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Very Bad
  • Sas**** 37 years

    NothingBe very aware and careful of this site. Its members have multiple accounts, and people on there ask for money, sex abuse, disrespect you, hack... your devices and watch you. It's a disgusting platform. It is for filthy people. I got ripped off for a lot of money. «»

  • Sas**** 39 years

    Sounds authentic but a scam beyond belief. Be extremely aware scam site full of lies tht hack your devices watch you without your knowledge, abuse yo... u violate you and Rob you it's a disgrace n I will do all tht I can to expose this site n its owners everybody on there is fake n has multiple aliases do not be fooled with the name Muslima most ppl on there are vile n out to use n abuse «»

  • Du***** 33 years

    Too many fake profiles and poor customer service. The profiles where women are trying to put their hand in the way to block the camera man from taking... a photo are definately fake profiles. Scammers will randomly photo sisters on the road which is why the sisters put their hand in the way to block their face. Usually these profiles are almost empty and accept men across a very wide age range. There is no real woman behind the profile just someone pretending to be the woman in the pic who will then ask you for money once you get chatting. «»

  • Cher*** 44 years

    Terrible experience. I have come across men who are there to get cheap easy sex. They say they're practising but they're there to fornicate. I unfortu... nately have met these so called salafi, they're reverts but abusing the rights given to Muslims. They have multiple lovers they can't take care of. They are extreme liars and one i got married to violent who nearly killed me, only later on to find out he has mental health problems which he is in denial of and chooses not to disclose. The multiple wives include a wife in Morocco who are cheap,easy and extremely desperate to be married «»

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