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Very Bad
  • Juli*** 0 years

    Nothing Monthly pay £59.99 to meet NO oneNothing Monthly pay £59.99 to meet NO one

  • arav*** 26 years

    best for sex

  • Fren*** 38 years

    Personally I joined bumble for more of a serious connection. All I get him return are pervs and most men wanting to talk dirty with in 5 minutes of co... nvo «»

  • C****** 36 years

    Absolutely terrible. Don't go anywhere near Bumble. They encourage you to sign up for a 'Boost' service and it looks like a one-off service. However, ... it automatically renews and takes £7.99 from you EVERY WEEK. It is very difficult to unsubscribe from. I deleted the app months ago and yet they continued to take money out which they have refused to refund. They have cost me more than £300! «»

  • C****** 58 years

    My road which only has 4 houses on it, comes up automatically on my profile, which is absolutely ridiculous on a dating site (you don't enter location... details yourself). My profile is not linked to Facebook or Instagram (which I don't have). I complained and this was Bumble's reply -"I am sorry if this feature has made you feel uncomfortable, but at this time there is no option to manually set your location. We totally see where you're coming from, and we're doing our best to accommodate this issue, and will have an update for you if it changes."I replied that I was not happy with their response and asked them to pass my complaint to someone in authority. That was 3 days ago and I have not heard anything.How can a dating site or app think it's OK to broadcast the road where you live .....! «»

  • B****** 43 years

    Not a great app, even in 2018! The only guy I decided to chat with during my free trial turned out to be a convicted criminal. Ideal really for an app... which allegedly offers women control. Nice concept, just a gimmick to name money sadly «»