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  • Rich*** 63 years

    I have been a member for around three years and have had a lot of fun. I have met several women and couples. The filters and customisable searches m... ake it quite simpler to find potential matches with similar tastes in your area. Unlike many sites, there are no fake 'chatbot profiles', and most of the profiles are genuine people although some can turn out to be time wasters. The site can be used completely free of charge, but if you want to post or view videos, you do need to pay a very modest fee. (£5 for 60 days being the current minimum)The fact that new members can start chatting immediately without verification can lead to some misuse by unscrupulous individuals spoiling it for others, but the admin quickly removes the profiles. As long as you are wary of any non-verified accounts, you should be safe. Some new genuine female sign-ups are frighted away by the sheer number of messages they will get. «»

  • M****** 42 years

    I thank fabswinger is the best

  • Fimu*** 54 years

    The fabswingers admin are extremely nasty people who do not allow ANY deviation from their restrictive "rules". You also completely failed to mention ... that at least 80% of the users on that site are time wasters «»

  • Lott*** 30 years

    Enjoy this wedsite had fun on it before. lovely people on it , looking for abit of fun

  • fdgd*** 22 years

    A place for seedy timewasters. Even before a photo is uploaded onto the profile your inbox is filled with messages. Its a headache. Once messages are ... replied too you are in a chit chat set up with no real talk of a met. It seems alot of people have the wrong idea about what a swingers site is about. «»

  • Nath*** 47 years


  • Su***** 68 years

    I'm a 68 yr old single woman . Faithful to my ex for 35 yrs. I left him three yrs ago and despite having a great social life, never met any nice attr... active guys I was remotely interested in being intimate with . I'm not attracted to men my age AT. ALL!!!!!However what I discovered very unexpectedly, was that much younger guys really like older women . I have about six regular guys I see maybe once every 4/6 weeks. Married usually, they love their wives but the sex isn't as good or as frequent as they'd like it to be. I like them all very much ,they are good looking, fit and very very nice. Fab is the best thing that's happened to me . I wouldn't call it a dating site's an affair site. Well for me at least . «»

  • per**** 19 years

    Good experience need something new well trained

  • B****** 45 years

    A little bit but looking for more adventures

  • F****** 37 years

    Full of fake female /couples accounts

  • Jam**** 43 years

    Experience dood

  • Gasm*** 50 years

    Met a few ladies and couples through this site for both social and play dates it is a very safe and unique experience that I've enjoyed for 3 years

  • Gt***** 51 years

    I'm still waiting for a hook up

  • Li***** 40 years

    It's safe and free to use

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