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Very Bad
  • Sta**** 47 years

    Nothing Total scam and waste of time, coins cost a lot of money just to send 2-3 messages then your buying more. I spent £40 on coins and got nowhere... with any female. I did offer my number to a couple of women but they were just wanting to chat on the site. Money making scheme that’s all it is. «»

  • T****** 65 years

    NothingEverything as it is a complete scam. Lots of girls telling me how hot I am without even looking at my profile and I have no photo uploaded. A ... complete joke, don’t spend any money getting drawn in to bogus ‘chats’. «»

  • S****** 41 years

    Nothing it’s a scam, just after your money. Who take PayPal payments on coin purchases twice, then refuse to refund itI made two coins purchases for ... £9.99 & £24.99 using PayPal. When I checked my PayPal statement later, found I was charged TWICE for both purchases, when I had only received coins for 2 purchases. I informed PayPal, that duplicates transcations had been made for these 2 purchases. Disputes were opened on the duplicate transactions with Boranu Online B.V. Who own idates, informing them they were duplicates, and requested they refund the duplicate amount. They responded by saying that the payment had been cancelled by myself or my bank, and I needed to pay the outstanding balance, and not refunded the duplicate transactions. They overcharged me & saying I own them money, when all 4 PayPal payments appear on my statement. Just a bunch of scam artists, do not give them your money . Idates Account closed immediately «»

  • grah*** 39 years

    Nothing muchFor a start no one is real obviously.2nd am quite good at computers and know how to check things out, so what I did was,,,,,,,,I took sc... reen shots of different women and ran them trough a program I have, some of you's will know what it is but if you don't then i can't say the name of the program but it's easy to find out.. anyways all the people who I did run through and got a match for are not the real names of that preson nor are they aware that's they are on this site (suprise suprise).I have contacted two females who did set up a genuine dating profile but it wasn't on this site so it's obviously been stolen from a different site and used on here with a different name.. if you a real female age between 35 and 48 and is looking for a genuine relationship or going out having a laugh,then find me on SC or FB to find out more..its,Graham Parker..Newcastle upon pic is of my kids in a school pic setting.. hope to hear from someone.. «»

  • rich*** 40 years

    Nothing!! It’s the biggest fraud site I have ever used and I have tried some terrible ones in my time.99% of the people on the site are employees of ... Idate just there to keep you chatting and topping up. If you chat with them you figure out pretty quickly that it’s all just bullshit to keep you spending. I have never written a bad review for anything before but I felt obliged to warn others about this unscrupulous site. Save your money folks. Go to a bar or something and make an effort to introduce yourself to somebody in the real world «»

  • Ne***** 36 years

    There seemed to be plenty of girls on hereNot been easy to use for me & coins are expensive !!

  • Sim**** 53 years

    You get lots of attention.You are immediately contacted by several women from fake profiles. I suspect they are all on commission as you have to pay ... per message to them. The whole thing is a scam! «»

  • ME***** 46 years


  • Ja***** 38 years
    26.01.2021 looks like a legit dating website, but it is a SCAM, nothing more. There are no real girls inside, all of them there are fake profiles. How... do I know? I am a man, I registered there without any picture or description. Within 2 days I had 30 messages coming from 15 girls allegedly interested in me. They were sending me sexy alluring messages, even I had no picture. They were writing how tempting my profile was, inviting me for free kisses etc etc etc. Wow, really? This is not real at all. These messages are either computer generated, or there is someone typing them and having fun while draining your money. The only purpose of the website is to make the users pay for more credits. After few free messages you are required to buy credits and then every single message will cost around 2GBP. The website is fooling you to pay for more credits while you get excited in fake conversations. These girls are not real at all. It is all fake, designed to fool you and make you pay for credits. I checked some profile pictures by google and they were stolen from russian sex pages. There are always the same 20 girls being displayed, or so. I read some 5 star reviews on trustpilot and they also look like fakes, saying this is a great website etc. How is that possible, when all the profiles are not real? If you look at the 1star comments, they will all tell you the same story. Thieves !!! is a SCAM. Send me back my 5GBP! «»

  • pet**** 35 years

    total rip off to talk no one wants to move on from talking and cant get money back from site as it was no help in getting a date at all

  • Piet*** 78 years

    No customer support Tried & tried with emails (their requested method) & their support form with no response Somehow got duplicate profiles 1 kept cha... nging my d.o.b & I have a number of unusable coins left on the accts. most of the people I chatted to would appear to be fake profiles «»

  • Wild*** 67 years

    The site is all bullshit. I think it's all bots sending out questions. No direct response to questions asked, just more questions. It's all fake.

  • B****** 50 years

    Too many site generated accounts.T&Cs say you can arrange meetings BUTsite flashes up you tried to give personal details, THIS included trying to ar... range a coffee in public!!?!!!That's NOT "being able to MEET mutually agreeable others.The fake accounts have a way of responding and NOT answering the simplest of questions. NOR DO THE SAME, key board jockies reply for fake accounts. Very expensive, without the flesh and blood and the generated account distinction, DISHONEST, FRAUDULENT even. I asked the question, they would not respond. «»

  • Jo***** 55 years

    A totally fake site where members are online 24h a day and none will exchange tel nos or e,.mail. Replies are one liners and none address the points ... raised in conversations. One of the photographs was a rip off of the actress Millisse McCarthy. Do not waste your time or money. «»

  • Maur*** 46 years

    I have meet some really nice ladies on the site so fsrv

  • Roge*** 60 years

    This site is a fraud. There are absolutely no meeting any women here. All just here for entertainment purposes only. I've Bern here almost 2 years an... d no one dates just all talk. A rip off. «»

  • Cami*** 55 years

    This is the best fraud that I have seen in the dating app, almost all the couples are robots or false people who never show thenselves as they really ... are, and what they are looking for is gift cards that ask you with different pretexts; anyway if you do not want to be scammed stay away from this app. «»

  • Stev*** 40 years

    Scam siteAVOIDpigeon English replies, no way or method of meeting up or contacting members other than by expensive messageseven so called different... people message you with word for word matched messages «»

  • sim**** 46 years

    the women on the site never want to meet,thay only want to talk on that site which cost a lot.after a while on the site you cant buy the 170 or 390 co... ins you have to buy biger deals,it seems like the woman are not real and just paid to keep you spending «»

  • Jo***** 56 years

    The great trick to go payUpon your registration number of women get start sending you messages expressing their interest on you, and making conversat... ion. What a success!!! Of course as long as you pay the bill!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T BE A VICTIM. «»

  • phi**** 62 years

    this site is a utter scam. not real people. pull you in with dirty sex talk then the person sends just single sentence reply. if you try and get perso... nal to meet its always put off one way or another. its far too dear to chat on line. with no results. «»

  • Fra**** 66 years

    You can spend months chatting to a female and be everything you wanted but they will always find a way not to meet you.The only site where women wil... l message men not only once but twice before they give up.Make me suspicious of this site same with sister site Mydates «»

  • NoHa*** 60 years

    Very expensive to contact a potential match, £1.50 per message, average 10 messages to get a date IS £15.00, a subscription would make more sense, or ... reduce the cost of the messages, or maybe its the men that have to pay!! «»

  • Dick*** 55 years

    A SCAM.... WITH CRIMINAL OVERTONES. I was browsing dating apps when I was directed to iDates. I joined (using a throw away email address reserved fo... r this purpose). iDates created a blank profile for me, giving my location and my age (wrongly!!). I had never actually completed any details, except my user name and email. Then it happened. I was deluged with messages from attractive young females almost immediately. I am not stupid. I recognise a scam when I see it. My profile had no details, no photo.... and yet has constantly attracted female after female. To reply to these messages costs a lot of money! So I immediately sent a message to asking for the immediate deletion of my account. No result.., despite repeated requests. I’ve also been there before. Some European companies defy EU data protection legislation by simply not deleting your account. So... in a word.... Boranu Online is certainly a scam.... and inhabits a territory reserved for criminals in its defiance of current EU legislation. «»

  • nig**** 51 years

    Signing up pretty easy 10/10Searching for mates 10/10This is the downhill bit, think computer generated, you look at a profile you clink like on th... at profile within 1 min you get a like back and a message that draws you in to want to respondNow limited on coins, all profile users would know that at 50 coins per message that soon goes, but if you send a message that your low on coins please use Whatsapp or KIK or even send your mobile number..... that reply is never ok lets chat there here's my contact the other person tends to give you more questions in the hope you buy coinsNow been on 2 days, same people online either they leave computer on or they cant sleepPersonally save your money on coins «»

  • Pe***** 52 years

    No real people on this site only paid actors just a waste of time and money

  • Rich*** 61 years

    Idates is a complete fraud. it employs mainly young females who engage you in an ongoing flirtatious conversation, these women pretend to be from your... area and local to you and are looking for a relationship but in reality they are not in your area and probably not even in your country. their sole purpose is to entice you to buy more and more coins! do not fall into the trap like i did and spent over £100 in just one evening talking to one of these fake people! «»

  • b****** 51 years

    This site is a scam. No women want to live the site to talking on other sites like Gmail where it's free or Yahoo mail. I tried many times only to loo... se money. «»

  • Jo***** 66 years

    Good site but very expensive. Considering cancelllation of profile due to cost

  • Je***** 51 years

    Hi idates is easy to use. It is very costly and support does not respond. I’ve had 2 payments for coins that have not been honoured. Also, it seems... some responses are from a different person or a generic selection of auto response. A few msgs change subject and ask a random question, leading to what seems to be a deflection and requires more msgs = cost. «»

  • Ma***** 51 years

    Full of young girls keen to chat. Unfortunately a polite no just causes more messages encouraging you message back. Feel like they are financially mot... ivated. Most don't respond to questions you ask and are evasive at best. Very costly and disappointing app over all. «»

  • seek*** 70 years

    Immediately inundated with fake profiles - pictures lifted from other websites - and cannot answer a simple question based on their supposed locality.... Any lady(?) who contacts you is likely to be a fake «»

  • jam**** 58 years

    Bots sending fake messages No real women I joined and got 50 messages within 5 min. How. no one even looking at my profile Cost for every message se... nt The fake women just keep leading you on to spend money. site ripping people off.. «»

  • Ka***** 41 years

    Worst dating app ever. Had plenty of interested women want to talk, but found out that after a bit of time and a lot of money that all the women must ... work for iDates. I had a couple of women really interested in me, but none of them want to talk to you off iDates. They will not text or call you at all, or if you suggest to meet up, even after you have done the sexting, they won't. Just keep getting fobbed off with it's too soon. Stay clear everyone «»

  • Pad**** 66 years

    Messages cost over £1 and the members are usually Bots. If ever phone numbers or emails are mentioned the programme says I'd like to get to know you b... etter first. Buy more coins and you can chat otherwise forget it «»

  • jas**** 53 years

    I would say so far that out of the 30 or so women who showed interest about 1 third are fake, it's not hard to work out, I would avoid like the plagu... e and the prices are extortion. «»

  • Bria*** 69 years

    iDates is a complete and utter scam site. iDates uses it's people to put up fake profiles so that ( I presume men ) people buy coins to keep messaging... these ladies, there is never ever a chance of a meeting. This is mentioned in their Terms and Conditions. Other ladies who you contact cause a red flag to also appear, in their initial message they use odd punctuation marks in their sentences like ;), * *, :), ^^, etc. Watch out for these because you will be endlessly messaging them, they will never take the connection on to the next level, making every excuse to stay on the site, the coins you purchase are not cheap and the only people who profit are the owners of the site. Be prepared to lose a lot of money. «»

  • Bria*** 69 years

    This is not a completely genuine site, far from it. In the Terms and Conditions of the iDate sight it admits it uses people ( I presume mainly females... ) to put up fake profiles to entice and encourage the purchase of more coins ( therefore enhancing the finances of the company ) by members and it says there is never a hope of a meeting. I am a male in my late 60's and I have been sent many messages by females in the age 40 to 50.that has never happened on other dating sites. Also when your in contact with you think a genuine lady that person wants to stay on the site indefinitely, they are not prepared to take the next step for contact, either by email or phone. I am well aware of some not so nice people on dating sites so always suggest ways of safety, for example, withholding the telephone number by using 141. My question is, why do they want to stay on the site literally forever? something not right somehow. Beware of odd punctuation in the messages sent by females, like ^^ ;), is that a clue about something? I would avoid if possible unless you are happy to watch your bank balance deplete. «»

  • Crai*** 64 years

    It's far to expensive -

  • Jo***** 48 years

    Spent a fortune, did chat with loads of people, but never got to chat or meet anyone offsite.seems like they are on commission or something as chati... ng stops once you runout of coins even though you have given your details to them before hand «»

  • Da***** 53 years

    Was looking for some where I could me people for friendship really easy to register and yes there are plenty of profiles to searchthe biggest down s... ide , for me anyway, is the cost of communicating with other members.first hurdle is when writing a message, don't pess return for a new line as this will just send the message, , once you get over the cost it becombe clear tha all the members I chatted with don't want to chat ofsite say by email! So before you know it you've done you £100 of coins and thats the end of chatting, Personally I got the impression that actually noone has ever managed to chat offsite, , so I felt as though I had been mugged «»

  • Beet*** 54 years

    My experience with this dating app was a complete letdown, not only have I been taking by this woman, I'm not even sure if this site, is legit I have ... pay In a lot of money here, and got nothing in return, So what the deal here. (idates). do I get a refund, or what goes on from here? «»

  • Ph***** 71 years

    I found that about a week ago I was automatically signed up for iDates as holdmeclose.I had not filled in my profile and had lots of contacts and mes... sages.I had not bought any coins but noticed a few attractive women contacting me.Then today I noticed that I was signed in as another name with all the previous contacts missing and new contacts starting from scratch! Ha ha ha! Also, my profile picture was one taken from my Facebook page. Stolen???Also they gave me 100 coins.Another failing is that they do not tell you how many coins are required for contacting anyone! Ha ha ha!Keep the customer in the dark and take advantage of him as much as possible!!!Not impressed.Who are these anonymous %#&(^&%$'s???Not happy!!! «»

  • Kell*** 60 years

    A fucking nightmare the site is crap, there is no support to contact whenever you use the support address there are hundreds of sites available but ne... ver the one you want. This site cannot nor will not accept that people want to leave the site. What women are available want younger men, so if you're older you've fucked it so don't waste your money put it to a better use instead of a ficticious site where all that interests them is your MONEY. «»

  • Polf*** 27 years

    thanks to idates i have found the true oneim thankfull i ever decided to download and use this app

  • bbbo*** 70 years

    I down loaded a picture from my mobil to put on my profile picture and then the phone developed a major fault as soon as it downloaded to the I da... tes site.The screen went blank and could not use the phone either to make calls or access my contacts.It could not be repaired and had to purchase a new phone the following day.The other problem I have with I dates site is that I can't sign in on my computer via Google therefore I am very suspicious of this site.I am using my tablet to connect with I dates. «»

  • murp*** 72 years

    Siteis a total rip I think the women on there get a cut on all the men they suck into buying credits

  • Falc*** 58 years

    So incredibly disappointed Once again By the scammers out there In the world today

  • Jimi*** 64 years

    Increasingly younger women chasing your profile. Single photo of poor quality. Same simple phrases. Will not email you to confirm reality. Possible fa... ke photos unknowingly used or take off the web. «»

  • geor*** 56 years

    fake profiles .more a novelty site than a dating site

  • Don *** 78 years

    Hi, I like this site. The only problem is it is so expensive.

  • jhon*** 33 years

    Total scam. I got messages from over 20 women over the course of 2 days, although my profile has no pictures and reads "send bobs and vagene". The sca... m girls also get really pushy and write you a 2nd time. What a piece of shit. «»

  • Gan**** 31 years

    Worst and Very costly app to chat. and girls are like waiting for reply as if they are catching the fools for the app and make them to pay n get coins... more and more. «»

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