How did most Muslim marriages come about?

For Muslims, marriage isn't just about saying 'I do.' It's a process that involves negotiations, mutual agreements, and the consent of both the couple and their families, all part of a marriage contract.

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Before a couple can embark on their life together, they must follow specific steps and traditions. Yet, these steps are often not the hard part. The challenge is in finding someone who is ready and willing to undertake this journey with you.

If you're still searching for your soulmate, how likely are you to meet them online? And can using Muslima increase your chances of marriage? We'll explore this further.

Does it make sense to try out Muslima?

You might think online dating is all for short-term relationships and casual arrangements only. However, platforms like Muslima aim to introduce you to individuals who will most likely consider settling down with you. 

But how? What’s at Muslima that enables it to be a jump-off point for your marriage prospects?

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Large Dating Pool

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Muslima is a dating platform with members coming from all parts of the globe—the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few.

But apart from the diversity of ethnicities, you’ll also find members who are not Muslims.

Users of all religions, even those who are atheist or agnostic, can join Muslima.

As long as they are respectful of the Muslim members, and that they’re open to converting once they do match with one, everything’s good.

Given the end goal, holy matrimony, members of the LGBTQ+ community may not find what they’re looking for at Muslima. Still, for the heterosexual single, the dating platform offers quite a vast dating pool.

Detailed Profiles

Speaking of marriage being the end-goal, one prominent feature of Muslima is that the profiles of the members can get quite detailed.

For members, the exhaustive profile reads like a resume. Apt, considering that you might want to learn every important detail if you wish him or her to be your future husband or wife. 

Even better, Muslima members religiously complete their profiles. The prompt telling you how many percent of your profile did you fill out helps. It motivates members to upload photos and answer to reach that 100% goal.

Verified Members

Since it’s marriage at stake, members understandably want to safeguard their privacy and security by interacting with genuine users. 

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Muslima understands and respects that desire, so the moderators designed strict verification processes to ensure that only members who are real stays.

One way is the verified badge for members who completed their profiles.

Also, the moderators take a close look at all the members—new and existing. Support is quick to suspend or terminate profiles with suspicious activity. 

Message Translations

Since Muslima is an international platform, there may be instances when you don’t speak the other’s language that well, or at all. To help you at least get the chance to communicate, the site offers instant translation services whenever you directly chat with that member.

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Efficient Communication

Unlike other dating sites, Muslima lacks the bells and whistles brought about by new gimmicks. Instead of subtle flirting, the site encourages you to create meaningful connections by actually engaging in conversation with another member.

However, contacting another member comes at a price. At present, Muslima offers two subscription types: the Gold and Platinum. 

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Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose whichever to be able to contact another user. 


Having someone special who will be with you through thick or thin is a blessing, but the road to finding him or her is not smooth-sailing. With long-term dating sites like Muslima, you get to smarten up your means of searching by adding the efficiency of modern technology. Who knows, maybe your future husband or wife is one sign up away at Muslima.

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