Interested in Is the perfect place to find kinky friends? Learn everything about it in this review!❤️

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From the name of the site itself, you can already get an idea of what it is for, and who its target audience is. is a site that welcomes you to the world of people with unique sexual desires and kinks. The site celebrates the fetishes people have and also provides a platform where people can freely express their sexual wants. 

It is a site that does not discriminate no matter what gender you identify yourself in or what kinks you have. It is also not just exclusive to those who practice this lifestyle, but also to anyone who wants to learn about it. offers a safe place for kink-curious and fetishists to look for friends and connections that share their interest. And it has managed to treat every fetish as an equal which most BDSM and fetish-based sites have failed to do.

If you think you are sexually curious enough to open yourself to unusual and sometimes unheard of sexual desires, then might be the site you should go to. But before jumping in to anything, you might want to get to know the site first. Read on for a full review!

Member Structure

150,000 from United Kingdom
Members activity
52,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
37 %
63 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Members are quite active on the site
  • Open to all gender identities
  • Has members from different parts of the world
  • Most members are from the UK
  • Highly populated by men

The membership pool of has been constantly growing since it first launched. Now, it has around 150,000 members with a high percentage of active members every month. is heavily dominated by men which comprise around 63% of its population. However, since the site specialises in kinks that may be outside the norm, gender may not be that relevant anymore. Most of the "men" on the site are open to meet and play with anyone regardless of gender, so as with "women." 

In, you can find all sorts of people and preferences: men to men, men to woman, couple-sharing, woman to woman, group, public, cyber, and all the things you could ever possibly think of. The crowd on this site does not seem to be bothered by social standards and are open to trying anything. 

The site attracts a lot of curious and daring individuals who want to explore more about what fetishes and kinks are and how they work. It also appeals to the LGBTQ community and thus has a lot of members that belong to this group as well.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up

Interested in Is the perfect place to find kinky friends? Learn everything about it in this review!❤️
  • A straightforward process that anyone can follow
  • Requires an email verification
  • Username needed for identification
  • Asks to fill out some basic info
  • Quick registration process has a no-fuss registration process that will only take at least five minutes to complete. If you already know what you are looking for in this site, you might even finish it in lesser time. 

Unlike usual dating sites that ask a lot of questions, is only interested to know a few important information about you. Upon signing up, you are to fill out fields that require you to specify your location, birthday, and some details on your sexual preferences. The site is open to all gender identities, so you must indicate how you identify yourself from the very beginning. 

You are also given the chance to specify who you are interested with and what you are looking for on the site. has a pre-made list of answers for this section, so all you have to do is select the best items that describe what you want. Here are some of the things you might find there:

  • BDSM lovers - These are singles or couples who are into BDSM.
  • Kinky dates - Casual dates with kinky individuals.
  • Friends
  • NSA (no strings attached) - Casual relationships that can be sexual or not.
  • LTR (long-term relationships) - People looking for long-term commitments
  • Swingers - Someone who enjoys group sex and swapping sexual partners.
  • Pic exchange
  • Cybersex 
  • Events and places
  • Networking - Connect with professional kink and fetish masters.

If you are still exploring or isn't vocal about your secret kinks yet, you might worry that if you sign up on this site, people will know who you are. But good news, does not ask for your name. The site uses unique usernames for identification and has an email verification process for all its aspiring members.

Making Contact

Interested in Is the perfect place to find kinky friends? Learn everything about it in this review!❤️
  • Has an instant messaging function
  • Members can join public chatrooms
  • Has various ways for interaction
  • Quick matching option available
  • Public timeline for user updates

"Do I need a to buy a subscription to talk to other members?" you might ask. This seems to be a primary concern people have when joining dating sites. Well, the answer to that is yes and no. has contacting features that are exclusive to paid members like initiating contact, but that doesn't mean that you won't have the chance to talk to other members. 

If you are a free user on the site, there are a lot of ways where you can show your interest and connect with other people. There are free chatrooms available for everyone to join. Most of the time, you will find the most active users here. The members on chatrooms are friendly that if you come and say "Hi," all the active members will greet you and include you in the conversation. If you're more of a lurker, you have to start learning how to say something when you're in a room. The site encourages interaction, so when it has detected that you have been idle for a certain period, you will be kicked out. But don't worry, you can still re-join any time you want.

If you are the type of person who prefers intimate chats, you might consider a premium or VIP membership. This will give you better privileges on messaging features. With a paid subscription, you can start a conversation with anyone through the site's IM function. You can also leave messages on people's walls and leave comments on photos. If you're feeling generous, you can also send gifts to other members that will cost you points depending on what gift you want to send. 

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Profile Quality

Interested in Is the perfect place to find kinky friends? Learn everything about it in this review!❤️
  • Social media-like layout
  • Profiles are well filled out
  • Pictures can be viewed for free
  • You can upload private photos
  • Profile can be edited and changed
  • List of kinks and interests are highlighted
  • The profiles are quite detailed

Although there is not much to fill out on your profile in,  members are quite descriptive and specific on their About Me section. So, despite the lack of areas where you can write your hobbies or your ideal types, you can still get a good grasp of what someone is like through the information they provide in their profiles.

Your profile section mostly contains the details that you have provided upon signing up. If you happen to have given information that doesn't reflect your wants and needs, you can easily change and update them anytime. You can even add a section that lists all the roles you play and the kinks and fetishes that you like. has a lively profile which sort of exudes a social media vibe. On your profile, you will see your profile stats, some pictures of people who checked you out, and the list of profiles you've visited. It even has a wall where other members can leave you a comment whenever they like. Aside from the profile photo, you can also upload a cover photo to spruce up your profile.  The site allows you to upload private photos that will only be visible to premium members. 

When you upload a photo, post a status, start a forum, or create a personal ad, it will be posted on the homepage of the site. There, other members can comment and rate the activity that you did. 


Interested in Is the perfect place to find kinky friends? Learn everything about it in this review!❤️
  • No app available
  • Has a good mobile adaptive site
  • All features available on the mobile version
  • The mobile site looks compact and organised
  • Easier access on chatrooms

Even though doesn't have an app, it has a pretty good mobile adaptive site that is optimised for both iOS and Android. It has a very similar look with the website version, only more organised and easier to browse through. All its functions are available in the mobile version, so you can still fully enjoy the site even when you're on-the-go.

If you enjoy chats and chatrooms, the mobile version might be fit for you. Messaging features, especially in chatrooms are easier to use in the mobile site. The mobile version shows a live flow of the conversations, unlike in the desktop version where you have to click on a button before your chat gets updated.

Real Life Review

"I have nothing but love for this site! I feel so free to express myself and my deepest desires here more than i do in any sites I have ever joined. It does not alienate even the rarest of kinks and that is really something. The members are friendly and are quite chatty especially in the chatrooms. It is always so refreshing to be on this site!" - freedanips, 25

Design and Usability

When it comes to design and layout, knows how to make itself stand out among other adult dating sites. Even with black as its main colour, the site remains lively and fun. It uses a bright shade of magenta and hints of neon green to highlight menus and important details. proves that not all kink-based site is dark and intimidating. Its bright, user-friendly, and welcoming interface will make you want to be part of this site even more. The web design is simple and engaging which, therefore, adds a plus factor that encourages people to interact with each other. 

Navigating through the site will be easy for you if you are used to social media networking sites like Facebook. It's hip, modern, and a breath of fresh air among all other fetish sites. Costs and Prices

Free Services
  • Sign up
  • Browse profiles
  • Reply to messages
  • Access Magazines
  • Join chatrooms
  • Use advanced search options
  • Create hot events and sexy pace
  • Test now for free
Fee based Services
  • Initiate contact
  • Leave comments on timelines
  • Send spanks
  • Read receipts
  • Comment on images
  • Priority in 'Who's Online'
  • Create Chatrooms
Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
Premium Membership (via credit or debit card)
12 Months4.49 € / Month53.90 €
6 Months5.98 € / Month35.90 €
3 Months7.50 € / Month22.49 €
1 Month60.00 € / Month60.00 €
Premium Membership (via invoice)
10 Months5.00 € / Month50.00 €
Premium Membership (via PaySafe card)
12 Months7.49 € / Month89.90 €
VIP Membership (via credit or debit card)
12 Months7.49 € / Month89.90 €
6 Months9.98 € / Month59.90 €
3 Months11.97 € / Month35.90 €
1 Month16.90 € / Month16.90 €
VIP Membership (via invoice)
12 Months8.33 € / Month100.00 €
VIP Membership (via Paysafecard)
12 Months8.33 € / Month100.00 €

Is expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers is inexpensive.
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Interested in Is the perfect place to find kinky friends? Learn everything about it in this review!❤️
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • Direct Debit
  • Paysafecard offers two different paid subscription types: VIP and Premium. Both offer good benefits and access to paid features. But if you want full access to everything, you will need a VIP subscription. If you are new and you are curious about what a premium account is like, all you have to do is wait until the site has completely verified your profile. Once you are through with this, the site will give you a free 14-day premium trial. This does not auto-renew so you don't have to worry about cancelling once the trial period is finished.

The price of a subscription depends on how long your commitment will be. The longer your commitment is, the cheaper your bill will be if you compute its cost per day. The price will also depend on what payment type you choose. Paying via a credit or debit card is cheaper compared to alternative options like Invoice or Paysafecard. 

Subscriptions don't cost that much and you could fully enjoy the site with one. Below are other pricing options you might want to consider.

Special Features

The site is quite simple so it only has a few but useful features. Check out what you could find on


Guess how kinky people show you interest? Yup, you got it right, Spanks! This is a heart-shaped icon found at the bottom of the member's profile pictures. It is a free feature, so everyone can send spanks to members they like.

Quick Kink

This function is pretty similar to the swipe-matching feature on dating apps but instead of swiping you have to click icons based on your judgment. If you like someone, you click the spank icon. But if you don't, you have to click the "x"' button.


The site publishes articles that contain tips on how to explore your sexual being. They publish different articles every week and they discuss different topics too. Their articles are well-written, and are relevant to everyone, both for exploring and experts!

List of Kinks and Fetishes

If you're new to the world of kinks and fetishes, and you want to learn more about it, then got your back. The site has a page that lists all the fetishes that exist and explains each one carefully. There are over 280 kinks and fetishes listed on the site. So you might want to read some and try if it will be your new thing.


If you are looking for friends and instant conversations, you might want to go check the site's chatrooms. There are different chatrooms you can join in, but the most popular one is the Lobby. This is usually where all of the active chatters are. 


Forums are where people discuss different questions and concerns about kinks and fetishes. Everyone can submit answers to any forum topic they choose, and they can start a new forum too. Members are quite active in responding to forum topics.

Our rating

Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
Making Contact: 4.0 / 5
Profile Quality: 3.5 / 5
App: 4.0 / 5
Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

Editors Conclusion Editor Chris Pleines is a site for the kink-curious and fetishist. It is where people come to find munches, kinksters, events, and many more. The site offers free registration to anyone and has free services that its members can enjoy. User-interaction will not leave you broke, as it gives opportunities for standard members to communicate with other members of the site. Its paid memberships are also quite affordable, so experiencing the site's full potential is possible. If you are looking for an open and welcoming site to express your deepest sexual desires, you might want to check out.
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How do I cancel my paid membership on

You can cancel your membership anytime you want. You can do this by hovering over your profile photo and select 'Edit my Profile' from the drop-down menu. Scroll down and look for the link that says 'My Membership.' There, you will find an option to edit or cancel your membership.

Can I choose if my membership renews automatically or not?

The autorenewal of membership on is only activated when you use your debit or credit card upon purchase. If you don't want your membership to renew every time it expires, you can choose to use the other payment options available.

Why are there two different membership subscriptions on

The site offers two subscriptions: VIP and Premium. They both have different scope and limitations when it comes to site privileges. 

Who can join

The site is open to anyone curious or interested in finding kinky friends or lovers given that they are above 18 years old.


What is 'Quick Kink' and how does it work?

This a quick way of connecting with new people on It is similar to swipe features on dating apps, where you decide who you like or not by clicking the spank icon or the "x" icon.

Who can activate photos on

Only Premium and VIP members that passed the profile verification check and the 18+check can activate photos.

Can I use the mobile version as a standard member?

Yes, you can. However, premium features on will remain inaccessible for you on this version.

What is photo-activation on

This feature enables you to view and categorise the images that members upload before they go live on the system. You will be able to see feedback from all the pictures you have activated.

Where can I find my Ignore List?

If you want to know who you have 'ignored' on, just go to 'Settings' and look for the 'Ignore List' option.

Can I edit my friend list?

Yes, you can edit your friend list on Just simply click on 'Friends' and look for the 'Who's Online?.' Select the friend you want to edit and click the 'Edit' button.

How can I start a private conversation?

There are three different ways to start a  private conversation on

1. Double click on the name in the members' list
2. Right-click on the member's name and select 'send a  private message.'
3. Click on the name in the member's list and look for the 1 to 1 chat.

How are photos categorised on

Photos are categorised into 3 different categorisations:
- SFW (Safe for Work)
- ASFW (Almost Safe for Work) 
- NSFW (Not Safe for Work)


What is 18+ check?

18+ check is a way to prove that you are of legal age to see the kinky and NSFW content on This was designed to protect minors and meet legal requirements.

Can I change my username on

Yes, you can change your username, but you can only change it once per year. 

How can I verify my profile?

To verify your profile you have to write your username and the current date on a paper and take a selfie while holding the paper up. Make sure that your face and the words on the paper are clear. Upload this on the verification page and wait until it's approved.

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