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Very Bad
  • Raym*** 35 years

    Been a member a few times and the site interface and generally aesthetic has not changed in 2-3 years. Very small active female population and dread t... o think how big the active male population. The search function is massively archaic, you should be able to search for a variety of things and not just based off location. I.e. what type of relationship are people after, paying/nonpaying customers, search by best feature etc Trying to unsubscribe is an absolute nightmare. You have to call (just comes across as the company is banking on the fact people would rather keep paying than call someone to cancel), why isn't more user friendly?! You call the number and EVERYTIME "operators are currently busy answering other calls" really? For a whole day? Just awful customer service. «»

  • Loui*** 40 years

    Its easy to use30-40 women online over a 24 hour period compared to 480+ guys...tells its own story about why nothing happens on that site.

  • Chri*** 30 years

    Simple and easy to use, but once again another dating website that wants to give you an opportunity to find companionship...for a hefty price. Adult F... riend Finder atleast gives you the opportunity to start a conversation for free and this site could use a 5 free message system to see if there is even a point in buying a membership.The members on the site are varied however the people who are online within the past 2 weeks is under 75 users and the other 2000 members havent been online in 3 plus months. Of the 75 users on the site around 30 are constantly on just for the chat, 30 are looking for young Brad Pitt, leaving you around 15 genuine with genuine intentions where you have to hope your their type.As i say your odds would be better on something like Adult Friend Finder with the free messaging system there. «»

  • Step*** 29 years

    I have been a member of Toyboy Warehouse twice now, and I have some criticisms of the site. First of all when you are on the search page you dont know... the woman on the site has got a subscription or not, which is needed by either party to read messages, so you never know if you are going to get a response or not. Even if you do message a woman who does have a Subscription its a very small chance that they are going to reply anyway. The women who are using Toyboy Warehouse today have been on since the first time ive been a member 12 months previous. £25 spent here seems to be money wasted, I should have learned my lesson. «»

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