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Lumen Review August 2020

Lumen claims to be the first app-only dating service provider for people above 50 years old. It aims to connect seniors who are looking for their match. Its features allow members to have quality conversations with people near their area. Through the app, you can scroll through a number of seniors who are waiting to meet friends or future partners.

All profiles undergo a strict verification process to ensure members that the app is a safe place to find lasting connections. What makes the app stand out is that it is convenient and straightforward. It is perfect for young-at-heart old folks that are always on the go.

New members at Lumen in August 2020 in comparison

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  • Quick registration process
  • You can link your Facebook account to the your Lumen profile
  • You can sign up using your mobile number
  • It has a strict signing up and verification process
  • Selfie verification is required to get your photos approved
  • Upload at least two photos upon signing up
  • Profiles are regularly checked
Lumen Sign Up

The Lumen app offers two different ways for you to create an account. You can choose to link your existing Facebook account or give your phone number. 

If you choose to link your Facebook account, the app automatically syncs your basic information such as your first name and birthdate. On the contrary, if you choose to register using your phone number, you need to manually provide your details.

Thereafter, you have to upload at least two photos for identification purposes. Next, you need to verify the photos you uploaded by taking a selfie. 

The registration process is easy, but the security is strict that it may get in the way and may be difficult for the older audience to follow.

Profile Information

  • Profiles are detailed
  • Only six image slots available
  • Everyone can see other members' uploaded photos
  • Every user is required to upload at least three photos
  • All users are verified and legit
Lumen Profile

Lumen has strict security procedures that make it impossible for fakes and bots to join. New members have to go through image verification and identification before they can complete their profile. If you don’t go through this process, you may not use the app.

The app conducts regular checks to maintain safety within its community. The moderators can still suspend already approved profiles once the profile owners violate a rule. You may also block or report a member who you find suspicious or rude.

As to the detailedness of the profiles, it depends on the amount of information that a user is willing to share. Most users fill out their ‘About Me’ and ‘I’m looking for’ section, but a number of members have also answered the questions from the site. 

Contacting Members

  • Standard members can send messages to members they like
  • Anyone can initiate contact
  • Has a 72-hr timeframe for members to respond to initial messages
  • No swiping feature
  • You cannot send photos through messages
Lumen Message

Initiating contact in Lumen is not a problem even if you're just a standard member. Everyone can enjoy the app's messaging features. However, those that do not have a subscription are only limited to having five conversations per day. 

The app has a unique rule in creating new conversations. On your first message, or what the app calls "icebreaker," you are required to send a message that has at least 50 characters on it. The site also only allows people with profile pictures to send messages. This reassures members that they are having a conversation with someone who is already verified by the app.

Despite being known as the "Tinder for seniors," the site is entirely different in terms of finding matches and contacting members. Though your match suggestions in Lumen are based on your location, it does not have the prominent swiping feature that is present on most Tinder-like apps today. When looking for a match, you have to scroll through a list of people instead. 

Special Features


If you find a person attractive and interesting, you can add them to your favourite list. You can do that by tapping the star icon on the lower part of their profile.

72-hr Timeframe for Response

Lumen has a rule that you have to respond to messages you receive within 72 hours. If you fail to reply, the message will disappear from your inbox. This is to avoid overflowing unwanted messages in your inbox.

Icebreaker Messages

"Icebreaker" is the term used for the initial message you send to anyone. To do this, you can't simply just say "hi" because the app has a strict requirement of 50 characters per icebreaker; you better think of a pretty good conversation starter to get people to reply to you.

Field Test

"I think Lumen is promising, but it needs to get itself out there. Ideally, it is a good app, but since it's quite new, there aren't so many matches you can find (especially for me who's living in a small city). I have been on this app for weeks, yet I don't see new profiles every day.

 What I like about it, though, is the tightness of its security. I have not yet encountered a fake account, and it doesn't seem to have scammers who will try to get you to spend on them. I'm keeping the app in hopes of it becoming more known in the months to come. But for now, I'm sticking with the sites I usually use". -Jose (57)

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Costs and Prices

It is free to download and use the Lumen app for both Android and Apple users. All of its main features are available even for standard users, making it budget friendly. However, although the app allows everyone to use its features, there are limitations to how much you can enjoy.

Standard users are only given five free new conversations every day. If you want to exceed the five, you can opt to upgrade to premium. Lumen premium will not give you unlimited conversations. It only gives you a few extra conversations every day.

Premium also gives you the privilege to access the list of people who have added you to their favourites. Keeping conversations can last for three days for those who have upgraded their membership. If you want to upgrade your account, both the Apple Store and the Play Store offer in-app purchases for the subscription plans.  

The cost for its subscription is a bit confusing though. In the app itself, you will not find a list of its prices, but its FAQs section suggests that there are different premium plans for the app. 


Lumen's strength lies in its security and its functions that encourage meaningful conversations. It is quite good for an app that just recently been developed. But if you prefer to have more options with regards to the people you meet, then check out our Matchmaker category. There, you might find a  dating provider that best suits you.

Lumen FAQ

Account Management/ Usability

How can I become a Lumen member?

If you want to become a member, you have to be at least 50 years of age. Complete the registration, and you will have your profile!

Can I use Lumen if I'm under 50?

The app is exclusively designed for 50 years old and above. If your age does not meet the requirement, then you won't be able to use the app. 

Should I use my real name on the app?

Since Lumen is an honest place, you have to use your real name on the app. It will only ask for your first name, so no need to worry about anything. 

Can I change my location?

You cannot change your location as the app automatically generates it through GPS.


Who will be able to see my information?

Only Lumen members will have access to any information you disclose on the app. Outsiders will not be able to even take a glimpse on the profiles.

Why do I have to link my phone number or my Facebook account?

This is the app's security measures to prevent people from creating multiple accounts and fake profiles. It is a more convenient way for people to sign in to their Lumen accounts. 

Why didn't I receive my Lumen confirmation code?

Usually, you will receive the code after 45 seconds upon registration. If it hasn't come through, double check the phone number you have provided. If you still don't get the code, email them at support@lumenapp.com.

Why is photo verification required upon signing up on Lumen?

This process ensures that everyone who attempts to create an account on the app is legit. Your selfie will not be posted on your profile.


What should I write in the 'About Me' section?

This section is basically where other Lumen members base their judgement. If you want to have a good 'About Me' section, you have to write in detail important information about yourself (e.g. hobbies, beliefs, likes and dislikes, etc.)

How many photos do I have to upload on Lumen?

Upon registration, you need to upload three different photos of yourself. This is to show other singles what you look like. People with more photos receive more messages from other members.

Are there rules for the type of photos I can upload on Lumen?

You can add photos where people may have a clear view of your face or any image where people may see your full body. You can also add a picture of you with your friends and family.

I uploaded a photo but it was deleted. What caused this?

Photos get deleted if it violates the terms and conditions of Lumen. If the picture does not clearly show your face, it will be deleted. 

How do I delete my Lumen profile?

If you want to delete your profile, follow these steps:

  • Tap on 'Profile'
  • Go to the settings menu and select "Account"
  • Find the 'Delete Account' option at the bottom of the page
  • Tap it, and your account is deleted!

Premium Subscription

Is there a premium subscription for Lumen?

Yes, there is a premium subscription available on the app.

What can I benefit from upgrading to premium?

Premium users will enjoy more conversations than a standard member has. They also get a chance to see who has favourited them. 

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