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Doctors Matrimony is a niche matrimony portal from The dating site caters specifically to Indian doctors so they can find the right partner to spend the rest of their lives with.

For over seven years, has been successful in matching people together. They have expanded to over 3000+ associates, 130+ company-owned retail outlets serving over 5 million active members. The site does not only offer a platform for online dating services but also, has an assisted service where relationship managers matchmake on your behalf.

Doctors Matrimony offers so much promise to its users – but can American doctors also find the one from the platform?

New members at Doctors Matrimony in June 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Doctors Matrimony are developing compared to others

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Doctors Matrimony Members

7,000 from United Kingdom
Members activity
500 daily logins
Gender Proportion
41 %
59 %
  • Most members are from India or are of Indian descent
  • Members are practicing doctors
  • Small user base
  • Some member accounts are handled by a relationship manager
  • Members are looking to find someone to marry

It seems that you won’t find any other nationalities in Doctors Matrimony except for Indian members. The site is specifically launched for Indian doctors living all over the world. So if you’re an American who wants to find an Indian wife or husband, we are not entirely sure if that will work on this dating site.

Most members are active on the site and are serious about getting the perfect match. Some members have relationship managers, meaning they availed themselves of the upgraded premium membership. These relationship managers handle their account for them. Some profiles on the dating site are managed by their parents or friends. Don’t worry if the user didn’t sign up for him or herself, as it is indicated on their profiles.


Doctors Matrimony Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

How to Sign Up for Doctors Matrimony

Doctors Matrimony Signup
  • Long sign-up process
  • You can sign up for your family member or friend
  • Uploading profile photo is required
  • SMS verification required to use the site

Doctors Matrimony is a dating site that aims to match professional doctors together for marriage. You can sign up for yourself, your sister, brother, daughter, son, relative, or friend as well. Just choose who the account is for and the gender at the landing page upon registration. You also need to provide a name and a mobile number at this stage.

Once you complete the initial registration form, the dating site will take you through a somewhat lengthy signing up process. The first phase will ask you to provide basic details such as date of birth, religion, caste, mother tongue, email address, and password you’re going to use to login to the site. Declaring your caste is required – which is why we think that this dating site caters more to Indians than Americans.

The next part is disclosing your personal details such as current marital status, height, family status – whether you’re middle class, upper-middle class, or rich/affluent, your family type – whether you have a joint family or a nuclear family, and physical status – if you’re normal or physically disables.

Afterward, you have to provide information about your religion such as your religion caste, star, rassi, gothram, manglik, and if you’re willing to marry from other castes or strictly from the same caste only. These details are required.

Next is to provide details about your education and employment status – whether you’re still an intern, fellow, or a doctor working at a public or private hospital. Doctors Matrimony says that these details will help them to get you like-minded matches.

The last part of the registration process will ask you to write a brief introduction about yourself. Doctors Matrimony provides you with a draft based on the details you put during the registration process. Then you also need to upload a profile photo.

After the registration process, the dating site will take you to your profile and ask you to complete your profile. You can skip this if you’re not ready, but if you’re serious about finding a match through this site, it’s best if you fill it out.

You have to verify your mobile number to continue using the site. Your profile will not be live until your account is verified through SMS.

Making Contact on Doctors Matrimony

Doctors Matrimony Contact
  • Many contacting features available
  • All contacting features are for premium paying members only
  • View your matches for free

Doctors Matrimony offers its members many contacting features that can help you find a husband or a wife. However, only premium paying members can use all of them. Here are the contacting features of Doctors Matrimony dating site:


Your matches in Doctors Matrimony are found on the home page and in the Matches tab. In the Matches tab, you will find two lists, which are:
* Preferred Profiles - a list of profiles that fit your ideal match based on the details you disclosed during the registration process.
* Matchwatch Profiles - a list of profiles based on the details you input on the partner preference part in your profile.

For both matches list, you can do bulk action of sending interest to all profiles, shortlist some profiles, and mark profiles as viewed so they would no longer show up in your list.


You can let another member know that you are interested in him or her by clicking the “Yes” option under the question “Interested in him/her” found on their profile or in the matches list. By clicking “yes,” the other member will be notified. Should he or she accept your interest, you are then able to chat with one another.

Declaring your interest before messaging is a good alternative move if you’re shy to send a message or if you want to check the other member’s response first.


You can send a message by clicking the envelope button found on your match’s profile or profile entry in your matches list. You could keep track in your inbox if your message were accepted and seen, declined, or is still pending to be viewed. Your messages are organized in folders according to the status, and you’ll also see your filtered messages and requests.


On the right side of the webpage is an instant chat feature you can use if your matches are online. The chat feature organizes your matches based on four categories: Contacted Members, Shortlisted Members, Preferred Matches, and Pending Interests. You can chat with any of your matches if they are online.


Some members put their mobile numbers on their profiles. You can view their numbers or directly send them an SMS by clicking the phone icon found on their profile or profile entry. Some members put the number of their “Relationship Manager”, a person from Doctors Matrimony that handles their account for them. Having a Relationship Manager is a perk of upgraded premium membership.


There is a search tab that you can use for free in Doctors Matrimony. You can use the Regular Search, which includes basic search filters such as age, height, marital status, caste, country, education, and mother tongue. The Advanced Search offers a more extensive set of search filters that dive into more specific details about religion, lifestyle, and occupation. Both the Regular and Advanced Search functions have an option wherein it won’t include the profiles you’ve already interacted with.

You can also search by keyword and Matrimony ID on Doctors Matrimony.

Doctors Matrimony Profile Quality

Doctors Matrimony Profile
  • Member profiles are very detailed
  • Currently online indicator available
  • Viewing of profiles is free
  • Contact details are only visible for premium members

    You can view profiles on Doctors Matrimony even if you have a free membership. However, the details you see are limited to the other members’ basic details, personal introduction paragraph, religious and professional information, location, and lifestyle. If you wish to see his or her interests, you need to request for it.

    You can find a checklist on other members’ profiles that lists down your match preferences. If you and the other member match in each preference, you’ll see a checkmark beside it.

    If you want to skip to the next profile, you can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the member profile. In there, you’ll find the next profile and the next, and the next. It’s an infinity loading of matched profiles.

    Doctors Matrimony Costs and Prices

    Free Features
    • Registration
    • Browsing Profiles
    Premium Features
    • All contacting features
    • View complete profiles

    Is Doctors Matrimony expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers Doctors Matrimony is in the upper midfield.

    Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
    3 Months43.33 USD / Month130.00 USD
    6 Months38.33 USD / Month230.00 USD
    3 Months53.33 USD / Month160.00 USD
    3 Months66.33 USD / Month199.00 USD
    6 Months56.67 USD / Month340.00 USD
    6 Months45.00 USD / Month270.00 USD
    Assisted Service
    3 Months150.00 USD / Month450.00 USD
    6 Months133.33 USD / Month800.00 USD
    1 Year1,500.00 USD / Year1,500.00 USD
    Doctors Matrimony Cost
    Payment Options
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    • Via Mobile Phone

    You need a premium membership to use any of Doctors Matrimony's contacting features. The price of membership can be a little steep, which is why Doctors Matrimony offers discounts to sincere members who don't want to invest that much money on the site at first. They have a very active customer service who will reach out to you if they see you being active on the site using a free membership.

    Besides the premium membership and the Assisted Service offer, they also have add-on packs:

    42USD for Profile Highligher which highlights your profile as an ad at the top of other members' lists.

    36USD for Top Placement which puts your profile at the top of your matches' lists.

    17USD for Astro Match which provides you with 50 real time horoscopematching.

    Membership is renewed for the same price and same package, unless you received a discounted offer from Doctors Matrimony. If you did get a discount, the subscription will renew at regular price. You can cancel anytime by going int your account settings. You can enjoy the perks of having a premium membership until your next billing cycle.

    Special Features

    Doctors Matrimony offers one special feature for an upgraded, personalized membership plan.

    Assisted Service

    Doctors Matrimony offers an Assisted Service to members who don't have the time to manage their own accounts and find themselves a match. Assisted Service give paying members their own Relationship Manager. The Relationship Manager will manage your matches and will be the initial point of contact should another member messages your profile. You have the option to take it from there or keep your connections handled by your dedicated Relationship Manager.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 5.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 4.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion

    Chris Pleines, Author at
    Chris Pleines
    Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
    Overall, Doctors Matrimony is a promising site for doctors who want to marry. However, during our test, we determined that the site is specifically made for Indian doctors. Therefore, American doctors wouldn't find that much use in this site. Right up at the registration process, you already need to provide some details about your caste and religion – which most Americans don't have. However, if you are Indian living in the United States, you'll find great outcomes through the site.If you're looking for other dating sites that would better match your needs, check out our other dating sites reviews!

    Doctors Matrimony FAQ


    Who owns Doctors Matrimony?

    Doctors Matrimony is owned by LLC.

    Is Doctors Matrimony an online dating site?

    Yes, Doctors Matrimony is an online dating site where doctors can meet and find their match.

    Do I have to be a doctor to sign up in Doctors Matrimony?

    Yes, Doctors Matrimony is an online dating site specifically for doctors.

    Is Doctors Matrimony a legitimate dating site?

    Doctors Matrimony is a legitimate dating site. It is registered under LLC.

    Is using Doctors Matrimony free?

    Signing up for Doctors Matrimony is free. However, use of the platform needs a premium membership.


    How do I find matches on Doctors Matrimony?

    You can find matches in Doctors Matrimony by going through the Matches tab or simply just browsing on your home page feed.

    Can I message a match for free?

    Unfortunately, all contacting features of Doctors Matrimony are only for premium-paying members.

    Does Doctors Matrimony offer instant chat?

    Yes, Doctors Matrimony offers instant chat for members who are currently online. However, you can only chat with matches who accept your invitation to chat.

    Does Doctors Matrimony offer video chat?

    The platform of Doctors Matrimony does not support video chats.

    Can I view profiles for free on Doctors Matrimony?

    Yes, you can browse and view profiles for free on Doctors Matrimony.


    Is it safe to use Doctors Matrimony?

    You can never be 100% safe when using any online dating site. You have to be cautious and vigilant of other users who are there to scam. But of course, you can make use of the safety features the site offers such as the block and report buttons.

    How do I block a user in Doctors Matrimony?

    You can block a profile in Doctors Matrimony by clicking the 'Block' option found under the drop down list on his or her profile.

    I feel uncomfortable, how do I report a user in Doctors Matrimony?

    If another member is making you uncomfortable, you can email Doctors Matrimony about your complaint. Don't forget to note the Matrimony ID of the other member!

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