Can't Find AdultFriendFinder App? Here's How!

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  • Mobile app for adult-dating and mature content
  • Members access through mobile website and app
  • Affiliated with Friend Finder Network
  • Accessed through All Friend Finder app
  • Mobile website only for Android users

In an era where quick service and ease of use are paramount, it's essential that UK products and services meet these expectations. This is particularly true in the online dating scene, which has evolved to include a variety of niche and interest-specific sites. AdultFriendFinder is here to serve this market, enabling users to find a date or casual hook-up with minimal effort.

What seems to be a PG name for adults who want to expand their social circle, Adultfriendfinder is not what you think it means. Beyond the wholesome-sounding name is a hookup or casual dating site for millennials. And because you’re always on the go so much, it’s on your phone too! 

AdultFriendFinder App—Where Can I Find It?

Now, if you looked up Adultfriendfinder on app store and google play and couldn't find it in their search result, don't fret! This article will help you navigate through it.

Just to give a quick overview, it's a part of the Friend Finder Network, a company that caters to individuals interested in adult and mature content as well as niche websites for alternative lifestyle and webcam sites. And AdultFriendFinder's offering isn't too far from that. You can read more about it in our review so you know exactly what it is.

With the majority of the site's members accessing it through their mobile devices, it is just right that there should be an app for it. However, you may access the it not through its own app, but through the All Friend Finder app—the one-stop-shop app of the Friend Finder Network. 


AFF Logo

Mobile accessibility is one of the advantages of AdultFriendFinder. Its full features are available on its desktop website. However, since the majority of their members access the site through mobile, it offers app access for iOS users through the FriendFinder Network's mobile app which is the All FriendFinder (AFF) app.

The available downloadable app and mobile-adaptive website are two of its great site features that users use all the time. These help its users to be always on-the-go through its mobile access. The app is linked on the website or you can also go to the app store to download it.


AdulftFriendFinder Three Way

As a casual dating app, AdultFriendFinder caters to an adult audience and has content to satisfy all of your sexual fantasies. It has over 130 million members worldwide making it one of the most popular casual dating apps out there.

The site enjoys an average monthly visit of 43 million users in the United States, Canada, Colombia, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Majority of these users are males in their 20’s and 30’s. This explains why the majority of their interests revolve around sex, adult content, entertainment, and technology. Over 3/4 of the members also access the site via mobile than they do on their computers.


Adultfriendfinder Couple Blindfold

AdultFriendFinder is a dating platform that helps users find a sexual partner either for long-term or short-term commitment through its many communication functions and features. It remains to be one of the most well-known sites for quickie encounters, regular hookups, and anything and everything that is related to sex.

On the site, you will find rowdy and raunchy posts from other members, jumbles of explicit photos and videos, and blatant invitations for sex. This is a haven for sex-positive individuals or even those who are just looking to have a good time.

The Mobile All FriendFinder Experience

Now with all these talks of the effectiveness of the site, the real question is: is there an app available for people who is always in a hurry? 

Yep! There is an app but only for iOS users. To download, simply go to your App Store, and search for All FriendFinder and download the app. You can log-in using your existing account or you may also create a new one. The app allows users to navigate through the site with ease and convenience anytime they want.

Take a look at what this casual-dating app offers to its members.


Adultfriendfinder Mobile Profile

One of the good things about this site is its all-in-one. This means that the FriendFinder app gives you access to any of its affiliated sites. A list of their sister sites appears below your phone screen. Drag the list up or down to choose the site you are a member of. For AdultFriendFinder, select and provide your username and password to log-in

Once you’re logged in, you will be redirected to your app’s homepage. On its homepage, you will find details about yourself and your account such as your username, age and gender as well as the type of membership that you have. The homepage actually looks empty. Aside from the “Upgrade for Full Access” inside a big red button, there’s nothing else going on in the homepage.

Special Features

In order to get into the action and fun sexual adventures, you should start to explore the app's features. These features are your tools to find that perfect match. Among its features are:


The list's tab in your app shows your “curated” member profiles. These listings will help you find someone with the same sexual interests as you are. In this tab, there are four different listings you can browse for a more convenient and easier way of finding a match.

  • Hotlist

Included in your hotlist are the members whom you find interesting or who caught your attention. They will get notified if they were hotlisted the same way you will also get a notification if you were added to another member’s hotlist.

AdultFriendFinder List
  • Likes Me 

On this list are the members who showed interest in your profile. Those who added you on their hotlist. Through this list, you can easily browse who among the members are into you and this facilitates easier communication and lessens awkward first encounters.

  • Who's Viewed Me

As the name implies, this list consists of people who viewed your profile. They have taken an interest on you enough to warrant a profile visit. Drop them a message and see where it goes.

  • Winks

This is a fun and quirky way to let other members know that you’ve taken interest in them. However, this feature is only available to premium members. So if you want to send someone a wink, you have to pay for the premium price.


Sending another member a message is only possible if you have a premium membership on the site. You also cannot read other members’ message because it’s blocked.


On the Search Tab, you can see a list of potential matches from AdultFriendFinder. This list is random but it can be narrowed down to your preference and refine your search results. You can define the search parameters by a preferred gender, age range, location, race, sexual orientation, body type, and marital status.

The online status of members will also be shown to you when you are online, the nearest match to you, and those who liked and messaged you for all of the good stuff.

AdultFriendFinder Screenshot


When it comes to profile, you will be able to have full access to members' profile once you have upgraded to a premium account. But on the app, you can see some of the members' profile such as:

  • A short bio about the member

With your standard app account, you get a glimpse of the members' short bio about themselves. This is something personal that the members themselves wrote so that you will get to know them better.

  • Personal information

In this section, you can learn about the members' preferences and interests. Some of the information you can know about them is who they're looking for, lifestyle habits, background, beliefs, marital status, and stuff about kids.

  • Physical information

Body type, height, hair colour and length, and eye colour are some of the physical details that describe the members. You will also know from this section their date of birth, race, and if they wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.

No iPhone? No Problem.

AdultFriendFinder claims to be the best hookup site for adult singles and swingers. Members of the site value mobility and convenience, hence they access the site using their phones more than they do on their computers. However, only iOS users have access to the app.

But it shouldn’t be a problem! If you are an Android user and doesn’t have an iOS phone or tablet, you can still access the site through its mobile-optimised website.

Adultfriendfinder Mobile Access

Simply go to and you can create your account for free! All you need to do is provide your email, address, username, password, and a short introduction. No long bios nor photos required but uploading a few pictures would greatly improve your chances of meeting people. A “completed” profile of some sort gets more flirtatious messages and invites to hookups than those with empty profile photos. So if you want something specific relating to sex, you better reveal it because chances are, there are other members who are looking for the same thing as you.

Almost all of the website features are available on the site and you can still access it anywhere you are, at your most convenient time. Its mobile-adaptive website is designed to have a similar interface with the desktop site so you can browse on your phone hassle-free.

AdultFriendFinder Mobile Access in a Nutshell

Adultfriendfinder Man in Bed

Nowadays, speed and convenience are two luxuries that any dating app user values and would like to have. By providing a one-stop-shop kind of app, the Friend Finder Network has given its members a wider reach and audience. However, its offering should not be limited to iOS users alone, but to Android users as well.

While waiting for its availability to Android devices, you can still access the site through any of your mobile devices. It has almost the same features and functions as the desktop and you can also bring and access it anywhere you go. 

If you are looking for a serious relationship, maybe you should look for love elsewhere. Most of its members are here for casual encounters and fun.

Give AdultFriendFinder a trial run and see how its magic works wonders for you. 

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