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Very Bad
  • Joe *** 35 years

    Very littlePrice is much, much higher than shown on datingscout, initial teaser messages are fakes (test and compare you’ll see), app not available i... n UK. Ultimately, garbage. «»

  • max**** 45 years

    My experiences is poor as it's all about the fake profile waste of money and time would never recommend this site to anybody and it's not clear when ... you upgrade I had to cancel my my subscription is they wanted to charge me over £100.00 I will be never use this site again «»

  • j****** 60 years

    Total scam, nearly all profiles are false and lead you off site for money scams or just disappear if not on hangouts. Also, the site set up does not a... llow cancellation and they just take a recurring payment from your C.C. so you need to block them before they take it a week before the previous months expires. Avoid it like the plague! «»

  • Kev**** 58 years

    The vast majority of the women on this site seem to be wanting money or bizarrely, I-Tunes gift cards or Steam Cards. The same pattern repeats over a... nd over again with different women. It seems to me to be a scam or even possibly organised crime.The same pattern is followed. A brief conversation on the website, followed by moving offsite, - usually to Hangouts or Whatsapp or chatting by e-mail. After a few days, the inevitable question comes - can you help me out, I need £x to help me pay for (my phone to continue chatting, to help me make video calls, to pay fees for my father's estate so I can get the money he left me, or various other excuses).When I say I have a firm principle that I do not send money or gift cards to someone I haven't met, the conversation ceases. Sometimes they try to persuade you to send them money using emotional blackmail.In summary - this site is a complete waste of time and money. «»

  • Kev**** 58 years

    I have had very mixed experiences on this website. Plenty of brief chats on the site, but when moving offsite to use other chat apps such as WhatsApp ... or Kik or Hangouts, I have experienced worrying developments.I would say about 75% of the women have spun me a story about being abroad and needing money for various reasons, or have asked me to send them I-Tunes gift cards or Steam cards. I've looked this up and it seems it's a well known scam although I don't know exactly how the scam works.I have refused to send, give or lend money to women who I haven't yet met and some of them become quite "pushy" and try emotional blackmail to persuade you to send gift cards or money.There have been a few more "normal " women on the site and I have met a few, but the chemistry / mutual attraction has not quite been there. Time will tell if I manage to find the right one! «»

  • Arno*** 46 years

    It's a rubbish site. The matching algorithm is BAD. There is no search feature. Their approved profile photos is draconian.I found 1 person nearby tha... t matched but they have a hidden photograph via that pre-determined algorithm.. I had one match on another island. These out of country websites really need to learn their geography. Hawaii's islands are not connected by bridges. The free premium membership trial is not worth the effort. I'v already asked to cancel it and have my entire profile permanently deleted. You have a better chance of actually finding more people on Instabang or LocalSexbook.. «»

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