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Very Bad
  • Jes**** 31 years

    The site works well. Thank you for your service. It's interesting to date online here.Non yet

  • D****** 39 years

    I struck up a couple of conversations in the early days, which petered out. Soon, I was getting messages from people who hadn't even looked at my prof... ile, while all the ones who had, never got back to me.You CAN'T cancel your membership online, you have to phone an internationnal number! «»

  • Fr***** 55 years

    More scammers than actual profiles.. and what was there wasn't exactly enticing... Most of the profiles are looking for a new partner after divorce an... d it's not so naughty as one would expect... Trying to stop automatic resubscribing is a bloody nightmare, as all "admin" staff are foreign and difficult to understand when phoning to stop the subscription who try to entice or put you onto one of their "sister sites" at full cost! Basically it's a rip-off!! Steer well clear !! «»

  • Chri*** 50 years

    Easy to use ,the downside is you are chatting to a lovely lady and she invites you to another site for an additional cost to be blunt i found talking ... to the uglier ladys was more of a turn on,without being invited to another site.i was worried about the billing maybe charging me for each chat but they dont.i cancelled my subscription today after abot four days ,it was a bit of a nightmare doing this but ended up calling an 0808 number and talking to an operater who couldnt soeak good ive cancelled i do miss it.had some good chats with some very horny old gals who were willing to show you every thing in does take up a lot of your time if you are just using it to get off on like i was. I might go back someday soon but limit my use on it. «»

  • Ramb*** 69 years

    A lot of other sites list this one as pure scam - I'm not so sure since I've managed to swap phone and email details with a couple of ladies. However,... I suspect that a lot of the messages you get, as in 'I see you've browsed me, What do you think of my profile?' are computer-generated, as is the sexy chat which can sometimes be VERY sexy, so worth it for the fun aspect even though you suspect that the person at the other end could well be a 'bot' or worse still, some sweaty geezer! At least I've extended my repertoire of what the next lady to be in bed with me is going to benefit from! In general, be realistic - for example, I'm 69 looking for women in the 55-70 bracket. Why in God's name would a 20-year-old with ten ever more gynaecological photos on show be interested in me? Why in fact would someone that attractive be on a site like this at all? I struggled to make sure that my first month's billing wouldn't repeat - it involves phoning them. Since then, I seem to in a state of purdah - my chats, either the ones I've started or the replies I've sent only get 'delivered' not read. I feel sorry for any genuine women on this site, although at least they didn't have to pay unlike us men! As a rule, I've only chatted 'properly' with ladies who only have a head and shoulders single photo which is the case with the two I've contacted outside of the site. As for the rest, with their genitalia in full bloom and on show to the world, well I've been as rude as I know with them! Yet more evidence of fake profiles - at least two of the users have used photos of a soft porn model, Jan Burton. «»

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