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Very Bad
  • Ja***** 30 years

    ?to much downtime. sending pics isnt working

  • Jo***** 19 years

    You can send picsEverything. It freezes every 30 seconds and stays like that fior several minutes - that's if you can get it to open at all. Often th... e site is down. Also they ban you for no reason. It's also full of spam promoted by Chatiw. «»

  • Em***** 45 years

    Clearly laid out, people from all over the world, facility to send image filesThe site locks up for minutes at a time, clears for a couple of minutes... then locks up again. Don't click on Chat history as this will certainly lock up. The site will also ban you for 48 hours for no apparent reason. It's terrible. «»

  • Em***** 27 years

    It allows image files to be uploaded.It often doesn't load. As soon as you do manage to enter the chatroom, you are beset by fake messages from so ca... lled females that are invitations to porn sites. But the worst failing is that every two minutes, the site freezes for some time. Another irritation is the readiness of the site to ban you for 48 hours for no apparent reason. Avoid it and certainly don't pay a subscription. And don't use the beta version: it's even more awful. «»

  • Pars*** 28 years

    Very nice app and web side because I am very interested in this side and happy

  • Hors*** 34 years

    It's very nice

  • Jo***** 48 years

    They just love to ban you! I'm tired of it when I've done nothing on the site to warrant it. don't go there - you'll end up angry and frustrated, bann... ed for two days. And as for the fake scams posing as girls... «»

  • Doro*** 64 years

    It likes to ban you for no reason. If you reply to messages too quickly, it bans you. If you block too many people because they are fake, it bans you.... If you sneeze, it bans you. Then you are locked out, mid chat, for 48 hours. And then there is their so called beta version. Oh dear. Slow, clunky and crams previous contacts so close that they are unreadable. When it works - fine. But beware of the ban. And there are more and more scammers on the site posing as women. Avoid it. «»

  • Robe*** 42 years

    I found the service to be full of people more interested in taboo sex than seriously looking for a relationship. As a man I was more likely to be cont... acted by a bot than a female and more likely to be contacted by a man interested in my children than a female.If you want to discuss fantasy and quite possibly illegal activities then this is the site for you. They have a lot to clear up before this become a serious site for meeting anyone. «»

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