although Spotted has a strong concept, its features are relatively straightforward. Most of the main functionalities are paid services, however. If you are still undecided whether to commit to a Spotted premium membership or not, here's the list of its features:


    You can send winks to other members for free. It is an easy and fast way of introducing yourself to others.

    Instant Message

    You can talk to other members in real time using the Instant Message feature. However, this is only accessible for users of premium accounts.


    You can write anonymous notes describing the person you've spotted near your location. You don't know their name but you can describe them. You can add the location where you've seen them. They can choose to respond or decline once they see your note.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 3.5 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5
    App: 3.5 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion

    Chris Pleines, Author at
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
    Spotted sets itself apart by providing its users with matches that are likely to have crossed paths with them rather than with complete strangers. In a sense, it makes much more purport this way since having more familiarity and common ground with another person makes the transition to dating smoother and less awkward. People who hang out in the same places as you, who have more likely came across you, who may or may not know some of your friends--that's what Spotted offers to its users. Rather than complete strangers that you absolutely know nothing of, this app gives you people who are guaranteed to be real and somewhat familiar.Spotted targets young adults with its cool design and pleasing apple green and pink colour palette. Its features are mostly paid services, but if you are just looking for people near you to contact in another less pricey way, then this app is a great tool for it. The dating app is conveniently available on Android and iOS. It is also very much free to download. However, if the idea of possibly matching with someone you might know puts you off from this app, then you can read our reviews on other dating apps available today.

    Spotted FAQ


    Which is better: Spotted or POF?

    Spotted connects people who have crossed paths in real life, turning everyday life moments into potential romantic connections based on geographical proximity. In contrast, Plenty of Fish (POF) is a traditional, broad-based dating platform that uses a range of features to match users based on their profiles, interests, and preferences, catering to a wide and diverse audience.

    General Information

    What is Spotted?

    Spotted aims to connect you with people that share similar interests, hang out at places you like, or has most likely crossed your path at some point. This app can help you discover and find awesome people to socialise, do sports or just hang out with.

    Where can I download Spotted?

    The mobile app can be downloaded for free on Apple's App Store and Google Play.

    Does Spotted have a desktop version?

    No, sadly, it does not have a desktop version. It is only available as a mobile app.

    Is it free to join?

    Yes, absolutely! Spotted is 100% free to download. You can totally sign up for free.

    How much memory space does the Spotted App take?

    The mobile app only takes up approximately 6 MB. It is light and not too heavy on your mobile device.


    How can I create an account on Spotted?

    Creating an account on Spotted is relatively easy. You'd only need to link your Facebook account to register. This is to verify your identity. Information such as location, sex, birthday, and etc. are automatically synced along with your current profile photo.

    How do I log in on Spotted?

    To log in, you merely have to click "Connect Facebook" and simply type in the login details you use on your FB account. This app does not post anything on Facebook, so you don't have to worry about that--you are completely safe.

    How do I log out of Spotted?

    To log out, you simply have to go to "Account Settings" and click "Logout."

    How can I send winks on Spotted?

    Sending winks is easy. You just have to click the green winky face button found at every member's profile summary on your homepage.

    How can I message another member I'd like to get in touch with?

    Same with sending winks on Spotted, you just have to click the purple message button located beside the green winky face button. Each profile displays those two buttons side by side. Take note that only premium members have access to this feature.

    What are Notes?

    Notes are one of the highlights of Spotted. You can write and post notes to find new friends to socialise, do sports or simply hang out with. You can also leave an anonymous note for your missed connections.

    How can I write my own notes on Spotted?

    To write a note, simply go to your profile and choose "Write Notes." You will be prompted to write a note describing who you are looking for or who you would like to meet in 100-150 characters. Next, you will be asked about the location where you met the person. After that, you get to describe the person by their gender, height, eye colour, hair colour, and body art. The last thing you must do is post the note.

    Freebies and Security

    How can I get a free boost on Spotted?

    You can get a week of free membership when you invite your friends to try out this mobile app. You can share the app via Bluetooth, Airdrop, ShareIt, and other means of sharing.

    How can I delete my account on Spotted?

    To delete your account, do the following:

    1. Go to your profile
    2. Click "Account Settings"
    3. Click "Delete My Account"

    If I delete my Spotted account, will it automatically deactivate premium subscription?

    No, deleting your account will not automatically severe your billing obligations for the periods stated. You can opt out of the auto-renewal via your "Account Settings" on Google Play or App Store. 

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