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Very Bad
  • Pet**** 56 years

    I've been using Ashley Madison for about five years and have met two ladies, one resulted in a sexually active relationship that lasted about two year... s and the other is also a sexual reactive relationship that is ongoing. So I would say the site does work. It has relatively few members where I live and you therefore have to wait until a suitable person joins rather than searching through a large database. However, the pricing structure, which charges you for messages rather than for a monthly membership is ideally suited for this situation. Its overriding advantage. from my point of view, though, is that the site has not been dishonest. I have not been swamped with fake profiles operated by bots or Ashley, Madison employees and this is quite unusual in this market. Broadly I recommend it but it's a long-term project rather than a quick hookup site.As is characteristic of this market, there is a large preponderance of men on the site with a male to female ratio in my area of around 3:1. I have found the other sites with a more favorable male to female ratio achieved that primarily through a large number of fake female profiles. So I see this as evidence of the site's basic honesty.The profile details you can find out by searching are very limited and the business model charges you for contacts rather than for membership so getting further information does cost, but I think this is more a feature of the market than it is of Ashley Madison in particular. «»

  • choc*** 54 years

    Unless you are a hardened, seasoned, dating site user, this is not for you. The normal guy off the street dont stand a chance, profiles are examined b... y what I can only describe as serial dating women and the best man wins. My opinion is to find a hooker or escort it is less hassle. Was here before and met a lovely lady, twice since and have been a wast of money time and effort, the site has gone to the dogs i'm afraid, save your money. «»

  • Anth*** 48 years

    I wish I'd have read your review before joining.Early days yet but I found some elements not explained well.

  • plan*** 63 years

    I'm 63 but still receive large numbers of out of area and catfish messages that I ignore. Having said that I've had seven enjoyable sexual relationshi... ps - I've had sex with about half of the women I've met up with i.e. 7/15. Overall satisfied. The app needs improvement. «»

  • Mich*** 51 years

    Ashley Madison has the potential to be a good site but the design is so poor that it is off putting to use. They have recently redesigned the site and... unfortunately in my opinion it is much worse. «»

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