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Pink Sofa Review June 2024: Scam or Real Dates?

Finding a partner, whether for a serious relationship or mere casual dating, is not easy. It may even be harder for people who are too shy to initiate a conversation. What more if you do not know who to approach? This can be true to a lot of people.

Good thing, the world is coping with the rise of online dating platforms that recognise and address the dating needs of the lesbian and gay communities.

Pink Sofa is one dating site that caters explicitly to lesbians and bisexuals. Founded by Liz James in 1999, the dating site aims to support and establish a feeling of belongingness to women who find it difficult to connect with other women. A comfortable space where women can freely meet and catch up is what Pink Sofa wants to share to the community.

To know more about Pink Sofa, read further and find out what you might like about this website.

New members at Pink Sofa in June 2024 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Pink Sofa are developing compared to others

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Pink Sofa Members

90,000 from United Kingdom
Members activity
4,500 new members per month
  • Has around 500,000 members worldwide
  • Members are interested in serious dating
  • With around 18,500 unique visitors per month
  • Countries with the highest users come from Australia, US, and UK

Since Pink Sofa claims to be the largest online lesbian community. The average age of its members is 33 years old. The existence of fake profiles hardly seems to exist, which is probably because of Pink Sofa's approval system.

Pink Sofa members seem to be looking for a serious relationship and interested in meeting up. Most members have premium subscriptions. This may be because you can hardly communicate with other members if you are a free member.


Pink Sofa Age Range and Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

How to Sign Up for Pink Sofa

  • New accounts require approval within up to 12 hours
  • Register through Facebook via mobile phone
  • There are 3 steps to create your account: Sign Up-Create Profile-Add Photo
  • Your profile and photo will not be shown to other members until they get approved

To create an account with Pink Sofa, you will be required to sign up using a username and a password. Noticeably, with its website's mobile version, you can link your account to your email address or Facebook account. Before you can proceed, you will first need to complete the process from signing up to filling out the profile information and adding a profile photo.

Although its homepage indicates that Pink Sofa is for "lesbians 30 and over," you can create an account as long as you are at least 18 years old. You will have to write a description about yourself and answer a few basic questions upon signing up. Other data will also be asked from you such as employment, income, your habits, and interests, which are optional.

While waiting for the approval of your account, which will take up to around 12 hours, you may already explore the site. However, you will not be able to communicate with other members yet.

Making Contact on Pink Sofa

  • You must be a premium member to be able to send and receive messages
  • There is a community section where you can connect with other members
  • Anyone can send smiles to any member
  • Customisable search criteria
  • The site shows the members who are online

    Start interacting with other members once your profile has been approved. There are different kinds of search functions that you may choose from.

    Free Search

    Pink Sofa's free search will let you show members who are currently online or those who are near you, those who are available for instant message, and even the new members.

    Username Search

    You may look for a specific member by searching the username. You can use this search function for free.

    Quick Search and Advanced Search

    You may customise your search criteria by adding a location, indicating age range, sexuality, your purpose of joining Pink Sofa, among others. Your search criteria can also be saved if you want to use the same criteria again later on.

    Subscribing to a premium will let you send messages to members that you like. You will also be able to receive messages. However, if you are a basic member, you may only send and receive smiles to let other people know that you are interested.

    You may also mingle with other members by liking and commenting on their posts in the Chit Chat section if you are a premium member. Pink Sofa also has a forum that covers a variety of topics that members can discuss with each other.

    Pink Sofa Profile Quality

    • Detailed profile information
    • There is an option to hide photo
    • It is free to view other members' profile
    • Simple and straightforward profile layout
    • The profiles are quite detailed
    • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

    Pink Sofa allows members to showcase very detailed information about themselves on their profile. This information includes name, age, location, purpose for joining Pink Sofa, when the member was last active and description about herself. Your profile photo can be seen as long as you did not set it otherwise.

    There is another section in your profile entitled "My Life." This section includes your identity, 'how out,' interests, appearance, starsign, habits, employment and children. If you want to discuss more things like your favourite thing or food, how your friends describe you, or the most important thing in your life, you can add them in the "More about me" section.

    Since only one profile photo is allowed to be uploaded at a time, no profile picture will be shown on your profile until the newly uploaded photo has been approved. But no need to worry if you want to show your funny or other types of personality - aside from the profile photo, members can upload gallery photos. Premium members can upload up to 30 photos while basic members can upload only up to three photos.

    Pink Sofa App

      Pink Sofa does not have a mobile application. Nevertheless, it can be accessed through its site's mobile version. The mobile version pretty has all the information and features of the desktop version of Pink Sofa. 

      Pink Sofa Costs and Prices

      Free Features
      • View profiles
      • Send Smiles
      • Add to Friend List
      • Add to Saved List
      Premium Features
      • Send and receive messages
      • Join in Chit Chat and Forums
      • Customer service access
      • Priority in search listing

      Is Pink Sofa expensive or cheap?

      In comparison to other providers Pink Sofa is in the upper midfield.

      Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
      Pink Sofa Premium
      12 Months6.17 EUR / Month74.00 EUR
      3 Months15.67 EUR / Month47.00 EUR
      1 Month22.00 EUR / Month22.00 EUR
      Payment Options
      • Credit Card

      Pink Sofa has above average rates on its premium membership. Just like any other subscription, its 12-month plan will save you around 70% as compared to its per month subscription.

      If you choose to purchase either the 1-month or 3-month plan, be sure to check your subscription before your plan ends if you do not want to have it renewed. These plans have auto-renew settings, unlike the 12-month plan.

      Special Features

      Pink Sofa has some special features that could not be missed. Check these out below.

      New Members Search

      As mentioned above, Pink Sofa has several search options. One of these is the new members search. So if you're up to finding the new girl on Pink Sofa, try this search option.

      Send Smile

      Non-premium members cannot send or receive messages. Nevertheless, the 'Send Smile' feature allows them to start contact with other members that they are interested in.

      Gift Subscription

      Usually, members purchase subscriptions for themselves. But for Pink Sofa, it is something that can be sent as a gift. If you see a regular member but can't send a message, a gift subscription may be the best way to approach and get in touch.

      Chit Chat

      This feature is like a post where users can start a thread about certain topics. It is a good way to initiate a conversation with other members.

      Our rating

      Signing Up: 3.5 / 5
      Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
      Profile Quality: 4.0 / 5

      Editor's Conclusion

      Chris Pleines, Author at
      Chris Pleines
      Founder of Datingscout and Author of the book "Online Dating for Dummies"
      Overall, Pink Sofa serves its purpose of creating a safe and comfortable platform where lesbians and gay women can meet and date. Its profile screening makes it less prone to fake users and scammers. However, to interact and communicate more with other members and enjoy most of its features, you must subscribe for a premium. You may want to check out the other LGBT Dating Sites that we have tested to find better deals.

      Pink Sofa FAQ


      What is PinkSofa?

      PinkSofa is an online dating site for women who are interested in lesbian fun dating or even a serious one.

      Is PinkSofa free?

      Creating an account with PinkSofa is free. For access to more site features, you may subscribe and may be required to pay monthly fees.

      Profile and Account Information

      How do I change my username on PinkSofa?

      Changing your username is very easy on PinkSofa. You just have to go to the settings section, then choose 'New username.'

      How do I change my email address on PinkSofa?

      To update your email address on PinkSofa, go to your settings then click 'Email Settings.'

      How to delete PinkSofa account?

      'Remove Profile' is available in your settings as well. Reinstatement of account can also be done by simply logging in on PinkSofa.

      How many profile photos can I have at PinkSofa?

      You are allowed to have one profile photo at a time on PinkSofa. If you wish to replace your profile photo, you may do so. But while waiting for the approval of your new photo, no image will be shown in your profile.

      Security and Privacy

      How do I change my password on PinkSofa?

      To change your password on PinkSofa, you may go to your settings and click 'Update Password.' 

      How do I hide my profile on PinkSofa?

      Your profile will not be shown from searches and online list when you hide your profile on PinkSofa. You can do this by selecting 'Hide Profile' under 'My Preferences' in your settings.


      How do I know someone has sent me a relationship request on PinkSofa?

      You will receive a message in your PinkSofa inbox that you have a relationship request through webmistress. A request notification will also appear on your profile page.

      Who can see my gallery on PinkSofa?

      You may allow any PinkSofa member to view your gallery, but you may also show it only to specific members. Blocked members may not see your gallery.


      How do I send a message to someone on PinkSofa?

      To send a message on PinkSofa, go to the profile of the member that you want to message. Click the 'Send Message' icon located under the profile photo. Note that you may only send smiles to regular members but not messages.

      Who can I send smiles to, and who can reply to my smiles on PinkSofa?

      All members may send and receive smiles from anyone on PinkSofa. The only exception is when you block a member or a member blocks you.

      How can I stop someone from sending me messages/smiles on PinkSofa?

      The block feature will let you restrict members from sending you messages/smiles on PinkSofa. You may find the block feature on the left side of your profile.

      Payment and Membership

      Will my credit card be automatically renewed when my PinkSofa subscription expires?

      Your subscription will automatically be renewed if you subscribe for 1 or 3 months on PinkSofa. To stop automatic renewal, you may change your settings by clicking 'Cancel Auto-Renewal' under 'My Subscription'.

      How do I purchase a gift subscription for someone on PinkSofa?

      On PinkSofa, you may not only get a subscription for yourself. You may also buy and send it as a gift. Just look for the 'Gift Subscription' link and type the name of the user who will be lucky to get your gift.

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